House Tour: House Snooping at Dimples and Tangles

Hello peeps!  How’s your week been?  I know that lots and lots of you had kiddos who returned to school this week.  Ready for another amazing house tour?
This week House Snoopers is snooping around Jennifer’s wonderful home.

Dimples and Tangles

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Hello to all of you readers of Worthing Court!  I’m Jennifer and my blog is called Dimples and Tangles.  I love to decorate, hunt down a bargain, and am not sure what to do with myself if I don’t have a can of spray paint in my hand and some sort of project going (or usually 2 or 12!).  I’m thankful that Suzy invited me over today and am so happy to share my home with you!
We purchased this home about 6 1/2 years ago, and have updated, painted, replaced, and touched almost every single part!  Of course, it’s still a work in progress and there is always something else I want to do.  Come on in…


You will soon see that I love color, especially green with a healthy dose of black and white.  On display in our Entry are a thrifted pair of lamps that got a re-make, a second hand dresser, and a faux deer head that my sister made for me.  
We have a very open floor plan, and the entry, living room, and dining room all share the main part of the house.






The Dining Room-the star is the china cabinet that I bought from Craig’s List and painted. 



Oh, but I guess these guys like to show off a little bit too.  Once again, a Craig’s List purchase that I re-fashioned to be host chairs for my dining room table.  The Chiang Mai Dragon fabric on the back gives them an element of surprise.
 This room gets plenty of use, especially for parties!



This is a hallway that was dark with no natural light.  I collected mirrors from everywhere and painted them all the same color to make a unique wall treatment, also allowing some light to bounce around.
All of the woodwork in our home, except for the crown moulding, was stained oak.  In this photo you can see a little bit of a built in china cabinet on the right that was my first experiment with painting the oak.  
I found a roll of grasscloth wallpaper at a thrift store and used a portion of it to line the back of the cabinet.  It holds a lot of my serving pieces in easy reach.
After successfully painting the hall china cabinet, almost every other bit of oak cabinetry got painted, including the kitchen cabinets and living room built-ins.  



I recently completed this pair of lanterns that came from the Habitat ReStore and were shiny brass.  You can also see a bit of my chalk wall that I painted in a little nook of the kitchen.





The breakfast nook in the kitchen- with a botanical gallery wall that I made using inexpensive frames and pages from a book, and a made over second-hand table, chairs, and loveseat.




Just off the entry is our Office,  which we use for a multi-purpose Movie, Wii, Piano, Computer, and Craft room.  This is the only room where I kept the original stained woodwork, and it is filled to the brim with DIY projects, including the made from scratch drum shade over the vintage chandelier.




My daughter’s room is colorful and happy, just like her!  All of the furniture is second hand and many of the accessories were thrifted or DIY projects.  Her ceiling fan got a major DIY style upgrade when I couldn’t find any new fans for her room that I liked (we live in Oklahoma-some ceiling fans are a must!).







My laundry room is full of gallery walls of special family photos, momentos, and children’s artwork.  



Our back yard and patio are home base in the summer for the neighbor kids…I love it!



My son’s room is in progress,


and I’m planning to start an overhaul of our Master Bedroom as soon as I finish up a few more smaller projects.  Why don’t you come on over and follow along?
Before I leave you, because it IS almost the end of August and just about time to start thinking about these things, here’s a little holiday inspiration from my home last year.  
I hope you enjoyed doing a little snooping in my home, and I would love for you to come visit me at Dimples and Tangles soon!  Suzy, thank you again for sharing your space with me today.  
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Thank you for letting us snoop around your amazing home, Jennifer.  I just have one question – when can I move in?  😀  You are a girl after my own heart with your love of color, patterns and texture!
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  1. Oh my gosh Suzy! So much fun! I love this house and all the interesting details! I even got some ideas for my own home because I have a similar style living room. I love the pop of blue furniture in hers. And the black mantel and doors. Love the mirror wall and the fabric on the back of the dining room chair! It really is in the details… Thanks Suzy for some great house tours!

  2. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! It looks like it came out of a Ballard Designs magazine! (Want to come do my house?!) Love, love, LOVE it!!!!

  3. Suzy, every time I think I see my favorite, the next week, you bring another stunner. I love this house and the style is amazing. Love all of the chandeliers. Found another great blog to follow. Thanks girlfriend!!


  4. Shirley@Housepitality Designs says:

    I so love Jennifer’s home and style…her home is always a delight to see…so many beautiful spaces and are true “eye candy”….Jennifer is one talented lady…her interiors are both fun and sophisticated!!!….thanks Suzy!

  5. Jennifer’s home is lovely, so full or color and energy. I adore that ceiling fan in her daughters room. Love how she re-purposed so many pieces of furniture. Now I am going to pop over to her blog. Thanks for sharing this lovely home.
    Thanks, Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design