A Winter Vignette

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UPDATE:  Enjoy this winter vignette in the foyer of our former home.  We’ve moved and are giving our new-to-us home a complete remodel.  I’ve completely changed my style!  Click HERE to take a look.

I don’t normally change the decorations all over my house for every season or even for every holiday.

But one place that I do like to change often is the chest in my foyer.

Worthing Court: Winter white vignettePin

This little chest is the first thing that my guests see when they enter my home.

Worthing Court: Winter white vignettePin

A winter white vignette is perfect for brightening any space on the dreary, overcast days that frequent our skies in January.

Worthing Court: Winter white vignette in a terrariumPin

 The entire terrarium display was inspired by these adorable tartan plaid mini ice skates.

Worthing Court: Tartan plaid mini ice skates inspired the winter vignette in my terrariumPin

 And a cute little cardinal adds a pop of cheery color.

Worthing Court: Winter whites mixed with evergreens for a wintery vignettePin

When the candles are lit in the evening, the whole area glows and creates a cozy ambiance.

Worthing Court: Winter white vignettePin

Putting together a display in a terrarium can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never tried it before.

Click HERE to get the easy steps for creating your own display.

Worthing Court: How to create a terrarium vignettePin

Looking for some more winter inspiration?  Check out my Winter Porch.

Worthing Court: Burlap snowman wreathPin

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  1. Oh Suzy, I love this vignette. The terrarium is so pretty. I got one as a Christmas present this year and can’t wait to use it in the new house. Love the little boots, too cute!!!


    1. Thank you, Cynthia. I can’t wait to see what you do with yours. Some people are so talented when it comes to creating a mini wonderland in a terrarium.

  2. Suzy, This vignette is adorable and just wintry perfection! LOVE everything in the terrarium. What a clever idea.

  3. very fun ideas. I love winter decorating after all the busy Christmas stuff is down. much more peaceful….

  4. Suzy you’re so talented! I love that wintery look!

  5. could not access your new home and change of decorating! Would love to see it though. The page couldn’t be accessed.