A Woodland Inspired Thanksgiving Table

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Whenever I’m preparing to set any kind of a special table I need something to inspire me.  Inspiration can come from anywhere – a piece of fabric, a napkin or tablecloth, a placemat or even the pattern on a dish.  Sometimes inspiration comes from whatever ‘feeling’ the occasion or season brings to mind.

This is typically a gorgeous time of year here in North Carolina and is perfect for taking long walks in the woods.

Thus, my inspiration for a woodland inspired table for Thanksgiving.

Worthing Court: Woodland Inspired Thanksgiving TablescapePin

 My goal was to keep this table as thrifty as possible by reusing some of the items that I already have and by not spending more than a few dollars on anything that I wanted to add.

OK – I started off by using the my richly colored rusty/coppery tablecloth.  I no longer care for the shiny right side of the tablecloth, so I simply turned it over to the duller wrong side.

Worthing Court: Woodland Inspired Thanksgiving TablescapePin

Next came one of my fave Fitz and Floyd pieces.  It’s a vase that is from their Christmas Lodge collection that is covered with embossed brown leaves, has a twig running around the top and bottom and has pretty fall colored leaves running around the perimeter.

I filled it with some curly bittersweet, leafy sticks, a few feathers and some acorns.

Worthing Court: Centerpiece for a Woodland Inspired Thanksgiving TablescapePin

 A couple of neighborhood birds came by to roost along with some squirrels who wanted to play pass the acorn.   😉

The birds were my one sort of splurge item.  I found them at a Christmas shop in Southport, NC over the summer.  They were only a few dollars each and I plan to use them at Christmas too, so I guess it isn’t so bad.

Worthing Court: Woodland Inspired Thanksgiving Tablescape CenterpiecePin

Worthing Court: Woodland Inspired Thanksgiving TablescapePin

 Next came the place settings.

I used my woven straw placemats that I purchased last year for the base.  They kind of resemble a charger to me.  Then, to fallify my Mikasa Italian Countryside dishes, I added some rust colored plates that I found at the Dollar Tree. Paying $1 for a plate isn’t very much, but I actually scored these for 50¢ each since they each have a slight defect.

Worthing Court: Woodland Inspired Thanksgiving TablescapePin

 A cute little fall plate tops of the each one of the plate stacks.

Worthing Court: Woodland Inspired Thanksgiving place settingPin

Worthing Court: Woodland Inspired Thanksgiving place settingPin

Instead of purchasing new napkin rings for my table this year, I made some easy and thrifty ones.

Worthing Court: Easy and thrifty napkin ringsPin

A cute little boo pumpkin tops each place setting.  Each pumpkin holds a place card that I made.

Worthing Court: Woodland Inspired Thanksgiving TablescapePin

Next came water goblets for each place setting.  They’re filled with pine cone ornaments for now.

Worthing Court: Woodland Inspired Thanksgiving TablescapePin

 And finally – my favorite part – layering on the details.

Worthing Court: Woodland Inspired Thanksgiving TablescapePin

 Thank you for coming by to check out my tablescape!

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  1. kirby carespodi says:

    Love it! I loved my Fitz and Floyd *sigh*–one of the things that had to go when we downsized.

  2. Suzy, I love your woodland inspired table, your Fitz & Floyd vase makes a beautiful centerpiece! All your details from your acorns and feathers, to your embellished ribbon napkin rings make it so inviting. So smart to turn your tablecloth over and use the other side for a softer effect, I need to remember that trick 🙂 Thanks for all the wonderful Thanksgiving table inspiration!

  3. Pat@Back Porch Musings says:

    Beautiful woodland Thanksgiving table, Suzy! I love all the elements and color.

  4. Opulent, Suzy! I love that you kept this table thrifty… and it looks ANYTHING but thrifty! What a great tip about using the wrong side of the tablecloth! Brilliant!
    The Fitz and Floyd piece is perfection. It looks like a well orchestrated walk in the woods. You certainly set a magnificent tribute to Thanksgiving!!!!
    Pinnning and sharing on FB!

  5. That’s a beautiful table…I am swooning over the adorable squirrel plate..Too cute!

  6. I love this Suzy! Every little detail is charming and perfect with your theme. Your dining room is to die for anyway but it’s even more beautiful now!

  7. So glad I stumbled upon this meme of inspired tables. Love all the details that you created on your table. Our daughter was living in N.C. at Camp Lejeune but is now with us here in the Seattle area while her hubby is in Afghanistan. Blessings on your Thanksgiving gatherings…

  8. Suzy, this table is gorgeous! I love the woodland setting and your centerpiece with the pheasant feathers and branches (that’s right up my alley)! Now we both have green walls in our dining rooms too 🙂 So glad to have been on the tour with you!

  9. Suzy, your table is beautiful. Love that piece from Fitz and Floyd, The colors you chose are my favorite colors for the fall season!!


  10. This looks great Suzy..those plates are adorable and perfect for thanksgiving…love it all..xo

  11. It’s lovely Suzy, you definitely captured the feel of a walk through the woods! So many cute touches, I love the bird on the branch!

  12. Barbara F. says:

    Just beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving! xo

  13. You perfected the woodland setting suzy. I just hope the squirrel dosnt hit any of your guests with an acorn.

  14. Thank you for the place card download. Yours look so nice and add that special touch. Each element you have chosen comes together for a creative tablescape.

  15. Suzy, I love all of the wonderful elements you added to your tablescape! So pretty, traditional and completely fitting for the season!

  16. Pretty! I love how you used natural elements like the twig pumpkins and orange berries in the flower arrangement!

  17. Just Cats says:

    I love this table-setting. The colours and textures are beautiful and it is so welcoming. Deb

  18. Suzy, such a beautiful woodland tablescape! I love the centerpiece you created. Love the napkins and the napkin holders you made are so pretty…truly portray the real meaning of the holiday. Blessed are those who’ll be dining at this wonderful table!

  19. Your work is so pretty! It would take me a while to eat at your home because I’d be so distracted by your gorgeous decorations!