3 Cozy No-Sew Projects


Do you love cozy DIY projects? Here are 3 of my best that don’t require any sewing!

Brrrr!  Baby, it’s cold outside!

All I want to do this time of year is to snuggle in and find ways to make my home and myself feel cozy and warm.

I’m sharing three no-sew cozy DIY projects today.  These creative items are so easy to make, would make great gifts that are frugal too, if you shop for your items at the dollar store.  I spent a whopping $5.50 to make all three projects and that includes a bottle of puff paint.


Worthing Court: 3 frugal and easy no-sew cozy projects poster.Pin

My 10 year old granddaughter, Miss M, agreed to be my helper and model for this project.  She loves to cuddle up in the corner of the sectional couch at her house with a book and a cup of delicious hot cocoa.  So I decided to treat her to a few things to make herself feel cozy and she loved them!

 No sew texting gloves, non-skid slipper socks and scarf - all made with items from the dollar store.Pin

First up are these super adorable texting gloves made from a pair of socks.

 No-sew texting gloves made in pink and grey.Pin

All that I needed to make these gloves was one pair of socks, a felt tip marker and some fabric glue.


No sew texting gloves poster.Pin

Secondly, is a pair of non-skid slipper socks.

These non slip socks couldn’t be any easier to make.  Simply apply a few rows of puff-paint to a pair of thick socks.  Once dry, the puff paint creates a non-skid surface to walk with.  The socks are washable, but make sure to follow the puff paint manufacturer’s directions beforehand.

A little girl reading a book in her no slip socks.Pin

And lastly, is a cute scarf made from a baby blanket.

To make this scarf, I folded the square blanket in half to form a triangle.  My blanket was already square and did not need to be cut.  The edges were then glued together using fabric glue and allowed to dry.

I folded the blanket in half, lenghwise, one more time to make it narrower.  I glued the edges of each end with fabric glue to keep the layers from separating.

And voila!  A fuzzy and cozy muffler!

 No sew scarf made from a dollar store baby blanket.Pin

 I know Miss M will enjoy these all winter long and I fully expect to be making another set once her 5 year old sister, Miss K, spots them!

 No-sew texting gloves, non-skid slipper socks and a scarf made from a dollar store baby blanket.Pin

So how about you?  Do you have any special tricks to make yourself all cozy?

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  1. barbgarrettnc says:

    Love, love, love these ideas. The texting gloves are a marvelous creation as are the non-skid socks. I may have to borrow that idea to make some for the boys. They would make great gifts to give to family and friends, huh? I have so loved these No Sew Projects this month, I think because of the subject. Who doesn’t love to create warm and cozy things. I have pinned. xxoo

  2. What a darling model! So fun to take pics of a real person! I love being in this group and think this is one of the best days of the month! Great projects every time.

  3. Your little model is adorable. She looks like a darling! I bet she loves these easy cozy things that are also so stylish! I’m a barefoot girl even in winter. I will wear socks. No slip socks are a great idea for me!!!
    I love all the No-Sew girls! So much fun!

  4. CUTE!! model and projects! I may need some of those texting gloves. Awesome idea! I think I’m going to secretly put some of that puffy paint on my kids socks. Hehe, wonder if they’ll notice? Thanks for sharing and stay warm!!

    1. So glad you enjoyed the projects, Janis. I gotta tell ya – these are about as easy as you can get. It was my first time using puff paint – it was so much fun to do. Happy New Year!

  5. Great ideas – and a darling model. And, they are Pink. You should come share them with us at Pink Saturday.♥

    1. Thank you, Beverly. I’m pretty partial to the model myself. 😉 And thanks for the reminder to link up at your Pink Saturday Party!

  6. I love your keeping cozy and warm ideas! Especially the texting gloves – definitely will have to make some! And your model, Miss M, is picture perfect!

  7. I know your granddaughter had a ball helping you with these projects and being your model. The texting gloves are a clever idea!

  8. LOVE the cardinal pillow! Was that a new sew project too? Would you tell us how you made it? THANKS!

    1. Hi Linda. The cardinal pillow was an after Christmas clearance score at Target. I think it would be fairly easy to recreate one though if you used a ready made pillow and glued felt cutouts to it.