Caryl’s Christmas Shop

Hello all you lovlies!  Are you up to your elbows in Christmas decorations?  Are you feeling tired just thinking about all that needs to be done?  Need a little inspiring pick-me-up?  Well, I have just what the doctor ordered!

I’m pleased to introduce you to the lovely and gracious Caryl Cheeseman.

Caryl is the owner of a most wonderful Christmas store called  Caryl’s Christmas Shop.  A visit to her store is the unofficial kick off to my Christmas decor planning every year.

The store is wonderfully orgainzed.  Trees and ornaments are grouped together so that you don’t have to go hunting all over the store for that ornament you saw on the woodsy themed tree, for example.  And of course, everything on the trees is for sale – they will be picked nearly clean by Christmas.

Grab yourself a cup-a-somethin’, sit back and relax, cause I took lots of pictures to share with you.  There is soooo much fabulous inspiration in this store!  I took lots of close-ups of all of the trees so that you could get a better idea of how they’re decorated in case you’d like to duplicate any of the looks.

Whimsical red and lime green.







See that table runner?  It’s made from interwoven Christmas ribbon.

I just know that some of you could diy this!

Caryl has had the Christmas shop for 22 years.  Trust me, this lady and her staff know their stuff!  It is a pool and spa store year round, but come August 1st, the transformation begins!  By the time that October 1st rolls around, it is filled to the gills with everything Christmas.

Woodsy theme







Early in the season, Caryl hosts a wonderful, very popular, by invitation only, open house.  Everyone who attends is given a $20 gift certificate that can be used toward anything in the store!

Purple and silver.





Purple looks wonderful with lime green!


Caryl’s is not a repeat of what you’ll see in every other Christmas shop.  She works hard to offer unique, beautiful, top quality items.

Blue and silver.





Caryl’s staff is so talented and willing to share their knowledge with you.  In addition to the open house, free seminars and classes are offered.  This year there has been a class on “How to Make a Unique Tree Topper” and “How to Make a Mesh Wreath”.



I love this urn wired to the tree.  The candle is battery operated and remote controlled.










Red, green and gold.





Can you see the reindeer?




Snowman theme





I love the decorations spilling out of this top hat.



Blue and gold.













There is so much more to show you in this wonderful store!

Be sure to come back on Wednesday when I’ll share tips from Caryl’s designers on decorating your tree, creating your own tree topper and creating wreaths and garlands that you’ll love.

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  1. Suzy, I am still in awe of what you have shown me here. Every tree that came up, I thought I like this one best. Then the next one was as great or better. I love the lime green and purple, the snowman tree was so cute and I absolutely loved the woodsy theme.
    Can’t wait for the tree topper tutorial. I can never make mine stay together and I am not sure how to secure it to the tree.
    Talk soon. Blessings,

  2. Drooling right now over that shop. Thanks for sharing….I love it ALL! xo ~Liz

  3. Lisa@Pickles and Cheese says:

    I love that shop. I haven’t stopped in yet this year but plan to. Her trees and ornaments are beautiful and inspiring!!

  4. For the Love of a Cottage says:

    I love seeing all of the beautiful offerings at Christmas. Right now, I am really loving either white and turquoise or woodsy themes.

  5. What a wonderful store! Thanks for taking us along for a tour & getting us in the Christmas spirit!!

  6. Wow ! What an amazing display based on colors….. Love the purple and lime green combination… Beautiful setting…. !!! Love the angels, the owls, the cardinals…. !!!

  7. Wow, wish I lived closer. What a fun place to go and be inspired. Thanks for linking this up to Motivated Monday at BeColorful.

  8. Now I’m really in the Christmas mood…thanks. I’m a new follower too, just so I don’t miss a thing.

  9. Now that is a Christmas shop. I absolutely LOVE every single tree in there. Thank you for posting.

  10. Cranberry Morning says:

    How beautiful! I especially love the purple and silver!! What a fun place to visit. 🙂 Stopping in from A Creative Princess.

  11. Has anyone done the table runners as a DIY & if so, have they linked to ’em? That is such a cute idea!
    I LOVE snowmen. That tree was my all-time favorite!
    I am an amateur artist (just dabble mostly for my kids) and recently started painting/decorating ornaments. I’m offering them for sale on Etsy if I can get anyone interested. (No, this isn’t a self-promoting plug!)
    I just thought I’d ask about the table-runners b/c I’m on a limited budget but have lots of family who would love something so pretty & yet so functional!

  12. oops! I’m sorry, I thought I was commenting on A Creative Princess’ blog! Anywho, looove the store/site! So pretty! Love EVERYTHING Christmas!!!

  13. All just stunning trees! I especially liked the little plaid booties, plaid ornaments, owl… basically the woodland tree theme! 🙂 Thanks for sharing all these beautiful treasures!

    Merry Christmas!
    xo Lynda

  14. Anonymous says:

    Wow!! I only just came across this. Wonderful blog and what a beautiful shop !!

    Wish I had seen this before last Christmas. How can I order items from this shop as I live in Australia ?

    1. I would go to their website, There’s information on how to contact them to see if they will ship items internationally. Good luck!

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