Using a mirror is a well known designer trick for making a space feel larger and brighter.  See if these room ideas with mirrors don’t encourage you to do the same.

But don’t stop with just one!  Multiple mirrors hanging together make a huge impact in a room.

Simple room ideas - open up and brighten a room with multiple mirrors


If you really want to open up the room, hang mirrors on opposing walls.

Simple room ideas - mirrors hung on opposing walls will really open up and brighten a room

House Beautiful

They don’t have to be square or rectangular.  Odd shapes will add more interest.

One simple thing room ideas - open up a room with multiple mirrors hanging together


Don’t just hang them in a row.  Create a gallery.

Simple room ideas - open up a room with a gallery of mirrors

 House Beautiful

You don’t have to use expensive mirrors.  Inexpensive thrifted or new mirrors, with frames painted the same color, will work just as well.

Simple room ideas - use a gallery of mirrors to open up and brighten a room

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Decorating with mirrors is a good thing and couldn’t be more simple!


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