My Favorite Paint To Decorate With {And I’m Not Talking About The Walls!}

I am sharing my favorite paint and color that I have used everywhere around my home!My Favorite Paint Color To Decorate With || Worthing Court graphic.Pin

Ok, y’all – I’ve talked with you before about one of my go-to decorating staples and about how easy it is to decorate with something as simple as jute twine.  Now let’s talk about something else that’s super easy and affordable – paint!  Spray paint, that is!

There’s nothing really earth shattering here – we all know the amazing power of paint to transform just about anything.  I just want to sing the praises of my favorite color and share just a few of the ways that I’ve used it in my home.  In fact, if you’ve been a follower of Worthing Court for a while, you may already know that my most favorite spray paint color is Rustoleum’s Anodized Bronze.  I try to always have several cans of it on hand in my spray paint cabinet.  And no – this isn’t a sponsored post, but it ought to be!

A can of spray paint.

You’d never guess it from the name of the paint color, but Anodized Bronze is actually a medium dark shade of gray.  I recently had a sweet reader comment that from the name of the paint color and from looking at the cap on the can of paint, she couldn’t believe what a lovely shade of gray it actually is!

The first place that I ever used this dynamic color (and subsequently fell in love) was on the two end chairs at my breakfast room table.


A breakfast area that is in the farmhouse style with a wooden table, upholstered chairs and open decorated shelves.Pin

Then came the shutters (which are really cut up bifold doors) hanging in my dining room.


Two armchairs with throw pillows and in-between is a small console table.Pin

As I said, Anodized Bronze is a medium dark shade of gray paint.  Some grays have a cold look about them, but Anodized Bronze is a warm gray that works wonderfully with brown furniture.  In my mind, there was no better choice of paint color for the furniture in my dining room. I spray painted the wood chair frames, but the table and sideboard were too heavy to lug outside to paint, so I took a painted scrap of wood to the paint store and had them color match it for me.  Bingo!


A dining room table with the painted legs of the table in a greige color.Pin

On the sideboard, I cut the paint to about a 50/50 mix with water.  CORRECTION: The correct paint ratio that I used is roughly 1 cup of paint to 1/2 cup of water.  It gives some variety to the furniture in the room and allows some of the beautiful grain of the wood to show through.

A wooden console table with a small wooden shelf above it. All is decorated with greenery and soft florals.Pin

I used it again to paint the legs of our desk while working on our office makeover.  See the painted dining room furniture through the opening? That’s an added benefit to using spots of the same color throughout my home – it helps to tie all of the rooms together and to give continuity to the feel of my home.


The ornate legs of the office desk that have been painted.Pin

And most recently, I used Anodized Bronze to paint the frames of a pair of benches that Pookie and I built for our foyer.  I’ll be sharing the tutorial for the benches soon!


A decorated board and batten wall with a small wreath, watering can with flowers, and a wicker basket with greenery in it.Pin

As I continue with the room makeovers in the rest of my house, I already have places in mind that I’ll be using my favorite sophisticated color!  Does that make me a crazy lady???  😀  Do you have a favorite color of paint that you’ve used in your home?


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  1. Love the paint scene on the recycle desk and the barn door bookcases. I definitely will be collaborating with my hubby on the bookcases. He had already made the ladder following your directions. Oh my the way my daughter saw it and now is the proud owner of his second ladder.

  2. It IS such a beautiful color!!! Never thought of grays as being on the warm side. But, this works on so many levels!!! Thanks!

  3. Karen Vargo says:

    I Love the color! Looks wonderful.

  4. I love the color it blends so nice with natural wood. It will be ordered today.

  5. Thanks for Sharing! I will definitely be trying this color soon.

  6. I love the color and all of the ways you’ve put it to use! It looks fantastic on everything! And I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again … I love, love, LOVE the rug in your dining room.

  7. Spray painting is tricky to apply even coats so it makes it’s much simpler to match the color using brush on paint, thanks for the GREAT tip! As always I love your decorating talents; while you use neutral colors, it’s not what I consider sterile white all over!

  8. I love how you did the 50/50 color in the dining room! What a great way to give some variety. Ready to go shopping and get a project started now. Thank you!

  9. Wendy Janes says:

    Love that colour, thanks for sharing it! Can you tell me where you found the grey Buffalo check fabric that you have used in several places? I can’t seem to find it anywhere and it’s gorgeous!

    1. Hi Wendy. I found that fabric at a local fabric store called Printer’s Alley. I’m sorry, but I wasn’t able to get the mill name or the pattern name of the fabric, but Printer’s Alley is really good about helping to locate fabric. I’ve know others who have contacted them by phone and been able to get the fabric shipped to them. If they need it, you might offer to send them a photo. Here’s their website:

  10. I will look for that color next time I’m in the store

  11. I would never have thought that you spray painted the furniture! It looks awesome!!

  12. laura {not a trophy wife} says:

    Hi Suzy! I love this! I had to re-read your post to confirm it was spray paint. Okay, where oh where is the post for your side lanterns with the wood behind them. I have these two metal scones with flat backs. They need some bulk behind them. laura

  13. Laura santo says:

    Thank you. I would have never guessed that you used spray paint!

  14. I am so in love with your dining room! I love the shelves over the server! All the accessories are so perfectly placed, and it just makes your room so inviting! And your table and chairs are so beautiful! A wonderful room (I know I would spend my entire day in that room it is so beautiful!)

  15. Linda Owens says:

    The color of the spray paint is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Linda Owens

  16. Wow!! Looks great!! But I always thought that your furniture looked black, which I love.

  17. Great color! I Love all your ideas.
    I’m starting to go room by room and redecorating. I have just a couple small things to finish up in my first room; dining room. Thinking about what room to do next. Have you done any of your bathrooms?

    1. Hi Debbie. We’ve removed wallpaper, replaced flooring, toilets and countertops and painted all of our bathrooms, but the only bathroom that we did a major remodel in (shower, tub, etc) was our master bath. I haven’t taken the next step in them yet, which is to give them their cosmetic makeover, but I will! The next room that I’ll be working on, after the foyer, will either be a guest room or our hallway bath.

  18. I have actually used that paint and color on an outdoor metal table and chairs and LOVE it!

  19. You may have just answered my prayers! Who knew it would be in the form of spray paint! When the rain slacks up I’m heading to the store! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Love that color — two questions. What brand of paint for the color match and what color is on your dining room walls. It is so hard to find the right beige neutral beige!

    1. Hi Gersch. I know exactly what you mean about the difficulty of finding the right beige! I used Sherwin Williams paint on both the walls and on the color matched furniture. The walls are painted with their Resilience interior latex and the furniture is painted with their Duration interior acrylic latex line of paint.