How To Make One Small Change To Get A Fresh Look In May

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Do you have a room that’s looking tired?  There’s no need to go to a lot of trouble to freshen it up.  Making this one small change to a spot in a room is easy to do and will brighten the room right up!

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We’re all bound to have times when we feel like our rooms are a little tired and boring – right?  Or, sometimes it’s just that we’re tired of staring at the same ole thing.  There’s this one corner in the living room at our beach condo that was more than a little tired – it was downright bleh!  That little pop of blue of the ceramic lantern was about the only thing that added much interest to the space.

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I’m certainly not trying to reinvent the wheel and want to keep decorating as easy and as affordable as possible, so what to do to perk this little corner of my room up?  I decided that all I needed to do was to add a bit of color in the form of wall art, a pretty throw and pillow.

Perk up a tired room with the addition of color in the form of a pretty throw, wall art and pillow. #decorideas #decoratingideas #turquoise #aqua #coastaldecoratingideas #coastaldecor Pin

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How much more fresh does this little corner look now?!?  Obviously, the draperies have been changed (come back tomorrow to see more of those), but that isn’t what really makes this little corner sparkle – it’s the color!  This entire area has been filled with multiple shades of blue and aqua and it was super fast to do.

Turquoise, aqua and gray coastal decor #coastaldecor #coastaldecoratingideas #turquoise #aqua #accentchair #howtomixpatternsPin

The little ceramic lantern on the side table was my color inspiration.  I started by hanging some complimentary pieces of art that I already owned on the wall behind the chair.  

Coastal artwork #wallartideas #artideas #coastaldecor #coastaldecoratingideasPin

Next, I artfully arranged a pretty throw over one corner of the back of the chair, making sure that some of those cute pompoms showed.  Lastly, I added a pillow using some of the same colors, but in a different pattern that doesn’t fight with the other patterns in the space.

Ikat, stripes and plaid mixed together for interest #howtomixpatterns #coastaldecor #coastaldecoratingideas #turquoise #aquaPin

The addition of a floor lamp automatically makes the corner say “cozy” and a blue ceramic urn filled with a faux fiddle leaf fig tree and a basket filled with more colorful throws placed beside the chair complete the look.

Perk up a tired room with the addition of color in the form of a pretty throw, wall art and pillow. #decorideas #decoratingideas #turquoise #aqua #coastaldecoratingideas #coastaldecorPin

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How to perk up a room with one small change #homedecor #decoratingtips #decoratingideas #interiordesignideas #decoratingideas #tipsPin


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  1. Absolutely stunning!!! So refreshing. I truly love your colorful ideas and imaginative arrangements of displaying your decor:) Thank you so much for sharing this blog:) A Blessing to read and to be inspired:)

  2. Heather Linz says:

    Picking out these kind of chairs is very hard…. I like this one!

  3. I really love that chair. I am always a bit hesitant to mix patterns, but your room looks great.

  4. WOW, you are such an amazing stylist. Just a little a little of this; a little of that and Voila! Love the aqua with the grey. This is the first time I have seen the new curtains and they are stunning, very high impact. Worth all the effort, time, and energy.

  5. I love the pops of color you added and I love the new curtains. Everything looks great!

  6. Debbie May says:

    The floor lamp does ground the corner but there are too many competing patterns going on. But I’m always the last to know cause its hard for me to think out side of the box. But the gray and aqua are very pretty colors.

  7. Marilyn Holeman says:

    Ha ha ha! I was looking for ONE change! I guess you changed the ONE area, but made several changes. to that area. You’ve definitely added life and brightened it up. I love those blue colors!

    1. LOL, Marilyn. I guess my ONE change was adding color! 😀

  8. The new curtains, artwork and the touches of aqua you used to refresh the corner of your beach house living room made a tremendous difference in the overall look – from somewhat plain to summer zingy!. I love both the aqua blues and the denim blues (from light to dark) and mix them around my own house. The aqua reminds me of the color in old Mason jars and sea glass and is a very coastal color. Everything you do is amazing and such an inspiration. I love your home and all the creative thing you have done in it and your beach house. I also viewed your blog on the Trisha Yearwood items from Tractor Supply and enjoyed your use of a small group of accessories in many creative and varied ways. This idea can be used to “shop your own home” for small groups of accessories that can be mixed around in new ways.(maybe with the addition of something new as well). Looking forward to your next post.


    I love the drape material you used. You mentioned the company that you bought the fabric. I thought I had written the name down but apparently I didn’t. Would it be possible for you to email me the name. I really would appreciate it. Thank you


    Thank you for your help