A Little Valentine’s Vignette

 Cloches are so easy and fun to decorate with.

Worthing Court: Valentine's vignettePin

I pulled together several of mine to create a little Valentine’s vignette on the island in my kitchen. 

I didn’t buy anything special.  I just gathered bits and pieces of Valentine’s decorations that I already had and started playing.

Worthing Court: Valentine's decorationsPin

Even one of my kitchen hens made it into the mix.

Worthing Court: Valentine's decorationsPin

The cloche in the back, containing the red roses, is my latest acquisition.
It is ginormous and I love it.

Worthing Court: Valentine's decorationsPin

The key to my heart.   😀
Worthing Court: Valentine's decorationsPinHappy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Beautiful Valentine vignette, Suzy! Your glass cloches are beautiful … love your new one! And, the pieces you chose to “display” in them are whimsical and lovely! And, I spy a cute Valentine vignette of plates in the background … love how you layered a sweet wreath over one.

  2. Love the frog in this vignette he is too cute! Just beautiful.


  3. Laura Janning says:

    I’d say your a the love master with your cloches!

  4. Too cute! Love that key and heart!! I think Mr. Frog wants to hop on over to my house, so don’t be surprised if he comes up missing : ). Did u get my text?

  5. Sassy Southern Lady says:

    Great ideas. I always look forward to your post.

  6. Mary Clark says:

    Beautiful cloches, beautifully decorated. Love your new large cloche, and the one on the left has such personality. I still don’t have a cloche, I need a Hobby Lobby sale!


  7. Love your cloche collection! The only cloche I knew before blogging was a hat! I still don’t have one, have no idea where I would put it except my table which is used not only for dining, but is my desk, extension of counter space, office, crafting table, etc. Ay! Maybe a wee one if I can find it. xo Love your kitchen, btw

  8. Atta Girl Amy says:

    You are on your way to becoming a cloche master! And a cloche collector/hoarder! I love how they look in your space.

  9. Shirley@Housepitality Designs says:

    Cute Valentine cloches Suzy…love the frog!

  10. What a pretty and festive vignette! You arranged everything together so attractively. I have got to pull out some of my Valentines decor….. can’t seem to get my creative edge going.

  11. You better be careful, you just might be crowned Cloche Queen at the rate you are collecting them. I love your “you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your handsome price” Valentine theme. So clever!

  12. I love this! Your pictures are amazing and this is such a great way to display items – seasonally! The last picture is AMAZING! …all of them are! Thanks for sharing! XO ~Liz

  13. lynn cockrell says:

    Suzy, you did a beautiful job using your cloches! Don’t you just love the way things look under glass?

  14. So very lovely, Suzy. Cloches are just so much fun, and you can be very creative.

  15. So very darling Suzy. I really love the cloches in your kitchen. FYI, no newbie party…I have the announcement up today.

  16. Really cute idea! Where have you been purchasing your cloches? I need to get to the thrift store!

    1. Suzy Handgraaf says:

      Hi Renee. I’ve been buying them all over the place. I found my first one at World Market and found others at Hobby Lobby and TJ Maxx. I ordered my ginormous one from Farmhouse Decor (dot) com.

  17. Shanee @ LivingLifeSouthernStyle says:

    Too cute….love the cloches and the froggie 🙂

  18. HI Suzy-
    I think you did a great job with yours! The frogs seems to be getting a lot of attention this year! They do bring a smile to the face! I like that heart hanging on the outside…wish I thought of that one!! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  19. Cindy (Applestone Cottage) says:

    Wow, wow, wow, can’t get any cute than that!
    Just love this.