Favorite Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

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Will you be decorating any eggs for Easter this year?  Better get busy – Easter is right around the corner!

Back when my daughter was little, we decorated and hid them every.single.year.  Back in those days about the only thing around for dying eggs was good old PAAS egg dye.  

About the fanciest thing that people did with their eggs back then was to write on them with a crayon first so that the dye wouldn’t take in certain places.  I thought that was so cool.

 Well, boy – we’ve come a long way baby!  Every single year I see new and glorious ways to decorate eggs.  Here are a few of my favorites. 

Starting with inspirational Easter eggs.  After all, this is what Easter is really about – right?

Inspirational Easter EggsPin

 Walk In Love

Beautiful eggs decoupaged with torn tissue. Get the tutorial HERE.

Easter eggs decoupaged with tissue paperPin


Easy Sharpie eggs – no egg dye needed.  Obviously, these are done with a black marker, but you could use any color!  This idea would be wonderful for last minute egg decorating.

Easy Sharpie Easter EggsPin

Obviously Sweet

Confetti Easter eggs – how fun! Learn how to make them yourself HERE.

DIY confetti Easter eggsPin


Embroidered eggs.  What???  I didn’t believe this was possible so I had to go and check it out!

Design Sponge 

Bright and cheery painted Easter eggs.  Love all of the colors!

 Polka Dot Ponie

 Gorgeous etched Easter eggs.

Etched Easter eggsPin

Martha Stewart 

I’ll end with a tip that I wish I had known about all those eye-dying years ago.  If you simply must dip your eggs – do it with a whisk.  Genius!

Surviving The Stores  

Which one is your favorite?

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