UPDATE:  Enjoy this project for the basement in our former home.  We’ve moved and are giving our new-to-us home a complete remodel.  I’ve completely changed my style!  Click HERE to take a look.
Have you ever had a certain look you were after and just didn’t seem to be able to pull it off?
Soooo frustrating to me.
That’s exactly the situation that I found myself in while working on one side of my media family room in our basement.  I wanted a typography gallery wall and just couldn’t seem to make it look right.
Typography-Gallery Wall
I started by picking items up here and there as I ran across them, thinking all the while that I could bring my “look” to life.  Not.
And then – and then! – while flipping through a Pottery Barn catalog one day, I came across it.  IT being just the inspiration that I needed.

I knew that I wanted a typography wall – it’s just that I was paralyzed with fear because I’ve never been successful at putting one together before.
The whole typography thing started when I found this ginormous unfinished frame in the clearance section at Hobby Lobby.  Then I found the typography poster while browsing the aisles of TJ Maxx one day.
Typography-Gallery Wall
I made a beeline to Lowes and had a piece of luan cut for the back and covered it with aged wood looking scrapbook paper and mounted the typography poster to that.
I guess it passed it’s test today when my buddy Barb thought that it was all made from wood instead of a poster and scrapbook paper.  bwahaha!
Typography-Gallery Wall
The game table is all set up with popcorn and Route 66 root beer for me to whoop Pookie in a mean game of Yahtzee.
I took an old picture frame and made a chalkboard just by removing the glass and spraying the back of it with chalkboard spray paint.  I kept the wording on the chalkboard simple since there’s so much going on on this wall.
vintage tray from an old gardening supply works great mounted on the wall as a sort of shadow box.
Typography-Gallery Wall
BTW – HOH stands for “House of Handgraafs” and 2005 is the year that I spoke my “I do’s” to Pookie.
As Hobby Lobby would put their typography letters on sale (which they often do),  I would pick a couple up every now and then.
I still think it has some empty gaps that I need to fill in.  Don’t you?
Typography-Gallery Wall and Game Table
One thing that I really like about the wall is all of the dimension it has.
Dimensional Typography-Gallery Wall
Dimensional Typography-Gallery Wall
I wasn’t so much trying to copy Pottery Barn, but I sure was inspired by it!
Typography Gallery Wall and Game Table
Typography Gallery Wall and Game Table
Who doesn’t love a good before and after?
Typography Gallery Wall and Game Table
Who do you think won that game of Yahtzee???
There are several other projects that have gone into our basement media family room makeover.
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