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Hi everyone.  Welcome to the All About the Details Kitchen Tour!  You’re in for a treat over the next couple of days as 24 bloggers open up their kitchens to the world.

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Kitchen tour in a kitchen with maple cabinets

My first thought was to wonder what in the world to show you?  And a kitchen isn’t exactly a place where you can come in every few months and change out the counters, backsplash, flooring and appliances.  Right?

Kitchen with maple cabinets (1)

I know – how about awesome ways to organize?  Well…my method of organizing is to keep the contents of my cabinets as neat and tidy as possible.  And to be intentional about which cabinets are filled with what.

When I’m all bleary-eyed and ready for this early in the morning…

Keurig Coffee Maker-001 (1)

….I’m mighty glad that my mugs are directly above my favorite appliance.   ☺

Kitchen_368 (1)

When I’m ready to cook, all of my cookbooks are in the island…

Kitchen_375 (1)

…which is directly adjacent to the lower cabinets near the stove where all of the pots and pans are kept.

Kitchen with maple cabinets-006 (1)

And when I’m ready to set the table, all of the dishes and silverware are grouped together within a step or two of the table.

Keep dishes neatly stacked in cabinets for less chaos (1)

On the frequent occasions, when my home is the gathering place for family and friends, all of my serving pieces are stored together in the upper and lower cabinets on this side of the kitchen.

Xmas 020 (1)Yes, my kitchen used to be red!

There are times when changes do occur in my kitchen though.  That would be every single season of the year.

The island is the perfect spot for seasonal vignettes.

island collage

It’s probably the workhorse of the kitchen.  It’s the place where many, many projects are worked on.  Important ones like decorating Christmas cookies with a daddy who dropped by…

Decorating Christmas Cookies (1)

…and others whose importance pales in comparison.

projects 2

The corner to the left of the stove tends to get a good workout during the different seasons of the year too.

corner collage

And so do various other spots on the counters.

Christmas vignettes

Kitchen Christmas Tree and Decor via Worthing Court blog-015

I like to add bits of cheer in my kitchen window whenever I can.

Christmas wreath

Kitchen Christmas Tree and Decor via Worthing Court blog-012

Mason jars in a kitchen window (1)

Not too long ago, I added a reproduction vintage toolbox.  It contains and few pretties and cooking vinegars and a container of kosher salt.

Reproduction Vintage Toolbox (1)

A treasured cookbook is on display as well.  This cookbook, All About Home Baking, belonged to my mother.  The edges of the cover are worn and the pages are tattered and yellowed, but I wouldn’t take a million dollars for it.

Vintage Cookbook-003 (1)

I haven’t had it for very long and was blown away when I opened the cover to find an inscription from my grandmother (who died when I was 5) dated June 26, 1935 and a full page of notes written by my mom.

Vintage Cookbook-001 (1)

We don’t eat at our table very often.  When we do, it isn’t anything grand.  Just some placemats, silverware and napkins.  There have been times when I’ve set it for special occasions though – a place to eat or a place to serve from.

table collageAs with many of you, the kitchen is the heart of my home.  It contains many memories for me.

Grandpas who give valuable tips for making pancakes on a snowy day (in spite of the mess all over the place)…

20130121_075044 (1)

…important conversations with a much loved uncle (that’s my brother, by the way)…

Christmas2012_030 (1)

…learning to “wash” the dishes…

Kendall 2011 (7) (1)

…and a Pookie and sweet daughter who give a worn out mom a break after a big meal.

Xmas 111 (1)

From sweet babies who just can’t keep their eyes open…

Mar & Apr (1)

…to growing babies who like to hide in the island.

miscellaneous 088 (1)

From remembering making my first gingerbread house with a snaggle-tooth girl…

miscellaneous 028 (1)

…to memories of my mom who so loved being right in the middle of it all.

Mother's Day (6) (1)

So that’s my kitchen.  Not grand or full of the latest designs.  But a place filled with warmth, love and memories.

Kitchen with maple cabinets-001 (1)


Kitchen with maple cabinets-002 (1)

I’m sooo glad that you came by.  I don’t get sentimental or share a lot of my personal life here at Worthing Court, but as I thought about what I wanted to show you about my kitchen it just seemed like the right thing to do.

Kitchen with maple cabinets-005 (1)

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  1. Great post Suzy! I loved seeing your family, cute cute babies! Your kitchen is beautiful. Lots of space!

  2. Pat@Back Porch Musings says:

    Great kitchen tour, with cute kiddo’s! I love it!

  3. I enjoyed the tour. Thank you for inviting us in and sharing.

  4. Um, okay, I wasn’t expecting to get all misty-eyed reading your beautiful post, Suzy! I love all of the sentiment your kitchen bring you … the special memories with your wonderful family … laughter … and reminiscing! So special you have your Mom’s cookbook with an inscription from your Grandmother, too. I’m envious of your organization, and what a fabulous idea using the vintage toolbox as I place to display kitchen goodies! Your kitchen is gorgeous, and I can see why it’s the heart of your home! Can’t wait to see it dressed again for the holidays … you do that so well, my friend!

  5. Oh I love the pics of family getting together and enjoying your kitchen. Those are the perfect details. Loved it. Hugs, Marty

  6. Suzy, I really enjoyed your kitchen tour! The memories that have been made can never be replaced! It was so fun to see the transformations through the seasons/holidays. I can feel the love that you have put into it!

  7. So sweet of you to share so many wonderful memories of your family and precious grands with us all in your kitchen. Love all the images and memories. I have the same glass round table and bar stools as you except i think you have a different fabric than me. Maybe you covered yours. Thanks Suzy.

  8. Suzy as much as I enjoyed your lovely kitchen I truly enjoyed seeing your family using your kitchen, that is just the best accessory a home can have, our love ones standing around enjoying being in our homes/kitchen. Thank you for sharing your special home and family with all of us,

  9. kirby carespodi says:

    That last part…just as a kitchen should be! Can I win one of the babies? Because mine are all gone.

  10. I think your kitchen IS grand… the grandest and best kitchens are those who revolve around love and family, and it looks like yours does just that!

  11. Suzy what a great tour of your kitchen. I really enjoyed hearing about the family love that takes place there as it should be. The little ones are priceless. The story of that cookbook is a keeper, so heart warming. I have so many fond memories of times spent in the kitchen with my mom as a youngster and an a adult. I love hearing about families having so much to enjoy and love about one another. I am the same way with the set up of my cabinets. While reading this I kept saying to myself, yep, I do that. Thanks for the fun tour.


  12. Hi Suzy, I’ve just come here from the blog hop and so glad I did. I love every detail about your kitchen-you have the same layout I do but ours is so dated and at only 10 yrs old, needs a total redo. I would take your kitchen in a heart beat. I am a new subscriber and look forward to getting to know you. I’ve done your house tour and love your style-now maybe I’ll learn something from your blog. I’d love to know more about your Diva.
    Have a great weekend!

  13. What a lovely kitchen for memory-making! It is so nice to see a kitchen that isn’t stark white~

  14. I love your kitchen and it is one of my favs. So homey and colorful. Just the way a kitchen should be:) My tour is tomorrow, not today:(

  15. You know what makes it so beautiful? It’s not the perfection (which it’s pretty close) or the beauty (because it’s amazing) but the pictures of love coming from your family. You can just feel how much everyone loves and shares and learns together. Like I’ve said before, you’re an amazing woman! Love you, gal!

  16. I love your kitchen. I love that you decorate it based on the time of year or holiday. I love that it is a place where your family gathers. I love that holds so many beautiful and happy memories and that you shared them with us. BUT, I absolutely love that cookbook that was inscribed by your grandmother…that truly is priceless and one of a kind. Thank you for sharing you kitchen with us.

  17. Shirley@Housepitality Designs says:

    I love your kitchen that is so full of beautiful details and wonderful memories…and my fav?…the cookbook of your grandmothers…what a treasure!!!

  18. Suzy,
    Oh, dear one, I adored seeing the Heart of the Home. . .your kitchen. . .in action!!!
    You have so many precious, priceless memories of celebrations and daily life,
    to me, that’s what a Kitchen and Home is all about!!!
    Thank you for inviting us into your home!!!

  19. Hi, Suzy! I loved seeing all the details of you kitchen. All the little nooks and crannies and hiding places for dishes as well as kids! A well loved and well used space. 🙂

  20. I am so glad you shared this wonderful post – it’s NICE to get to know you better – and seeing your warm and wonderful family memories, I mean that is definitely what a kitchen is all about.

    I got tears seeing that sleeping baby on the ISLAND – how cute is THAT?

    As for the details – I especially love your green apples in your glass canister and all your fun seasons you shared.

    In celebration of all your kitchens I actually posted my own kitchen today, a first for me.

    Have a great weekend. ~Michele

  21. What a great post, Suzy! I loved seeing all your candid family photos. I’ve never thought of my kitchen in quite that way, but after reading your post, I realized how many memories have been made in ours and in my mom’s, as well. Thanks for sharing something out of the norm for the kitchen tour. I loved it.

    And your mom reminds me a little bit of my grandmother. Similar hair color and hair style. I’m sure you miss her.

  22. Nancy Carroll says:

    Loved seeing all the family photos and wonderful memories….the cookbook is awesome! What a treasure!

  23. Oh what a lovely post. You have a lovely welcoming kitchen, and you’re very clever with your seasonal vignettes. Love all the gorgeous family photos. Thank you for sharing a personal part of your life with us.

  24. Suzy – thank you so much for sharing the heart of your home with us all! Clearly this space is well-loved and filled with lots of love! A truly lovely space all around, my friend!

    🙂 Linda

  25. This was a wonderful post and beautifully written!! I could have said all of the same things about grandgirls and my Mom…I even have her cookbook, but it is red and white ;^)
    Blessings to you,

  26. Elizabeth@ Blue Clear Sky says:

    It looks like your lovely kitchen is the perfect spot for family get togethers and making memories. Thanks for sharing your tour today.

  27. Love your kitchen and love your post even more Suzy! Wonderful post!!

  28. I enjoyed your kitchen tour so very much Suzy! Thanks for getting personal and sharing all those sweet pics of the Grands and the rest of the family!

  29. Hi Suzy, I love your kitchen and I have seen it before. This post gave it new meaning and is one of your best posts. I love the way your family has added to the memories of your kitchen. That is what it is all about.

    BTW, when you try to follow Atta Girl on pinterest the link goes back to your site. The same thing happened when I was on Courtney’s post. Sent me back to Courtney’s site. Something is wrong with Atta Girls link and it is defaulting to the site one is on.
    Hugs, Ginger

  30. I love your kitchen Suzy!! What a perfect way to sum up the feel and look of the ‘heart ‘ of your home: filled with warmth, love and memories! We have the same cabinetry too! 😉 I adore all of the vignettes and cheery details! Wish I could pop by sometime and dish over a cup of coffee – it was so nice to meet you at Haven!!!

  31. Your kitchen is perfect. It is EVERYTHING a kitchen should be. I loved your tour. Your personal touches you added, like your treasured cookbook, and all the special photos. Wow… my tour feels cold and heartless now. lol!! This was amazing. Thank you!

  32. Your kitchen is very charming. I spotted the plaid cookbook; mine holds special memories for me too. My inscription is, “Received from Arlene for Christmas, 1933, To Her Mother”. Arlene was my mother. I love having something that belonged to both Mom and Grandma. Thanks for sharing your memories with us.

  33. Gorgeous! Your countertops are beautiful! I used to have a red kitchen too in my old house! I really love the new wall color though!

  34. Beautiful kitchen tour and I love how you decorate it for Christmas. So glad to be a part of this wonderful group of talented ladies 😉
    Jamie @

  35. Suzy, thanks for letting us tour your lovely kitchen. Seeing your family members in the room makes us feel as though we stopped in for a visit. Love all your decorative touches and how you change things out for the seasons. Your cabinets look very similar to those we chose for our new home. I love your dinette set. Do you mind telling me who the manufacturer is/was? Thanks!

    1. Oh goodness, Pam. I wish that I could tell you. We purchased it many years ago and I have no idea who the manufacturer was. It isn’t printed on the table or chairs anywhere. I’m sorry that I can’t be more help!

    2. Hi. I just was wondering what brand of kitchen cabinets did you get? Thanks.

  36. Loved the tour of your pretty kitchen and seeing all the wonderful memories being made in it!

  37. Great kitchen. Very functional, and a great family hang out. Thanks for the tour.

  38. Great, warm and pretty kitchen with family gatherings…what better way to celebrate a beautiful kitchen! Thanks for the tour. Big hugs,

  39. Your kitchen is beautiful, and obviously the heart of your home. Thanks for sharing your organizational secrets. and photos of your beautiful family.

  40. Happy New Year Suzy, I’ve got to say I love your kitchen(always have)and now especially because it is the same layout of our new kitchen in our new home. I posted a photo of it last week if you want to see. I love all the touches that you’ve used to make it warm and inviting; I was given a toolbox over the holidays and hadn’t figured out yet what to put in it until I saw yours. Thank you for sharing!!!! I love everything about your design sense and your home.
    Hugs, Noreen

  41. This info is the cat’s paamsja!

  42. Your kitchen cabinets looks amazing!!! Do you know what brand is it? Thanks.

    1. Hi Iryna. Our cabinets are the Diamond brand from Lowes.

      1. Do you know what type of cabinets is it? ( and color). I really like it! Thanks.