5 On Friday: 5 Ways To Ease Into Fall Decorating

I am sharing with you 5 ways that you can ease gently into fall decorating.

I guess that I have to face it – summer is almost at an end and fall is just around the corner.  I’m ready, but I’m not ready.  Know what I mean?

I’ve been thinking about cozy fall decorating for a couple of weeks now, but have been looking for some ways to e-a-s-e into it.  Here are 5 ideas to make letting go of summer just a little less painful.

5 Ways to ease into fall decorating when it still feels like summer outside || WorthingCourtBlog.comPin

1. Mini pumpkins will start showing up well before the gorgeous flowers have stopped blooming.  Go ahead and mix them in with your summer blooms!

Ease into fall decorating by mixing mini pumpkins with summer flowers that are still blooming.Pin

17 Apart

2. Take it slow by just switching out a few throw pillows with fall’ish colors.

Ease into fall decorating by simply switching pillows for ones with fall'ish colors.Pin


3. Bring in some earthy fall texture with a simple centerpiece of burlap wrapped candles and pinecones.

Bring in some warmth and texture for fall using burlap wrapped candles and pinecones to create an easy centerpiece.Pin

 Source Unknown

4. Bring out a chunky throw blanket.  This one is fun and easy to bring out while it’s still summer.  The pompoms are ginormous plus they’re in bright summery colors.

Chunky throw with colorful pompoms.Pin

Urban Outfitters

5. Add a colorful quilt to your bed.  A quilt with a modern pattern won’t look too heavy during these last weeks of summer.

A fun quilt with a modern pattern in a bedroom.Pin


So, how about you?  Will you embrace fall with open arms or are you hanging onto summer with all your might?

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  1. Gotta get me some fall-ish fabric for pillows or see what I might have stashed away! Not quite ready to give up on summer, but thinking fall!

    1. Same here, MaryJean. I’m having a tough time letting go of summer, but fall’s coming whether I like it or not! 🙁

  2. I’m caught in between right now with decorating the house. Just finishing up and it is almost time to decorate for fall. My dried lavender is new, so I am struggling with do I put it all out, save it for next spring or summer, etc. I LOVE lavender so I have it in our home all year round!


    1. I LOVE lavender too! I vote for putting it out now! I need to catch up on what’s going on with you. I’m so out of touch lately.

  3. Great tips, Suzy! I’m ready to start going through my stash. I have no idea what I want to do, though. I just play around with my decor until I get something that speaks to me. But, yes, I’m over summer and this dreadful heat!

    1. I’m over the heat too – the older that I get, the more it bothers me. When it’s still hot outside, it’s next to impossible for me to think about fall. I guess the reason that I dread fall is that old man winter is right behind it!

  4. Ease is so relaxing – I think I will start to ease into Fall instead of my usual style of being thrust into fall and the holidays. I appreciate your ideas and I am motivated to start my fall decor plan. Happy Fall, Kippi