Family Room Gallery Wall Above My Sofa {And Some Other Decor Too}

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The wall above the sofa in my family room is a bit of an odd one and had me stumped for a while.  There is an overhang above the sofa that is created by the upstairs hallway.  You can see it in this photo that was taken not long after we moved in.  I was just barely starting to put the room together when this photo was taken.


Family room BEFOREPin


The problem wasn’t that there wasn’t enough room to hang anything – it was figuring out what to hang.  I pretty much knew that I wanted to create a gallery wall of some kind, but I just wasn’t coming up with any inspiration for it.  So…the wall stayed empty for months and it bugged Pookie


I came across a mirror at TJ Maxx and just like that, inspiration struck.  Do you remember the clock that previously hung above my console table?  Well now, the mirror has taken its place and the clock became a big part of the gallery wall. 

UPDATE: I’ve beefed up my gallery wall and it has a whole new look!  Check it out HERE.


Gallery wall above a sofaPin


Here’s a look at the wall from the other side of the room.  The doorway at the end of the sofa leads to the foyer.


Gallery wall above a sofa with rustic farmhouse touchesPin


I first experimented with the layout by arranging everything on the floor in front of the sofa. Once I came up with an arrangement that I liked, I determined that the long basket would be the anchor of the grouping and should be hung so that it was centered on the sofa.  It took me a couple of tries to get the height just right.  The basket is hanging from a wooden cabinet knob that I painted black.  I purchased a wooden letter “H” and painted that black too and hung it from the front of the basket with a piece of jute twine.  The greenery in the basket is faux.


Two pottery feathers are hung together above the basket and an arrow is below it.  The arrow was an unfinished wood one that I roughed up and gave a driftwood treatment to.  I’ll be posting a tutorial about how to do that.


Family room gallery wall above a sofaPin


Because of its size, I decided that the clock should be the next piece to be hung.  This is the clock that used to hang above the console table where the round mirror now lives.  I’ve been waiting to find just the right place for the map of the southeastern US that Barb gave me and I finally found it right below the clock.


Family room gallery wall above a sofaPin


I hung a row of three wreaths on the other side of the long basket – one made from driftwood pieces and two that are preserved boxwood.  This side of the gallery is rounded out with a feather print.  I made it by using PicMonkey to add the words “Feather Study” to an image that I found online and took it to my local FedEx store for printing.  I sized it to fit perfectly inside a frame that I already owned.  I adore the print, but Pookie looked at me like I had two heads when I showed it to him.  I don’t think he considers it real art.


    Family room gallery wall above a sofaPin


My number one favorite thing about this wall is all of the texture and dimension that it has. My second favorite thing is that it looks like it is made up of pieces that have been collected over time.  


Gallery wall above a couchPin


I especially love the way that if reflects in the new mirror.


Family room gallery wall above a sofaPin


I decided that small throw pillows tend look a dinky on this sofa, so I replaced the ones that I had with two euro size ones.  I found a pair of shams that have a great batik’ish pattern printed on the fabric.  We really do use these pillows a lot – the grands use them on the floor, everybody uses them for arm props on the sofa and they’re perfect for a nap.  The nice thing about using euro pillows is that I can easily replace them if they start to get flat.


Use euro size pillows on a large sofa instead of small throw pillowsPin


As a nod to summer, I’ve added a very simple vignette in a round wicker tray to my coffee table.  


Family room decorPin


Of course daisies are a summer flower staple around here and a stack of starfish under a cloche and an old piece of coral from my mom yell “beach!”.


Summer coffee table vignettePin


I kept the accessories on my end table simple too.  


Family room end table vignettePin


That driftwood orb gets moved all over the place and I love the floral coaster that I recently found at HomeGoods.  The blue and white cup is from Christmas Tree Shops.


Family room end table vignettePin


It’s a good, good feeling to finally have this side of the family room put together!


Family room gallery wall above a sofaPin


I don’t quite have my family room ready for a full reveal, but you can see more of it by clicking on the links below.


A Corner Of Our Family Room

Chair and table vignettePin


My Console Table

Sofa table decorPin


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  1. Nancy Carroll says:

    It’s Awesome! I really love your gallery wall, but I’m disappointed you hung my basket there. I was hoping you would put it on the front door again, thinking it could easily disappear in the dark of night : ) I especially love your driftwood wreath and that fine piece of artwork. Pookie is right, that extra head is for decorating only LOL.

    1. Thank you, GF. The next time he looks at me like that, I’ll tell him what that extra head is for!

  2. It all looks just beautiful Suzy!!! You did an amazing job filling the wall and all of the textures and tones are perfect.

    1. Thank you so much, Vanessa!

  3. penny @ the comforts of home says:

    The gallery wall looks great! I love all the texture it adds.

    1. Thank you, Penny. The texture is one of my favorite things about it.

    1. Yeah – this big wall had me intimidated for a while and I’m a novice when it comes to gallery walls. I’m glad you like it!

  4. I love your new gallery wall! It’s amazing how hard a gallery wall can be really… I mean it looks like it’s just such a natural gathering of items that naturally “go” together without much thought or effort but in reality, it’s HARD! lol! I’m still struggling with one but I think you’ve nailed yours!


    1. It’s beautiful! Where did you purchase the clock?

      1. Thank you! I found that clock years ago at a furniture sample store. Sorry I can’t provide a link for you!

  5. I love your gallery wall – all the textures and shapes are just wonderful. I think I need to switch to some Euro pillows myself. Thank you for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy