Enjoy this Valentine’s Day tablescape from the kitchen of our previous home.  Click HERE to see our new-to-us home and how I’m totally changing my decorating style!

I don’t usually go all out when it comes to Valentine’s Day decor.  I like to add a few touches, but generally speaking I’ve been enjoying the calm quiet of the house now that all of the Christmas decorations have been put away for a while.

But one spot that I nearly always switch up for the different seasons and holidays is the little chest in my foyer.  When I made the Valentine’s Sweetheart Bouquet, this is the spot that I had in mind for it.

Welcoming Valentine's vignette in the foyer

We all know that the space your guests first enter sets the tone for the entire house and I always want my guests to feel welcome.

Foyer Valentine's vignette

 I want to do everything I can to let you know that “I’m so glad you stopped by”.

Valentine's Vignette

I miss handing out and receiving Valentine’s cards like I used to when I was a kid, so I made some of my own.  I’ll share these mini Valentine cards with everyone who comes for a visit and have them displayed in a vintage silver dish.  Each one has a special Valentine’s Day message tucked inside.  It makes me feel like I’m 7 again.   😉   Click HERE for the tutorial.

Mini Valentine's cards

The big debate that I had with myself this year was whether or not to put together a Valentine’s display on my mantel.  

I chose not to and here’s why…

Valentine's Day Tablescape

When I spied these fabulous lilies in the store, I knew right away that I had to use them.  So a special Valentine’s Day tablescape won out over a Valentine’s mantel.

Plus I get to debut my new kitchen table!  It’s the first step in my mission to give my kitchen a farmhouse facelift

Valentine's Day tablescape

 Black, white and red (with a little pink)?  Yes, please.

Stacked dishes in a Valentine's Day tablescape

These ginormous rings from the Dollar Tree make great napkin rings.

Valentine's Day tablescape

Valentine's Day tablescape

The champagne glasses belonged to my grandmother and must be close to 100 years old.  They are extremely delicate so it has to be a very special occasion for me to use them.  

Valentine's Day tablescape

For desert, we’ll enjoy some of my Fudge Brownie Cherry Bites.  They are oh-so-yummy!

Valentine's Day desert: Fudge Brownie Cherry Bites

 We’re all set to enjoy a cup of coffee and some sweet fellowship with our desert too.

Valentine's Day tablescape

 I’m so glad you stopped by!  Don’t forget to take your Valentine’s card with you.  winkwink


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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