How To Build A Rustic Sofa Table

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When I shared the gallery wall makeover in my family room a few days ago, I promised that I’d be back with a tutorial on how we built the table behind our sofa.  Just like with all of my projects, this is an easy and inexpensive one.

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Before I get started on the tutorial, let me talk a little bit about why I wanted a sofa table in this spot.  Maybe you have some of these same issues too.  

  1. It’s nice to have a generously sized family room, but my furniture felt too spread out.  There was too much space between the fireplace (that’s located on the opposite wall) and the front of the coffee table.  The room felt empty and wasn’t inviting at all.
  2. We have an overhang above the sofa and I just didn’t like the sofa shoved all the way up under it against the wall.
  3. Even with two lamps already located on this side of the room, it was still too dark for me.

Here’s a picture of the space shortly after we moved in – this should help you get an idea of what I’m talking about.  The entertainment center isn’t put together, there’s no rug and there’s no gallery wall either.  Oh, and there’s tons of sheetrock dust everywhere


Here’s a shot of the sofa side of the room today.  I’ll have a shot of the whole room when I do a full family room tour soon.

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Let’s get started.  The dimensions given in my tutorial are for a table that measures 32.5″ high x 78″ wide x 12″ deep.  You can build any size table that suits your needs and adjust the dimensions of your cuts accordingly. 

Supply List:

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You’ll also need: wood stain in your choice of color (I used Minwax Special Walnut), a level, a drill or screwdriver, a saw (or ask the store to cut the wood to size for you), wood glue, a clamp or two and wood screws.

Remember – safety first!  Wear protective eye gear when cutting the wood.  You may also want ear plugs to protect your ears from the noise of the saw and a respirator mask to keep from inhaling the stain fumes.


Step 1 – Stain each of the wood pieces and allow to dry.  I stained most of my wood on the front and back, but there were a few pieces that I didn’t stain until the table was completely assembled.

Step 2 – Make the legs for the table by cutting six 2×4’s to 31.75″ long each.  Place three pieces of the cut wood side by side and run a bead of wood glue along the sides to glue them together.  Make sure that the legs are straight and even across the ends.  Clamp the glued pieces of wood together and allow the glue to dry according to the directions on the glue bottle.

In this photo, you see two sets of legs, one for each end of the table, that have been stained and glued together.

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Step 3 – Attach one of the flat metal braces to what will be the inside bottom of each leg using wood screws.  Make sure that the screws aren’t so long that they go all the way through the wood.  This just gives added stability to the legs.

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Step 4 – Lay the long 1×12 board upside down and attach each of the legs to the ends using the L shaped corner brackets and wood screws.  Position the braces so that you leave room to add a center brace.  I set each of my legs in from the end of the board by 1.5″.  Remember to turn the legs so that the side of the legs with the attached flat brace is to the inside.  Make sure that the wood screws are short enough that they do not go all the way through the wood.

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Step 5 – There are two center braces.  Cut each of the remaining 2×4’s to fit in between the inside of the legs.  The first brace goes under the table, against the bottom of the top.  Position the brace in the middle of the table top.  Turn the 2×4 on its side and attach it with two wood screws that go through the outside of the table legs and into the brace.  BTW – Pookie is more than happy for you to get a look at his pride and joy.

How To Build A Rustic Sofa Console TablePin

Step 6 – Attach the second brace down toward the bottom.  Cut the last remaining 2×4 to fit in between the legs.  Use the level to make sure the brace is level from side to side and attach with wood screws going into the end of the brace from the outside of the legs.

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Step 7 – Apply stain to the rest of the surfaces and allow to dry.  I also swiped the stain across the metal pieces to dull them down a little.  I chose not to apply polyurethane to the table after it was stained, but that is certainly something that you can do.

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I love the addition of the sofa table to our family room.  Now the whole rooms feels as cozy and inviting as it should!

How To Build A Rustic Sofa Console TablePin

I’m really looking forward to changing what I display on the top for the different seasons and holidays.


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  1. Heather C says:

    Don’t you love it when you can make something that makes a great impact in the room, your room looks great.

    1. Yes, I sure do Heather! It has made such a difference in how this room feels overall. It’s hard for me to fully communicate that in my photos. So glad you like my room!

  2. That’s a great solution for a wider room! My son did that at his home….and it really made a difference….also helps with lighting! I’m anxious to see the whole room! 😉

    1. Thank you so much, Donnamae! My old eyes really appreciate the added light!

  3. Ok girl that tables rocks! It looks awesome. Fabulous job!

    1. Thank you so much, Suzie!

  4. Looks great Suzy – I think most sofas look best away from the wall. Great place to decorate seasonally too and the lamps light up an otherwise shadowed space under the overhang. Love the wall decor too!
    Hmm, I couldn’t help but notice the adorable plaid ottoman next to the couch that matches the pillows. Did you make that too? Love it!

    1. Thank you so much, Terri! So glad you like the wall and table. I wish that I could claim that I made that plaid ottoman, but I can’t. It came from Target back before the holidays. The pillows came from Target too. I never noticed how much they look like the ottoman!

  5. creativejewishmom/sara says:

    Really nice, thanks for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

  6. Hi Susie, WOW!! I love your sofa table and the really simple instructions:) When the weather turns warmer I am making one, definitely! And may I say, your gallery wall above the sofa is just stunning. Can you teach me how to do that too? Have a wonderful week and thank you so much for sharing at our Wonderful Wednesday Link Party. -Christine at Must Love Home

    1. So glad you like my table and gallery wall, Christine! I’ll be right over and we’ll put together a gallery wall for you! 😀

    1. Thank you , Morgan! Hope you have fun making one of your own!

  7. That’s a wonderful table, and a very detailed tutorial. Thanks! I was just wondering why you chose to do three slats instead of more traditional post legs. Was it easier, or just a style preference?

    1. Hi Rebecca. I don’t know if it was easier than post legs, but I needed something with solid sides (instead of open legs) since this was going against the wall behind my sofa. In my case, I didn’t think that being able to see under the table from the side would look very good. But, if my couch was floating in the room instead of against the wall, then I probably would have used just regular legs. Then I could have added a bottom shelf to it!

  8. Love this! My husband is a woodworker so we could totally do this! I love how you transformed your room! It’s beautiful!

  9. What a brilliant and easy idea! It really adds to the warmth and coziness of the room. Thank you for showing how to make one. It really is lovely! I hope you are having a great week so far!
    Making Broken Beautiful

  10. wow, I love what you have done here, not just with that sofa table, but with everything else as well – very cool!

  11. Love your sofa table. The room looks so beautiful.

  12. This is a really great use of space, and I love that you created the feature wall above the couch! It makes that space look so inviting.

  13. What a beautiful table Suzy! I love the whole look of the wall, the table, ladder and sofa! What a great space. Thanks so much for sharing this at the Bewithcin’ Projects Block Party last week! Hugs, Lisa

  14. This is a great tutorial! Love it and love the difference it makes in your space! I’m featuring you tonight at The Creative Corner Link Up 6pm PST! Thanks for linking up with us. Can’t wait to see what you submit this week! x

  15. Absolutely beautiful table and great tutorial. Makes a huge difference. I will be featuring this tonight at my Winter Blues Wednesday party that opens at 8pm EST. Please stop by and pick up an I’ve Been Featured button. Thanks.

  16. I’m so impressed with your power tool skills! Living in NYC, I’ve always dreamed of a space big enough to have a sofa table behind my sofa WITH space behind that! Still dreaming. But this would work well in the space we’ve got. Love the walnut stain too. Thanks for linking up at #SaucySaturdays.

  17. This is beautiful and adds so much character to the room! I also love your blanket ladder! You have truly turned this room into a work of art. Thanks for sharing!