How To: Create A Terrarium Vignette

UPDATE:  Enjoy this tutorial for a project from our former home.  We’ve moved and are giving our new-to-us home a complete remodel.  I’ve completely changed my style!  Click HERE to take a look.

As I was assembling the winter vignette in my foyer, it occurred to me that some of you might be curious about how to put a together a display in a terrarium.


Worthing Court: How to create a terrarium vignettePin

 I took photographs as I went along to explain the steps involved.

Gather Your Supplies

Before I got started, I gathered all of the supplies that I might use.  I say ‘might use’ because sometimes I change my mind as the vignette starts to come together.

This is my empty terrarium and everything that I actually did wind up using in it.

Worthing Court: supplies used for creating a terrarium vignettePin

 Position the background materials

To create the background for the vignette, I layered faux greenery on the bottom of the terrarium and against the back.  That helps to keep the vignette from looking too skimpy.  

I had to play with everything a little to get it placed exactly how I wanted it and to keep stems from showing.  You can still see some stems, but I knew that I would be covering those up.

Here’s a tip:  If you need small sprigs of faux greenery, just buy one bush and cut apart into the sizes that you need.

Worthing Court: Faux greenery placed in the terrarium to create a backgroundPin

 Add large elements

Position the larger elements that you want to display in their locations.  In my case, it was a small galvanized bucket and two candles.

Worthing Court: After placing faux greenery, add large elementsPin

 Begin placing smaller elements

I added greenery in the bucket with the candle and added a few pinecones.  I added pinecones in the bucket as well as on the other side of the terrarium to give a sense of balance to the display.

Worthing Court: Add more faux greenery, if needed to the terrarium vignette after placing the large elements.Pin

 Here I’ve added a pair of cute plaid ice skates.  The skates were my inspiration for this winter vignette, so I placed them in a prominent location.

Worthing Court: Add smaller elements to the terrarium after the greenery and larger elements have been placedPin

 Add the finishing touches

Now is the time to add those final finishing touches.  I added a few faux antlers, a cardinal for a pop of color and a tiny chalkboard with a message that reinforces the winter theme.

Worthing Court: How to create a vignette in a terrariumPin

 Here’s what it looks like from the top.

Worthing Court: View from the top of the finished terrarium vignettePin

 And voila!  You’re done!


Worthing Court: Winter whites mixed with evergreens for a wintery vignettePin

 Probably the best advice that I can give you, is to not be intimidated.  Putting together displays like this used to terrify me – what if I got it wrong???  

Don’t be afraid to put it together and take it apart as many times as you need to until you have your vignette looking just the way you want it.  I used to freeze if I didn’t get it just right the first time, but you’ll find that it gets easier the more times that you give it a try.

Worthing Court: Winter white vignettePin

 Oh – one last thing.  If you decide to light candles in your terrarium, make sure that the clear sides are not made of plastic.   😕   

And of course, never leave lit candles unattended.

Make sure lit candles in a terrarium are never left unattended. Don't use lighted candles at all if the clear sides are not made of glass. Here's an example of what could happen.Pin


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  1. Suzy,
    Your winter vinyette is adorable! I love every little thing in it. Can you please teller where you purchased the miniature antlers? I would love to make one similar to yours.


    1. Hi Jane. So glad you like my vignette – thank you! The little antlers are actually Christmas ornaments that I purchased a year or two ago. I think I found them at Garden Ridge, but I’m not sure. I’d love for you to email me a photo of yours when you get it finished!

  2. You have convinced me that I need a terrarium in my sunroom. Let’s go shopping.

    1. Let’s go, Beverly! 😀

  3. Great tips Suzy. Can’t wait to use min in the new house!


  4. Suzy that vignette is just so beautiful! I loved seeing how you pulled it all together and it’s lovely. 🙂

  5. I love your vignette, Suzy. Oh how adorable are those little ice skates!