Beach Condo Snaps


I am sharing all the beautiful snaps from our beach condo in North Carolina!

Many of you may already know that we have a little ocean front getaway here in North Carolina.  It was a huge and disgusting place when we bought it, but with lots of elbow grease and some help from a contractor, we renovated it into a place of our dreams.  You can read all about it and see the before and afters HERE.


DIY Bookcases built with off the shelf unfinished kitchen cabinets.Pin


This past weekend was our first trip down there this year.  Ahhh…it was so good to be back.  It’s been quite a while since I posted anything about the condo, so I thought I’d snap a few photos while I was there to share with you.

Scenes from our diy bookcases include a bit of a painting by my talented stepdaughter, a jar and some driftwood…


A little turquoise vase with a starfish as a handle.Pin


…an assortment of seashells in a glass container…


Assorted beach shells in a glass container with a driftwood orb.Pin

…a starfish propped in a basket…

Add a starfish to a basket leaning against the back of a bookcase.Pin


…and the intricate rope knots and iridescent colors of a glass float.


A glass orb wrapped in rope beside driftwood.Pin


A small side table holds a bamboo bowl filled with pretty seashells, straw orbs and a turquoise candle.


Birdseye view of a bamboo bowl filled with shells, straw orbs and straw orbs.Pin


A cherished tattered book about shells that belonged to my mother resides on the drop-leaf table.

A starfish and candle on top of a picture of seashells.Pin


And a fun tassel hangs from the floor lamp.  Can you tell that that’s a fishy?


Fun beachy tassel.Pin


These are just a few of the things that make me smile when I’m at the beach.  Well…other than the ocean that is!

We’ve done lots of DIY projects since we completed the initial renovation of the condo. Click HERE to see more.


Beachy bathroom with a green and white shower curtain and beach pictures hanging up.Pin


How about you – do you have little spots around your house that make you smile?


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  1. Nancy Carroll says:

    I do, but a place at the beach would make me smile even more!!! What a great weekend you picked to go….the weather was fabulous here too so I know it was awesome there. Hopefully with a chunk of the renovations at the new house behind you, you’ll be able to go more often this year and enjoy some sand between your toes, the sunshine in your face and the sound of that beautiful ocean!!

    1. That’s what I’m hoping! We haven’t been down there since last May.

  2. Suzy, I enjoyed reading about your getaway place (I checked it out on the Scoop this week, too). Incredible improvements you’ve done there, and yes, I have little things that make me smile around the house – those seem to be the ones that make a big impact, aren’t they?

    1. So glad you like our tiny getaway, Rita. And yes, you are sooo right – it’s all about the little things.

  3. I’ve loved your renovation journey at your beach condo! We’ve been working at our Carolina Beach cottage most of the winter. Two years ago we gutted the kitchen and built a new one – all courtesy of our new DIY know-how. Although it turned out absolutely gorgeous we vowed never again to take on such a big project as it might lead to such things as divorce. Nevertheless like childbirth, you forget the pain of a previous renovation and so this winter we’ve been gutting bathrooms. Our master bathroom at 6′ x 7′ is not a huge footprint, but the 1980’s bathroom (plus blue sandpiper wallpaper) had to go (think dark tan toilet & fiberglass shower, thin oak vanity with peach top, linoleum floor…) We bought a white toilet and my husband made a new vanity with a wood top and vessel sink & a matching linen cabinet. I painted them in BM’s Simply White and paint-washed the vanity top in SW’s Iron Ore. We traded the linoleum floor and fiberglass shower out for white tile and put white beadboard 2/3 way up the wall. We painted the walls above in BM’s Classic Gray (beautiful greige color). It’s so bright now I’m convinced if I set up a beach chair in the bathroom I’d get a tan. Glad to see you dipping your toes in the sand once more!

    1. Oh wow, Terry. – what an amazing project you’re doing! I know exactly what you mean about how rough a reno can be on a marriage. Our condo reno wasn’t too bad in that regard because we didn’t do all of the work ourselves and we stayed within our budget. Now the reno to our current house? That’s a whole different story! lol BTW – your place at Carolina Beach isn’t too far from ours. We’re up at N. Topsail.

      1. We’ve been to N Topsail many times – love the tranquility! Would you mind if I emailed you a few pics of the before and afters?

        1. I would LOVE to see some pics, Terri!

  4. Suzy, took a look at your before photos, Ewwww! I could just smell the odor. I hate to say, but I’ve been in places like that. Not to stay, of course. We rented a house a couple of summers ago on Lake Ontario. It was a family get-together with our two sons and their families. We loved it! Being near the water is wonderful. We hope to do it again soon. Luckily the place was clean. Right now I’m in a sorta smile phase since I’m in the process of redoing a lot of my home, but when it gets done I will be smiling from ear to ear!

    1. Hi Mary Jean. I know what you mean about being near the water. So relaxing! When we were deep into the most extensive renovation part at our current house, it was hard for me to smile sometimes. I like your “sorta smile” phrase. Keeping the end result image in my mind helped, but it was tough sometimes. Now that that part is over, I’m like you will be – smiling from ear to ear!