6 Essentials Of A Cozy Home

I am sharing with you my 6 essentials to make your home the coziest ever!Six Essentials Of A Cozy Home graphic.Pin

We’re still experiencing warm days and nights here in North Carolina, but I know that chilly weather will be here any day now!  And when it does arrive, nothing is more comforting to me than feeling the” hug” of my cozy home.

Creating a cozy home isn’t just about putting out a few throws.  While that’s certainly one decor element, I think there’s so much more!  To me, a cozy home represents warmth, shelter and love.  I try my best to keep that in mind as I’m putting my home together for the cold winter months.

Make sure to scatter lots of seasonal patterns around your home.

Just like there are “cool” summer patterns, there are “warm” winter patterns too!  Make a room even cozier by mixing several eye catching patterns together.


Lots of pattern helps to make a room feel cozy in the living room.Pin

Bake anything with cinnamon in it.

Nothing makes me feel “instant cozy” as much as entering a home and being greeted by the smell of cinnamon!  I’m immediately drawn back to childhood memories and that feeling of nesting.


Easy and super yummy baked honeycrisp apples recipe with the baked apples on a wooden tray.Pin

Add a liberal dose of texture.

Oh my goodness – there are sooo many ways to add texture to your home!  Think plants, grapevine wreaths, wood beads, shutters, baskets, textiles and on and on for that textured materials look!


Farmhouse office vignette and printers tray for wall art with a grapevine wreath on it.Pin

Use warm colors throughout your home.

I’ll never be a person who can live with all white.  Don’t get me wrong – I think white interiors are gorgeous, but I need to be surrounded by at least a little bit of warm color.  I think that gray can feel cold, which is why I’m so in love with the shade of soft gray that I used on both my dining room and office furniture.


Office desk legs painted gray plus a gray armchair in the corner of the room.Pin

Pillows, pillows, pillows – use them everywhere!

Pillows aren’t just for chairs and sofas.  I love to use throw pillows in unexpected places!  Try stacking them together under a table or stuff several down into a basket.


A fall coffee table vignette filled with candles, pumpkins and grapevine wreath.Pin

Add something made with rustic wood.

I have rustic wood sprinkled throughout my home – the table in my breakfast area, my diy sofa table in the family room, the old shutter hanging on the gallery wall behind my couch and my diy blanket ladder are just a few examples.  I try to be careful not to go overboard with it – just touches here and there.


Pile a blanket ladder with throws in several different patterns to create an instant cozy feel to a roomPin

When you’re trying to cozy up your home for the cold winter months, remember – cozy isn’t just a look – it’s a feeling that you create in your home too!

I hope you enjoyed all my tips for creating your coziest feeling home while we head into the fall and winter months!



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  1. Lou Clifton says:

    The ladder is a wonderful idea for throws. I have 2 babies (dogs) and I can never find a place to put throws without them pulling them down to lay on or they just take up space and look like a mess.

    1. maryellen belton says:

      all these are great ideas and your home is beautiful.

  2. I agree ….It’s also a feeling in addition to all the physical attributes. I love your gallery wall too

  3. Fall has definitely arrived in my neck of the woods, which means that it’s time to have the chimney cleaned and start having fires in the evening! There’s basically nothing cosier than that.

  4. Your blanket ladder is my favorite. SO charming!

  5. Your home looks so cozy and welcoming.

  6. I love the color of your dinning room it looks great and your your livingroom looks good also. Love your tips.

  7. Carol Jones says:

    Just love the feel your decorating gives. The gallery wall is amazing.

  8. Love the look of the ladder.

  9. Absolutely love everything about your posts! Beautiful rooms, you have great taste!!

  10. sandi ekholm says:

    Here in Vienna it is wet & turning cold already so I really appreciate your tips! Keep them coming.

  11. Traci Osterhaus says:

    I am in love with these spaces
    It gives me so many ideas
    Thank you

  12. that’s the gray I’ve been looking for !! and love the chairs! thanks so much for sharing.

  13. I love all your ideas…and they are all so simple. I love adding throws….and your ladder idea is a good one. That, and a dash of cinnamon…and I’ll be all set! 😉

  14. Kay Sanderford says:

    I really like the ladder leaning against the wall and the textiles you’ve arranged on it … that definitely says “cozy” to me. One question: what are the items you have under the cloche (or bell jar, not sure what you call it.) I have one of those & am never sure how to style it. I’m taking note that you’ve wrapped the top knob with jute rope and have your items placed on a wicker tray. But I can’t tell what the items are underneath the cloche? Where can I find round wicker trays like yours?

    I’m new to your blog and really like your style, Suzy! Thank you.

    1. Hi Kay. I tore a few pages out of an old book, rolled them up and tied them with twine to display under the glass cloche. I have a old pair of binoculars displayed under there too. I use those round wicker trays everywhere! Here’s a link to the round trays (I used the smallest one under this particular cloche): http://www.ironaccents.com/109-lb8606.html

  15. I love the gallery wall and especially the shutter! I use them everywhere. I love texture!

  16. I love what you did with the blanket ladder. I may steal the idea shamelessly!!

  17. I love the cream and grey colors! Th shutters and ladder are a great touch.

  18. I love the ladder! Will have to make me one!

  19. Debbie Richards says:

    I like the idea of putting a table behind your sofa instead of pushing the couch up to the wall. The lamps add a nice dimension to your wall arrangement.