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Happy end of the week, everyone!  I hope your week has been simply fabulous.  Do you have any fun plans this weekend?  I know that lots of places have their annual fall fairs going on.  We’ll be checking out some houses on Saturday – trying to make decisions about what to downsize to.  

For today’s house tour, we’re going to snoop around the home of the lovely Richella.

Imparting Grace

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 I’m so grateful to Suzy for giving me the chance to be here at Worthing Court today.  Let’s snoop around my house a little, shall we?

Our house is relatively new, but it’s in an old neighborhood in Durham, North Carolina.  I am a lover of trees, so I’m especially thankful to be in an established neighborhood. 
The first room you’ll encounter in your visit is our front porch.  See it nestled to the side of the front door?
The porch is one of my favorite spots in the whole house.  My aim was furnish it as an outdoor living room, and that’s how we use it.  You can read more about the porch here.
If you were to peek through those windows on the front porch (which would be easy, since there are no curtains), you’d see my dining room.  
After 20 years of having red dining rooms (four different rooms in three different states!), I made the move to blue.  I like deep, dramatic colors for dining rooms.  You can read more about my dining room here.
The dining room leads to the kitchen.  Our house’s original design called for a kitchen, a breakfast room, and a keeping room in this space, but we used the space as a large, multi-purpose room.  Here are a few recent photos:
Here’s a peek at how my kitchen looked last Christmas:

The kitchen leads out to the screened porch, which is another favorite space of mine.  

Now if we go back to the front of the house, I’ll show you what’s behind those other windows:
First,  my husband’s library:
Yes, he does work in this room, and yes, it’s always this neat.  His spaces tend to be the cleanest spaces in the house.  The rest of us drive him crazy sometimes!
Not usually so clean is the bonus room, which is built into the eaves over the garage.

Not very neat, but this room is a great hangout space for teenaged boys!


If you were to visit me in person, you’d stay in the guest room.  You could bring a friend with you, since the room is furnished with twin beds.Pin

Even if you can’t come and stay, you can read all about the guest room here.And with that we’ll stop snooping for now.  
I’d love for you to visit me at Imparting Grace if you’d like to see more.  Any friend of Suzy’s is a friend of mine!

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Thank you, Richella, for letting us come snoop around!  All of your home is so lovely.  I’m totally jealous of your screen porch!

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  1. Thanks to you both for sharing this lovely home, and how fun that it is in the city where I live.

  2. Suzy, thank you so much for having me here for House Snooping! I’m so honored that you invited me. It’s funny–I see photos of my house all the time, but it’s really different to see these photos in a blog I admire such as yours! 🙂

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Richella, I admire your home and homemaking skills! Every time I visit I feel so welcomed. You really have paid attention to the smallest detail. What a delight to visit your gorgeous home today!
    Wonderful post, Suzy. You really picked a winner!
    xo Yvonne

  4. Suzy, what a great home Richella has. I am a follower of hers and I am always amazed by the size of her kitchen. What an inviting front porch and screened porch. Beautiful home!


  5. Shirley@Housepitality Designs says:

    I so love Richella’s home and blog….she has such exquisite taste and her home certainly reflects that…and I loved reading how she went out of her comfort zone and traveled to NYC alone….so admired her for doing that!….Thanks for another great tour Suzy!….Have a great weekend.

  6. What a gorgeous home tour, thank you for sharing! I especially love your kitchen, porch and guest bedroom! That secretary in the guest bedroom is making me swoon!!

    Thanks again!