How To Style Your Coffee Table For Fall Or Any Season In 5 Minutes

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You might think that decorating a coffee table should be a simple thing, but for many of us it can be a daunting task.  Here’s how to put together a simple, yet stylish coffee table for fall (or any season) in just a few minutes.

coffee table decorated for fall with mums in a copper container and a pumpkinPin

What should be one of the easiest things for me to decorate in our family room is actually one of the hardest – that would be our coffee table.  And it isn’t just the coffee table in this house – I’ve struggled with how to decorate our coffee table in every single home that I’ve ever lived in!

I’ve tried everything – groupings within trays and without, groupings in the middle, groupings off to one side and multiple groupings, tall’ish statement pieces, minimalist and maximalist, and on and on.  I just couldn’t come up with a look that was pleasing to the eye from every angle.  Most of my arrangements looked good from the front, but not the back or looked good from one end, but not the other.  And then there’s the whole problem of using statement/focal point items so tall that it blocks my view of the person sitting across the room from my spot on the couch.


coffee table decorated for fallPin

After all this time and many failures, I’m happy to report that I’ve finally found THE coffee table formula that is perfect!  It’s a formula that can be adapted to fit any shape or size coffee table.  Best of all, it only takes about 5 minutes to put together, fits into my ‘keeping it simple’ fall decorating this year and can easily be tweaked for any time of year or holiday.

coffee table with mums and pumpkin for fallPin


Let me lay a little ground work – our coffee table is rectangular shaped and is on the large side.  On a coffee table, I prefer to have some open space, but not so much as to look spartan.  I prefer to display objects of varying heights, but nothing too tall.

But most of all, I’ve learned that I prefer my display to be practical.  I don’t want to have so many things on the table that there isn’t anywhere to set the random drink or remote control, for example.  And in the realm of practicality, I want to be able to easily readjust things if and when they do get moved over or pushed off to the side a bit.

coffee table with fall decorationsPin

Of all the ways that I could style my coffee table, why does this arrangement work so well for me?  I guess it’s my desire for symmetry.  This way of styling allows me to break the table into equally sized segments.  It allows me to have things neatly, but prettily arranged with a little bit of artisticness thrown in.  Check out this above shot and the imaginary lines that I’ve drawn to see what I mean.

coffee table decorated for fallPin

You can see that all of the decorations are kept on the minimal side, but still have the cozy look that I crave, especially as we head into cooler fall weather.

coffee table with fall decorationsPin

If you’d like to see some of my previous coffee table decorating attempts, click HERE.

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  1. hi suzy! These are great ideas! Thank you! laura

    1. Thank you, Laura. Hope you found some inspiration!

  2. I have a large square pine coffee table and I usually decorate it by dividing in thirds . A wooden box which holds the remote,pens , a notebook and a dozen other sundries is on one side other side I have . Then toward the Outer middle I have a large clear glass bowl with an battery candle with timer nestled in some glass
    pebbles or other holiday themed fi!llers and on the other side is a large wooden tray ,home to a seasonal vignette. Still have plenty of room for a book,snack or cup of coffee. Love the large size of the table with my sectional sofa.

    1. It sounds perfect, Kathy!

  3. LOL okay well you hit right on the money ! COFFEE TABLE !!! Mine is round.. Now what do I do? Has 3 levels… I have a low round basket…. Now add CATS ! Yes, last week I took everything off except one plant in the basket.. Because? I wanted to place some fall deor in the basket.. Next thing I know its a napping spot in the basket next to the knocked over pot (yes real dirt) thankfully they didn’t break the plant.. BUT if they cant get into the basket they stretch out completely around the edge of the table.. ACK ! I told my Husband the kids are grown I can decorate how I want with no fear of breakage and things moved around.. Well now there are these cats ! LOLOL Great post today and your table looks fantastic ! #thedesertcasita

    1. Oh my – too funny! My daughter has cats and has to deal with the exact thing. It’s like they know where you do want them, so that head straight to that spot. 😀

  4. Traci Jennings says:

    I think you nailed it – i like how you can see your other decor in the background. I know what you mean about varying heights and using / not using trays, etc. I have a very pretty hutch that my father made for us when we bought our house. It cleverly disguises the radiators and its only purpose in life is to be decorative and let heat out into the kitchen. I struggle with it but, like, you, finally decided to just go simple with color and theme. Thanks for your tips!

    1. That sounds like such a clever way to disguise a radiator! Hope you were able to find some inspiration.

  5. Norma Rolader says:

    Love love your info and wisdom
    Thank you

    1. Thanks, Norma. Hope you’re doing well!