Easter Centerpiece

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I hope you enjoy this centerpiece from the dining room of our former home.  We’ve moved and are completing the remodel of our new-to-us home.  Click HERE to see my DIY Southern Farmhouse Style!

This Easter centerpiece on my dining room table might just be my favorite one ever!

There lots of texture in this Easter centerpiece that is filled with burlap and natural elements with pops of green.

An Easter centerpiece with loads of interest and texture. Neutral colors with pops of fresh green.

Filled with burlap, natural elements and vintagey goodness, my table makes me happy just looking at it.
A wire basket filled with burlap eggs and orbs covered with natural elements add a lot of texture to this Easter centerpiece.
An aged wire basket is perfect for holding burlap eggs and a variety of decorative orbs.
An Easter centerpiece with an aged wire basket filled with burlap eggs and a variety of decorative orbs flanked by a burlap bunny.
An Easter centerpiece with an aged wire basket filled with burlap eggs and a variety of decorative orbs
Even a mug tree can become part of a centerpiece!
To use a mug tree in an Easter centerpiece I topped it with a bird nest, hung a few white mugs and burlap eggs on it. I printed vintage Easter cards on regular paper and clipped them to the mug tree with clothes pins that were stamped with Easter'ish words.
I nestled an egg filled faux nest on the top and filled the rest of the mug tree with more burlap eggs, my Mikasa Italian Countryside mugs and some vintage Easter postcards that I attached with stamped clothespins.
A faux bird nest and bird flank a mug tree filled with burlap eggs and vintage Easter images add lots of interest to this Easter centerpiece.
I don’t remember where I bought them, but I’ve had these dancing bunnies for years and have always loved their vintage vibe.
Elements of an Easter centerpiece
There’s a chippy bird tucked in a mossy nest on the backside of the egg basket.
I’ll never forget that he was my one and only purchase when hitting yard sales one Saturday.
A faux bird nest in an Easter Centerpiece
His little face is so weathered and worn that you can barely make out his features, but that just makes him that much more endearing to me.
A chippy bird and faux bird nest are part of an Easter centerpiece
My large cloche holds a ceramic rabbit that I made eons ago.
Did any of you do ceramics?
You can get a peek at his little mate in the terrarium on the sideboard.
Easter centerpiece using burlap and natural elements via Worthing Court blog
He looks pretty happy under there with his raffia bow tie and moss covered rocks.
Do you think he has his eye on that bottle of carrot juice???
Easter centerpiece using burlap and natural elements via Worthing Court blog
A wicker tray that I ordered from Farmhouse Decor holds another cloche and some faux greenery in a little black pot.
Easter centerpiece using burlap and natural elements via Worthing Court blog
It’s hard for me to do, but I try to use favorite pieces on the back side of my centerpieces too.
Easter centerpiece using burlap and natural elements via Worthing Court blog
I have a real tendency to put everything that I like on the front side, so it’s always a struggle for me.
Easter centerpiece using burlap and natural elements via Worthing Court blog
I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour around my Easter centerpiece.
Easter centerpiece using burlap and natural elements via Worthing Court blog


Easter centerpiece using burlap and natural elements via Worthing Court blog
Easter centerpiece using burlap and natural elements via Worthing Court blog
May you and your loved ones enjoy celebrating this most special day of the year!
Easter centerpiece using burlap and natural elements via Worthing Court blog

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  1. I love everything about this, Suzy. Those burlap eggs and bunny are so gorgeous!

    And yes, I did ceramics. My mom and I used to go to this ladies house and paint. I guess paint-your-own-pottery places have replaced ceramics places.

    Hope you’re finally on the mend from the crud. I m looking forward to Thursday.

  2. Hey Suzy, we too, have the crud bug at our house. I stayed up all night with my little one. Hope you’re feeling better and I hope it doesn’t spread through my home, with 6 of us here. I Love Love your table vignette! The chippy bird is my favorite. I’ve had thrift store trips where I only get the 1 special thing (that some roll their eyes at) but I’m happy because the purchase means something to me, the chippiness is wonderful, so your bird makes perfect sense to me 🙂
    Have a Happy Easter if we don’t chat before.

  3. I love that little moss covered bunny! The chippy little bird too. Those are my favorite finds when I’m out junking. No wonder it makes you smile. It’s all so….happy. 😉 k.

  4. Suzy – I am so sorry that this horrible sickness has lasted so long, but I know lots of people who have had some strange bug that kept them down for a while. Hope you will be completely well soon. This centerpiece is so grand and creative. Everything looks natural and spring-like. Hope spring will be here eventually – it is 33 degrees at my house in Georgia this morning. – crazy!

  5. SheilaG @ Plum Doodles says:

    Your table is lovely, Suzy. I love bunnies and burlap year-round. I did ceramics many years ago- anything from canisters to decor- that bunny seems really familiar! 🙂

  6. Suzy,

    This is stunning, I love those burlap eggs and that burlap bunny. All the greenes look great and it makes this so fresh looking. Love the cloche.


  7. It all looks great! Since I’ve been gone so long, my only Easter decoration is the wreath on my front door : ( Too late to decorate for Easter now though….on to Spring I hope!!!

  8. Celestina Marie says:

    Hi Suzy,
    I just love your table centerpiece and the burlap details are wonderful. Love your cloche with the bunny. I too created in ceramics ions ago also.
    Love your baskets and the moss touches are perfect. What a talent you are. I am also a new follower too.
    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment and visit while I was away from my blog with family visiting. They just left and I am exhausted!! LOL
    Wishing you a special Easter week.
    Hugs, CM

  9. I love all the components and the natural look and feel. I am flipping out that there is a World Market in NC! One day I may actually get to shop there. haha And yes, I did ceramics in the late 70’s, early 80’s, every week, my mom, my best friend and me, there we were! xo

  10. Carlene @ Organized Clutter says:

    All my favorites are there, burlap, cloches and a drying rack. Love it!

  11. What a lovely display ~ every detail is perfect. Thanks so much for linking up to Project Inspire{d}, Suzy. Pinning to our party board.

    Have a blessed week.


    Mary Beth

  12. Meredith @ The Laundry Can Wait says:

    Honestly, Suzy, this is probably the best table centerpiece I’ve seen. The whole collection is stunning when showcased all at once, and what an impressive job you’ve done arranging it. Those vintage bunnies are my favorite! You have delivered once again.


  13. Lucy @ Patina Paradise says:

    Beautiful arrangement! Love the mix of textures and natural colors and elements.

  14. This tablescape is just adorable, Suzy! I love the basket filled with orbs and the burlap eggs. I’m crushing over the drying rack. I’ve already looked at one World Market in our area to no avail, but I still have a couple of others — can’t stop a woman on a mission!

    Glad you are feeling better!


  15. Hi Suzy,
    Coming your way via Savvy Southern Style Wow Us Wednesdays. I feel like we are decorating kindred spirits. Finally I am not the only one that has not decorated with pastels. I always gravitate to earth tones regardless of the season. Your tablescape makes me smile just as it does you! I love the little bottle dryer that you have your cups on. Now I am going to have to do a little online shopping and get one for myself.
    Gorgeous table Suzy. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Oh Suzy, I love your table. I love every element. I think I made the same bunny in ceramics. I love the mug rack, looks like a French bottle rack. I noticed it right away.
    I do hope you are feeling better. I know you have had a rough time of it. Maybe when the weather catches up with the calendar you can feel better.
    Love to all and Happy Easter. He is risen!

  17. Great table Suzy! Love all the printed burlap and natural elements! My very favorite part is the carrot juice bottle, that is adorable!

  18. I love it Suzy, all of the natural elements are gorgeous together.

  19. Suzy, I love this organic and earthy and so pretty table centerpiece. I just ordered the mug drying rack too. Most of the ones I see are way too big. This is a great size. Thanks for sharing!!! YOu too Debbie!

    You table looks ready for Easter… and it, like everything you do is stunning!

    Thanks for bringing Easter joy to TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS!!!

  20. Suzy,
    Hope you’re feeling better, soon dear one!!!
    Your tablescape is stunning!!!
    I love your bunnies…but the variety of textures is what caught my eye in this vignette!!! The burlap eggs, moss balls, twig wreaths, chippy paint..it is splendid!
    The vintage dancing bunnies are charming!!!
    Have a blessed and glorious Easter!!!

  21. At Rivercrest Cottage says:

    I was just muttering in the kitchen tonight that the World Market thingy (bottle or cup holder?) was too short and I regret buying it. Then I see your darling vignette with the nest on top of the “thingy” and now I know just what to do! Thanks for the display.

  22. Just beautiful – it is different and can be used throughout spring which I love. Happy Easter from the enchanted oven.

  23. So pretty. I am smitten with the burlap bunny and the eggs.. so fun. Be better. Have a beautiful evening and a blessed Easter. xo marlis

  24. Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage says:

    What a gorgeous Easter tablescape! I adore the earth tones you’ve used!

  25. The Rosegarden in Malevik says:

    Hi Suzy
    this is a really great tablescaping 🙂
    and do not miss…


    it is FUN 🙂
    Håkan ( The Roseman)

  26. GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart says:

    Hi Suzy! Your dining room looks lovely! I really like the neutral textures with the green. Perfect for Easter and springtime!

    So nice stopping by to visit with you!
    Kindly, Lorraine

  27. Hi Suzy, I love your dining table centerpiece. I’d be smiling every time I walked by, too. I hope you’re feeling better and Happy Easter to you.

  28. So happy you’re feeling better and I’m so glad that you were feeling up to creating this magnificent table. I love the organic feel!

    It’s wonderful to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays!

    – The Tablescaper

  29. I recently found your blog and subscribed immediately. I now find myself binge looking at all you share here. My husband and I have an extensive list of projects for the farm we just purchased. I know I will find inspiration right here!

    1. Hi Windi. Thank you for introducing yourself. It’s so nice to “meet” you!

  30. So NICE, as usual!!!!!!