My Pookie is pretty much a meat and potatoes and bread kind of guy.  It never fails, that he’ll go grab a box of crackers out of the pantry if I don’t have some kind of bread to accompany our meal.
These herbed breadsticks are quick and super easy to make and blend wonderfully with any dish you serve. Easy Herbed Breadsticks Recipe
Using a can of canned refrigerated breadsticks from the store, I simply twist them before I lay them out on a baking sheet… Easy Herbed Breadsticks Recipe
…generously brush each breadstick with the herb mixture… Easy Herbed Breadsticks Recipe
…and bake according to the package directions. Easy Herbed Breadsticks Recipe
1 can of refrigerated breadsticks
1/3 – 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/2 tsp garlic salt
1/2 – 1 tsp dried Italian seasoning
1 tblsp dried parsley flakes
Remove the breadsticks from the can and separate them.
Before lying the breadsticks on a baking sheet, twist them a few times.
Press the ends down onto the baking sheet to help the twist stay in place.
Mix the oil and seasoning together in a small bowl and blend well.
Dip a basting brush into the oil mixture and generously baste each breadstick.
Bake according to package directions.
You can use any mix of herbs that you prefer, but the ones in my recipe are the ones that I use the most often.
You’re going to love them I know!  I especially love to serve them with My Favorite Lasagna .
Recipe for my favorite lasagna
Enjoy! Easy Herbed Breadsticks Recipe
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