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Happy Friday, y’all!
Today we snooping around Dawn’s home at

Inspired Living.


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First of all, thanks to Suzy for inviting me to share my space with you today!  I’m flattered, and hope you will enjoy it.
My husband and I bought our current home almost five years ago.  One day back in 2008 I was complaining about the shared walls of our city condo (which you can tour here) to my husband and he unexpectedly said “ok, let’s move.”  We took about two weeks to get the condo ready for sale and a month later we were closed and moved out!!!!  This all happened so quickly that we had no where to go!  So, humbly, we went home to my parents home.
Since we had temporary housing at my parents we thought this time was a perfect opportunity to find a fixer upper and put our own stamp on it.  We bought our home from the first and only family to own this 1924 bungalow!!  It was quite out of date, so we took this house down to the studs, moved walls and updated every last room.  Since buying this house, our family has grown to four, so as it turns out, we left the city at just the right time.
Even though we’ve owned this home for five years we are STILL working on finishing the details and decorating.  I’m often changing up our home.  Here are a few of the more recent pictures, starting with our front entry, updated for spring/summer:
…and a before and after…


We widened the entry and enclosed the front porch to capture more space; this allowed us to create a large front hall closet. Here are some of the entryway details:
Off to the left of the entry is our living room.  We added lots of windows and a transom to this room to let in the maximum amount of light.  We also opened up the wall between the living room and dining room.  Here are some pictures of the space:
Before - Old entry (back of living room)Pin
I’ve used the black and white picture frames a millions different ways in our homes.
These peonies are from our garden.  I LOOOOVE the smell and especially the color of the deep pink peonies.  The ants….not so much….
I actually still have a lot of changes I want to make in this room).  However, as you can see, the room has come a long way.
As I mentioned previously, our living room flows right into the dining room:
The dining room flows into the kitchen, which we completely gutted and renovated:
Isn’t the wall space above the stools screaming our for something?!?!  I brought home two sea fans from a recent beach vacation and really want to dye and frame them for this space.  Soon…….
In the meantime, I love adding flowers to this peninsula to liven it up.  The blossoms above are from the spring, and the ones below are more peonies from our garden.  I can’t get over the beauty of these flowers:


We still have some updates for the kitchen; after four years I finally purchased our kitchen hardware.  Now we just have to find the time to put it on!  The kitchen opens to the back family room, which leads to a deck and the backyard.
….and the deck….





Here is just a peak at a few more of the outside spaces we’ve been working on this summer.  Actually, the first four years we spent tearing out years of overgrown plants.  This is the first year we are adding lots of new landscaping.  I hope to have a full makeover of the front of our house up on the blog sometime in July.  Until then, here is a mini makeover I recently shared of our side entry.  Before:
After…I added a few simple items to make this entry more inviting):
I completely update the landscaping in the picture below for only $8.
Back inside, I recently made some small changes to our bedroom for summer…
 I wanted a light and airy feel so stuck to whites, grey’s and gold’s.  I added in a few new accessories, like seashells from our vacations…..
…the gorgeous vintage books in the picture below….
…and MORE peonies….
I stuck the flowers into votives and added candlesticks for height….
I love this gold etagere, and it was free!  A generous aunt and uncle sold a home and they were no longer in need of the furnishings…no one claimed this baby so I was the lucky beneficiary!  It fits perfectly in this little space….
…finally, I added coral, botanical prints, and a fern…for a living element…
The boys, of course, have spaces of their own, too.  I had fun decorating their bedrooms.  My older son’s room has a bit of an industrial vibe going on.
Thanks for taking a tour of our home!  I hope you will stop by and say hello!
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Wow, Dawn.  What an amazing transformation!  You and your hubby have done an amazing job in your sweet bungalow.  I loved hearing the story of how you wound up in your new home.

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  1. Its my dream too. My husband? Not so much. :-/ This is an absolutely amazing transformation. Every square inch was a joy to see. Its almost my newest blog to follow. Thanks ladies for sharing!

  2. Susan Nowell @ My Place to Yours says:

    I, too, live in an old house we restored, so I know exactly how hard Dawn and her hubby worked to bring their back to life — and the level of love they infused into it. Nicely done! (I only wish I could have seen a pic of the front exterior — to see this beauty’s face! Maybe next time…) Suzy, thanks for sharing!

  3. Penny@The Comforts of Home & From Harvest To Table says:

    What amazing transformations! Thank you for sharing your home!

  4. Emilia Bellflower says:

    WOW your home transformation is amazing! You did a wonderful job:)

  5. Sharon @ mrshinesclass says:

    I LOVE Dawn’s home. It speaks to me and makes me want to jump through the screen and land in her living room.

    Confession: a few weeks ago, I was up late reading blogs, including Inspired Living. The styling on the etageree inspired me to restyle my bookcase and I ended up staying up til 4 in the morning decorating….

  6. Shirley@Housepitality Designs says:

    Dawn’s home is very, very beautiful…I just love the wonderful details and the outdoor spaces are just amazing!!!…Dawn, you did a magnificent job on your home!….and thank Suzy…I so loved the tour!!