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When I make a recipe that calls for white meat chicken, my go-to resource for years has been precooked, white meat chicken, packed in water.  These days, who has time to cook chicken breasts ahead of time?  My brand of choice is Hormel Premium Chicken Breast in Water.  It’s very tasty and the quality is always consistent.

Hormel Premium White Meat Chicken

During a recent get together at our house, I needed some appetizers that would tide us over until the main meal was ready, so something with protein in it, that wasn’t too heavy is what was called for.  To satisfy the different taste buds of everyone, I came up with two different chicken appetizers – one sweet and one savory.

First up, Sweet Chicken Salad Dipping Salad.  This tasty concoction is yummy served with crackers, carrots or even apple slices.

Sweet Chicken Salad Dipper Appetizer Recipe

Sweet Chicken Salad Dipper Appetizer Recipe

Sweet Chicken Salad Dipper Appetizer Recipe

For those who prefer not to have anything sweet, I came up with Savory Chicken Salad Bites.  These are great served with anything too, but I find it makes the ultimate finger food when placed on a piece of Bibb lettuce.  Simply wrap the lettuce around the salad to eat.

Savory Chicken Salad Bites Appetizer Recipe

Savory Chicken Salad Bites Appetizer Recipe

Both of these are sure to be a hit at your next gathering!

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