Make This Easy Spring Wreath In 10 Minutes

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A spring wreath dresses up a front door nicely and this one only takes 10 minutes to make!

Green is THE color of spring, wouldn’t you say?

It’s what I find myself reaching for over and over again as I add spring touches to my house and my pretty spring wreath is no different.


How to make an easy spring wreath in 10 minutesPin


I’m thrilled with how it looks on my front door flanked by a pair of Boston ferns in black pedestal urns.


The front door of a house with a wreath on it.Pin

I especially love the black and white checked ribbon paired with all of the shades of green.


Lots of greenery and a black and white bow on the door.Pin


This spring wreath and the bow to go with it is super easy to make.  Anyone can do it!  Let me show you how.

Supplies you’ll need:

All of the supplies laid out for the spring wreath.Pin

1 grapevine wreath

2 bushes of faux flowers

4 spiky things

1 wooden letter

decorative ribbon

twine or string

floral wire

wire cutters

Step 1

Depending on what you use, you may not need to do this step.  I only wanted to use the bushy things out of my bunch of spiky grass, so the first thing to do was to cut those out.  I’ll use the leftover grassy piece on something else.

Wire cutters and greenery laid out for the wreath.Pin

Step 2

Place the flower bushes end-to-end and bend them so that they follow the curvature of the wreath.  Do the same thing with the spiky things.  Leaving room for a bow, wrap them all together with floral wire.  Wrap it tightly so nothing will slip out of place.  Make the floral wire long enough so that you can attach the bunch to the wreath after the ends have been wrapped together.

Attaching the florals and greenery to the grapevine wreath.Pin

Step 3

Using a piece of twine, tie the letter to the wreath where the flowers are wired to it.  I tied mine with a bow in case I wanted to adjust the length of it later.

Attaching the white H onto the wreath.Pin

Step 4

Make the bow.  If you’ve never made a bow, don’t be intimidated!  I highly recommend using wired ribbon because it makes it so much easier.  Another tip is to use ribbon that is printed on both sides or else has the design woven completely through it.

All I do is to make several loops of ribbon stacked on top of one another.  The length of your loops will be the approximate width of the finished bow.  The more loops, the more full the bow will be.  This particular bow has nine loops of ribbon.  I make the last couple of loops (which will wind up at the front of the bow) a little shorter than the rest, with the very last loop being the shortest.  Always make an odd number of loops.

Once you are satisfied with the loops, cinch the layers of loops together and secure with floral wire.  Make the wire long enough to attach the bow to the wreath, covering up the place where the flowers are wired together.  When the bow has been attached, pull and twist on the loops of ribbon in all different directions to get it to look like you want it to.

Here’s how the loops of ribbon look before being cinched and wired.

Making the black and white bow.Pin

And you’re done!  Hang your beautiful wreath and enjoy!

The spring wreath hanging on the door with a welcome mat outside of it.Pin


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  1. Beautiful! Love the black and white and green (a color combo I’m planning on infusing on my porch!) and the bow tutorial is one I’ll be tucking away for future reference! So happy to be celebrating our Spring wreath ideas with you, my friend!

    🙂 Linda

  2. I just love it! I have always loved black and white with shades of green, my favorite color. This could definitely carry you through into summer as well!! Happy spring, friend!

  3. The black and white ribbon looks great with the spring green. So welcoming at your door.

  4. I love how Springy this is – and the black check ribbon just sets this off. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing at Share It One More Time this week. Cathy

  5. Suzy I love this!!! I’m featuring it this week at Shabbilicious Friday~

    1. Oh wow – Thank you, Robin!

  6. So simple, yet VERY nice!!!!! Thanks!