Please Help Me Choose The Best Nightstands For My Bedroom


As part of my planned guest bedroom makeover, I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of night stands.  I’m a bit picky about them too.  They need to be on the tall’ish side, have at least one drawer, not be too narrow or spindly and of course, they need to be affordable.  I’m not too awfully worried about the color because I can paint them, if necessary.

Please Help Me Choose The Best Nightstands For My Bedroom || Worthing Court

As a reminder, this is what the bedroom currently looks like.  There are nightstands already in the room, but the more I look at them, the more I’m shying away from their very traditional lines, plus I don’t know how I feel about the inset area in the middle of the front.

Guest bedroom before it's farmhouse style makeover || Worthing Court

To refresh your memory, here’s the mood board that I put together to help guide me and keep me on track during the makeover.

Farmhouse style bedroom makeover plans || Worthing Court

I’ve set my budget at a max of $150 per nightstand and have found a few options.  Each of them have features that I like, so I could really use your input.  Please help me decide!  Which choice do you like the best?  Click on the name of the nightstand to see more details.

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{Available in 10 different colors!}

I really like the overall look of this choice.  Having multiple drawers would be great for storing nightstand’ish type things.  Not only does it come in gray (yay for already painted!), it also comes in a driftwood finish, which I love too.

An affordable nightstand with multiple drawers. Available in 10 colors! || Worthing Court



There’s only one drawer in this beauty, but I’m really crushing on the fabric detail on the front of the drawer!  The opening would be a great place to tuck a basket for some added texture too.

A great looking fabric detail on the drawer-front of this very affordable nightstand || Worthing Court



My favorite part of this little beauty is the detail on the front of the drawer and also the turned look of the legs.  Plus, it’s good and tall.  The color in the picture reads a little on the blue side, so if that’s really the case, I’d probably have to paint this one.

My favorite part of this little beauty is the detail on the front of the drawer and also the turned look to the legs.  Plus, it's good and tall. || Worthing Court



This beauty doesn’t have a drawer, but the hardware and the X detail on the front might just outweigh my desire for one!

I love the X detail and hardware on this nightstand, plus the wood stained top || Worthing Court



Coming in at under $100, this is a very affordable option!  I’m not sure if I like the bottom of the sides though.  Hmmm…..

At under $100, this is a great option for a nightstand || Worthing Court

So, tell me – do you have a favorite or should I just put my big girl panties on and use what I already have?  Did you spot a choice that you’d like to have in your own home?



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  1. You might not like my choice, but I would try to use the ones you have. They look like they are a substantial size, and you have them. Unless you have another plan for them, they could be a win/win choice. I agree getting away from the dark wood tone would be the first option. It is difficult to tell from the photo, but are they three drawer? Could you remove the bottom two to have an open section?

    I am going to enjoy seeing your choice. I am certain it will be great whatever direction you choose.

    1. I like the size of your night stands and would be inclined to change the hardware to something more simple, paint them with 2 tones of distressed grays – staining the the tops a darker wood tone. Possibly remove the middle drawer to create an open shelf for reading materials. Your bed also has nice lines that would lend itself to a similar treatment you gave your dining room set. It will be fun to see what you decide to do.

    2. Katherine Lapp says:

      Peraza, throw a bit of a curve ball in to stop the matchy matchy. This way when someone has the pleasure to stay in your guest room they will actually remember these pieces as a eyecatcher. Pleasant surprise. Not, I can’t remember what anything looked like… shake it up! Have fun!

  2. J.E reilly says:

    It seems to me, the choices you’ve listed are very similar to what you already have.
    With paint and hardware you could possibly achieve the look you want without any extra expense. Especially if your night stands are of good quality.
    I couldn’t really see the inset area you spoke of to see what you meant.
    That said.
    I would choose the one with th X.
    It’s the only one that’s clearly different.

  3. OK, I admit I am a Traditional gal at heart, so naturally I am riveted on the Cornell night stands! More drawers = more storage and it just keeps the clutter corralled so much cleaner. I’m torn between the gray pictured or the driftwood. The driftwood might take the traditional edge off, so might be s great choice!

    1. Sorry for all the Autocorrects! Of course I’m talking about the Corbeil night stands!

  4. I really like the Valier but it’s the shortest. The Corbeil in driftwood is great too. Really love the bun feet on the Harbour View but not a fan of the sides either. Decisions, decisions……sorry I’m not much help.

  5. If it were my decision to make, I would stay with your existing nightstands. Get rid of hardware on front. Paint them your desired color. The design on the front looks like it would be perfect for an “apothecary” style makeover.

    1. I was going to vote for painting and changing out hardware on your existing nightstands as well.

      1. Same here. Keep the ones you already have, paint them and make them over into library-style drawers with pulls. Use the extra $300 for something fun!

  6. I love the corbeil with the driftwood finish, it’s a soft yet rustic look.

  7. Anne Marie says:

    I really love what you have but guess I am very traditional and practical!

  8. I agree with those who say stay with what you have. I think once you remove all the golden/brassy pulls, and paint it, it will have the look you want at an economical point. Then I would use your savings to buy a few colorful accents! Score!

  9. Since you’ve asked… I am with the make-over group. I would remove all the hardware, fill the holes and paint. Maybe come back with knobs instead of pulls. There are so many great options. Leave the inset without hardware. It won’t be so noticeable. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it!

  10. Marilyn Soto says:

    Keep and paint the ones you have – I’m not a a fan of matching sets, but it looks like that’s the direction you are going in so I’d definitely paint your existing ones and add cup bin pulls or even the cardholder cup bin pull style.

  11. Seems pretty unanimous….we are all very practical!! Paint what you have and switch out the hardware. You will love it and have the satisfaction of new pieces at a fraction of the cost! With all of your white/cream trim and light, airy look in your room, all of your dark furniture, bed included, would look great painted white/off white. You could change the whole look of your room. I think if you add different wood tones in your stands, it would clash with your bed. If you do buy new, I would opt for a white stand. But the white one shown is more of a farmhouse look which, in my opinion, won’t look good with the current bed and style of room. As one other reader said, you will end up with an apothecary look which would be awesome….I can just picture it with black hardware! Sounds like a very fun project. And you could buy white lampshades which would make your blue lamps pop!!

  12. I, too love the night stands you already have. I’d try painting and changing the hardware if it’s a fresh look you’re going for. If you don’t want to keep them my favorite is the Middleton nightstands, love them!

  13. Here is my input. I would use what you have, remove hardware, fill holes and paint the color you want. Every thing about your existing one works except the color. Put some great new hardware on it, I see glass knobs and I have purchased them for pretty cheap on line. Its some work, but over all I think it will be better than the other options, and save some $.

  14. I totally agree with the others of keeping what you have. Paint and change out hardware….

  15. Corbeil gets my vote. Gray or driftwood would be good choices but it would be what fits. I also like the idea of not matching them, but that is your preference. Good luck!

  16. My vote is for the Peraza as the style would work best with your current bed.

  17. Stacie Robertson says:

    Barbour or Corbeil

  18. The nightstands you have look like much better quality. I don’t see what you mean about not liking the inset. Just change the hardware if you are needing a change. They are lovely!

  19. I am with the majority about keeping the old and restyling them. I know you are very creative and they will look fabulous. Plus, think of all the dollars you will save and you can spend on something else. Good luck!! I will awaiting to see your decision. Enjoy your weekend.

  20. Norma Rolader says:

    I like the corbeil with that said it really is your choice because you are the one that will have to live with it God bless and enjoy your decision

  21. I agree with those who suggest staying with what you have-for the cost of a can of paint and some new, simpler-designed hardware you could have ‘new’ nightstands at a fraction of the cost. The Corbeil looks a lot like what you already have; the rest of the nightstands have open spaces that will either get junk piled into them (that would happen at my house!) or you will want to decorate them-I think that would be a lot going on in that room. As you like the fabric on the Middleton, I think it would be fairly simple to use spray adhesive to cover the drawers you have with fabric. You can do it!

  22. Stay with what you have. Maybe paint the hardware or if you’re desperate for a change, the whole pieces?

  23. I think you should paint the ones you already have. They look like they are high quality, and as the saying goes “they don’t make things like they used to”. If all else fails and you don’t like them after painting, then you could consider buying something new. But I would at least try to makeover what you already have.

  24. Mary Chris says:

    Corbeil is my choice. I like the style plus the storage clutter everything is tucked in the drawers.

  25. Keep your existing ones and do your paint magic! You’re an expert at that! Spend that replacement Monet somewhere else!!

  26. I agree with most — save your money and keep them. With your talent you could make them look just the way you’d like.

  27. It seems to me that painting the ones you have in the room would be the most cost effective option. The other pieces that you painted in your office and dining room came out so well, it seems like your skills could have the same magical effect on the tables alreday in your room. I am not sure how easily you could find drawer pulls that are not overly expensive, though. Whatever you choose will be charming. I look forwaRd to the room reveal.

  28. Linda Leone says:

    Before I read the other comments, my first thoughts were to use the ones you have. I read that several others have made that suggestion. I have a friend that collects used furniture and repaints them for re-sale. She has repurposed several pieces for me. As you already know, it is amazing how different a piece can look by just changing the color and hardware. Personally I don’t think the inserts are a detraction. You have such an eye for design, whatever you decide will be wonderful!

  29. I liked all of the choices you shared, but I would probably keep what I had and use paint and new hardware to update it and make it look like my vision. Someone mentioned the apothecary look, which would work with all of the carving on your piece.

  30. Be careful with the Middleton. We have this one and I do like it but consider it a little short.

  31. Linda Charlton says:

    I will say that Painting the ones you have is the cheap, practical way to go. That said, I love the Middleton. That’s my choice. The open shelf and fabric just do it for me.

  32. Sophie's Haven says:

    They all look nice but I would redo the one’s you already have……once you change the color and the hardware and apply an open shelf on the top or bottom if possible I think you will be happy.

  33. If your buying new ones I think the peraza matches your current furniture the best and if your painting your bed you can paint them the color you want!

  34. Personally, if it were me…I’d keep the current nightstands and just paint them. They are the right size…and you can change out the hardware, too. If you really need to change, because I do understand that…than the Corbeil is my choice. Two drawers…no open spaces. As I get older, I don’t appreciate open spaces as much as I used to….they get dusty! That adds more work to my “retirement” schedule….something to ponder! Whatever you choose, I know it will look great…it always does! 😉

  35. If you really want to change I am partial to the Corbeil, but like so many others I would paint the ones you have and change the hardware. I painted and changed the hardware on two mismatched dark wood nightstands I found at garage sales. I painted them in gray and white and absolutely love the way they turned out.

  36. I prefer the size of the ones you already have. I’m all about the drawers to hide any clutter. Just paint the ones you have and change out the drawer pulls. If you think they are too big, my second option would be the first ones you have in your lineup.

  37. My vote is for re-styling what you already have. They look sturdy. I love seeing how you re- work things you already have. You always do such a great job! I think using what you have is a good option for a guest room. I would be more inclined to purchase something new for the master bedroom. I know whatever you choose will be great! Looking forward to seeing the completed room.

  38. I like the Harbor View. BUT, what are you going to do with the current bed – paint it or sand it down, pickle it, or what? That would make a difference in which nightstands you choose.

  39. Carol Elkins says:

    I like the Corbeil nightstand.

  40. Have you considered repurposing the ones you have? I’ve been looking for similar furniture to upcycle into library card catalog tables. If you are bent on a change, I vote for the Corbell, two drawer nightstand. We can’t wait to see what marvelous ideas you put into action!

  41. Paula Scheib says:

    The Peraza nightstand would be my choice.

  42. Jill Brewster says:

    CORBEIL TWO DRAWER NIGHTSTAND and HARBOR VIEW SALT-OAK ONE DRAWER NIGHTSTAND are my two favorites. I agree that the night stand you currently are using are very traditional. If you paint them they will still have a traditional look, so I guess it all depends on what look you are going for. I’m sure what ever choice you make it will look fabulous. Looking forward to which way you decide to go. Jill

  43. Candy Thomas says:

    I agree to reinvent what you already have. They look like a more quality product and you are so creative, that I just know you could make it look exactly perfect for the space and “vibe” you are going for!

  44. I vote for Peraza…Others are the same stile of what you already have. Or just repaint ones you have now!

  45. Paint and new hardware on what you already have and I’m sure it’ll look lovely.

  46. I really like the Corbiel or the Middleton best. I think the design of these blends better than the others. And…you may not need to do any painting!!! My comment on keeping what you have is the height of the night stand – as you know the taller night stands are totally “in” right now.

  47. Keep and paint what you have; however, if you don’t like that option I would choose the Corbiel.

  48. Nancy Walden says:

    I’d keep what you have and update them with new paint or paint/stain and new hardware. You’ll have something unique and very personal.

  49. My taste is more traditional. I think your bed and side tables are beautiful. It looks like a fine quality set. I would sell it before I would ruin it with paint. You could use the money to start over and get your farmhouse style look. You would certainly make enough to meet your budget of $300.00 for new tables and then invest in a new bed. You could make your own farmhouse looking head board.

  50. My choice is the Corbal two drawer but if you want an open space I would choose the salt oak last cabinet.

  51. If the ones you have now were mine I could not possibly part with them, I would paint using the color that’s in your chair and settee and distress them a little, then update the hardware to make it appear there are 9 library card drawers across the fronts.

  52. I’m partial to the Peraza 1-drawer nightstand. Maybe change out the knob for something more interesting.

  53. Marcy Leonard says:

    I like the Corbeil, especially if you are staying with that beautiful bed frame. It seems to have the right weight and proportion to me. It also looks better crafted than most of the others. I like the two drawers as opposed to one with an open shelf–I always have plenty to stash. Maybe keep one of your old stands and refinish it to match the Corbeil. That way you get away from the matchy matchy.

  54. Julie Briones says:

    Fun to be able to input on design decisions. I would keep the ones you have, take out the top drawer and make it a shelf, paint (using your driftwood technique or even your buffet technique) and change out the hardware. They are lovely pieces, and it’s always fun for us readers to see makeovers. 😉

  55. Christiane Lavoie says:

    I like the Peraza style.

  56. mattsgramma says:

    I vote to recreate the nightstands you have. Good luck with whatever you decide to do Suzy! Your guest room is huge and I love all the natural light it must get with three windows.

  57. My choice would be the Corbeil nightstands. They seem to have more substance than the others and I personally like the lines best. Second choice would be the Harbor View. The two others seem a bit diminuitive. Have fun with it.

  58. I agree with those who suggest keeping what you have and changing color and hardware. (We just can’t stand to see you not have to paint something…lol.). Maybe you could use one if your current tables (redone), and find something a little different for the other side. Round maybe?

  59. Marg Armour says:

    Please keep the current night stands. The others you are considering just don’t have the look of quality. You’ve done a fabulous job with other painted projects in your home so I’m certain with a little paint, & new hardware, new rectangular shaped lampshades to complement the night stand shape,
    you’ll be thrilled with the outcome.

  60. I like the idea of using what you have. You are so great with what you have done to your other pieces of furniture. I am sure you could really update these.

  61. Barbara Whitaker says:

    I like the taller one, PERAZA 1 DRAWER NIGHTSTAND. Then use your current night stands elsewhere (painted). At the very least, I put things like that in closets and use them for storage vs remaking a closet.

  62. Lisa Metcalfe says:

    Another vote for painting the ones you have…good quality and plenty of storage. I also picture an apothecary/card catalog look.

  63. It looks like the night stands you have are larger than the ones you’re considering, so they have more visual weight to balance the size of your bed, as well as take up more of the large amount of wall space you have. So I would keep those, paint them, and change out the hardware. Maybe you can find a paint technique on Pinterest that’s close to the look of the Corbeil ones You’ve had good success so far with all your painted pieces, I say go for it!

  64. I think you should go with the MIDDLETON ONE DRAWER NIGHTSTAND. It is a very attractive nightstand. I especially like the fabric drawer front which adds texture and visual interest.