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It’s Friday y’all!
Wanna snoop around somebody’s house???
Today we’re snooping around the home of Laurie from
Bargain Hunting and Chatting with Laurie.



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I am so honored to be featured on Suzy’s beautiful blog today – especially after seeing all of the other wonderful homes she’s featured. If you’ve missed them, you need to go back and check them out. Not to mention Suzy’s wonderful home. Wow! I am in great company.
I blog at Bargain Hunting and Chatting with Laurie. As my blog name implies, I am a chatty person, and I’m also a bargain hunter. I didn’t think my blog title should reflect it, but I am also a hoarder collector. Until I watched that Hoarder’s show, I thought I was a hoarder, but those people make me feel better about myself! I do have a difficult time getting rid of stuff. If you are a bargain hunter and a collector, your home probably does not contain much that matches the rest of your décor (at least that’s the way it is with this bargain hunter/collector).
I’ll start the tour of my home in the front entry hall, even though it is seldom used. Everyone comes to our back door.
I grew up in this house. My parents built this house in 1949. When they were both gone, my husband and I bought my sister’s half and remodeled the house for ourselves.
As is normal in a home of that era, the entry hall led into the dining room on one side and the living room on the other side. We refer to the former dining room as the study/music room. I’ll confess, it is not often used for studying or for music (unless you count my CD player). This room is where my laptop and my “crafting supplies” live (although not much crafting goes on around here either). All of you know that there is a lot of computer use going on here though.
Since it was formerly a dining room, the study leads into the kitchen, which we remodeled.
From the kitchen, I can see into our family room, which we added in our remodel.
See what I’m talking about? Collections and mismatched furniture everywhere. That’s my “style”. Years ago, I read that if you love something, buy it, and it will coordinate with the rest of what you have. I may have taken that advice a little too far, but we do enjoy living here.
Our grandchildren often eat at the coffee table, so I have stools under it for them to use.
From the family room, you can see our sunroom (I just hope you can’t see our swimming pool in the backyard which currently has green water in it).
The “ladder” in the sunroom leads to my husband’s home office. (I’m not allowed to photograph it.) To be honest, he doesn’t use it very often, and I have stashed so much junk up there, I can’t share photographs of it. (There may be signs of a potential hoarder in that room!) There is a small powder room at the end of the sunroom. It is only used by swimmers and has evolved into a flamingo theme, because people keep gifting me with flamingos.
Our master bedroom is always a work in progress (without much progress). I hung toile tablecloths as curtains when we moved in 10 years ago. They were SUPPOSED to be temporary, but they are still there. You may notice that the chandelier in our bedroom matches the one in the study/music room (formerly the dining room). That’s because our bedroom was previously the formal living room. We don’t live very formally, so it became the master bedroom.
This wall where I have a buffet (yep, I have a buffet in the bedroom) is where the opening was between the entry hall and living room.
Suzy, I am so flattered to have been asked to share on your blog. Thank you so much.
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Thank you, Laurie, for sharing your lovely home with us.
How cool it is to be living in the same home that you grew up in.
It was a real treat to see so much of your home all in one place!

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  1. So fabulous! Its like a old century hotel. I so love the stool for your grandchildren. Those are so cute.I’m sure they enjoy eating using those tools.

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