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Over the past few months I’ve shown you bits and pieces of the makeover I was working on in our basement family room.  Well…I guess you really can’t call it a makeover since nothing had been done to it for the seven years that we’ve lived here except to plop some furniture and a ginormous tv down there.

Things often move slowly around here, but at long last I’m ready to share the entire space with you.

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BEFORE:  The whole room was just a hugely boring space.  Willy-nilly furniture and a big ole tv.  Zero on the personality meter. It’s no wonder that we hardly ever used the space.  We had already started shoving some of the furniture around before I remembered to take this picture.

Basement before makeoverPin

AFTER:   This side of the room got a whole new look.  I couldn’t buy all new furniture, so I used pattern, texture and color to hopefully downplay the furniture that I don’t care for.  BTW – Ferocious Guard Dog would not budge no matter how many times I tried to shoo him out of camera range.  Stubborn dog.

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There are several diy projects on this side of the room:

Repurposed Bifold Doors

How To Turn A Wicker Cloche Into A Lamp

Worthing Court blog: how to turn a wicker cloche into a lampPin

Recyled Vintage Mantel

Worthing Court blog: recycled vintage mantelPin

Unexpected Color And Mixing Patterns

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Before:  The other side of the room already held our game table.  But why did we even think that we needed one???  Nobody ever even sat here.  Again, I forgot to take a picture before we piled the tv in front of the table.

Basement family room beforePin

After: We bit the dust and bought a real live entertainment center to hold the behemoth television.  I think it was our Christmas present to each other last year.

Worthing Court blog: media entertainment centerPin

The vignette on top of the media center needed a backdrop.  Since I was going for a rustic/vintage/industrial look in this room, I wanted some old barn wood to make one with.  Well…there isn’t too much of that just lying around when you live inside the city limits, so I created my own.

How To Make New Wood Look Like Old Barn Wood

Worthing Court Blog: how to make brand new wood look like old barn wood - no vinegar involved!Pin

 The wall where the game table resides got a whole new look when I was inspired by something I saw in a Pottery Barn catalog.  I had lots of fun collecting all of my typography.

Typography Gallery Wall

Worthing Court: typography gallery wallPin

 My handwriting is atrocious when it comes to chalkboards.  But I showed you an easy way to get perfect chalkboard letters every time.

How To Make Chalkboard Art The Easy Way

Worthing Court: how to get perfect chalkboard letters the easy wayPin

Finally!  A room that we really enjoy and use all the time.   😀

Worthing Court: basement family roomPin

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  1. kirby carespodi says:

    It looks great! Our basement is basically unusable thanks to the big honkin’ pool table the former owners left.

  2. It’s gorgeous! I love your light fixture too, and the wonderfully high ceilings you have make it so not basement-y. ;-). So many beautiful elements to draw you in! Well done!

  3. Fabulous job, Suzy. You really turned this area in to a perfect place in your home. I know you must be enjoying it.

  4. This is a beautiful makeover! I just love the colors, the furniture arrangement and the décor. Our basement is in need of an overhaul…right now the kids dominate the space! Enjoy your lovely room…you have inspired me!

  5. you are too funny! i have also asked myself the question “why did we think we needed this?”! fyi…the room totally reads light, bright and cheerful. i did not even realize your furniture was dark until you mentioned trying to work around it. i think you hit the bullseye with this room and i love it.

  6. I too think that Suzy did a wonderful job on a very limited budget. I know her husband really well (you could say we’re close) and he gave her practically nothing to work with (no ideas, no money, no nothin!). You rose above all of that and did a wonderful job. No wonder I love you!!!

  7. Amazing job, Suzy! It’s stunning and so very fun. I love every bit of it and you pulled it together with such flair.

  8. Suzy, this looks amazing, what a huge undertaking. This looks like a great place to plop down and hangout. Great job!!


  9. Fantastic! I think it looks amazing. You did A LOT! I really like your new entertainment center. Where did you find it? Its very pretty. Love the vignette on the top. You transformed the whole area into a fun cozy space.

  10. This was so worth the effort, love the new design. My Motto is “Presentation is Everything” and you have done a great job!

  11. Yea! Your blog is back up and open for business! This room looks great, Suzy. I love all of your creative rustic elements for the walls. I bet this room is getting a lot of use now. It’s so inviting. I also liked your tips for bringing warmth into a space. laurie

  12. Love it! So pretty and cozy looking!

  13. You created a wonderful space for your family. Very warm and inviting. I think a cute pet is a requirement for every good after picture!

  14. Love the color scheme, it looks great. All the wonderful touches and well……Tuck? he is just the cutest!

  15. Wonderful job! I love all the DIY touches….it looks very cozy and comfortable. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Your familyroom is totally amazing. I love the colors and your accessories are perfect. Such a cheery and inviting space. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  17. Wonderful! So inviting! I love how it all turned out.

  18. i love it!! the colors and the furniture are so warm and inviting!!! it really is fabulous!

  19. What a lovely room. I was going to say I love the clock, the fabric on the end tables etc etc but it will be easier to just say I love the whole room! Very inviting. Have a great day!