Home And Garden Decorating Ideas From My Trip To Magnolia Market

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A destination like Magnolia Market in Waco, TX is a fabulous place to gain decorating inspiration for your own home and garden.

Home And Garden Decorating Ideas From My Trip To Magnolia Market #fixerupper #magnoliamarket #silos #decoratingideas #gardeningideas #silosPin
A little over a week ago, I traveled to a conference in Austin, TX to learn about all things blogging.  To say that the conference was phenomenal in every way would be an understatement!  I know you probably don’t care about that, but what I bet you do care about is a little side trip that I took to this town you just might have heard of called Waco.  😀

Yup – the conference was only about two hours away from there so there was no way I was going to miss an opportunity to visit the famous Magnolia Market.  I left my home in NC a couple of days early, flew into Austin, rented a car and drove to Waco to stay overnight and spend a whole day exploring, relaxing and generally enjoying myself at the silos.  The very first thing I did when I arrived was to grab a random stranger to take a pic of me at a little photo opp place right outside of the store.

Magnolia MarketPin

I just snapped away at whatever took my fancy with my phone’s camera because to be honest, I had no intention of writing a blog post about my trip.  BUT – when I got home and started scrolling through my photos, I realized that there just might be some ideas that you could be inspired by.  So settle back with your favorite beverage and let me take you on a virtual trip to Magnolia Market!

Home And Garden Decorating Ideas From My Trip To Magnolia Market #magnoliamarket #silos #fixerupperPin

I arrived at the market at around 10:30 on a Wednesday morning and was fully expecting to be greeted by a long line to get into the store, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.  I was able to park in a lot located right behind the silos and walked right up and into the store.  The store and grounds got more and more crowded as the day wore on, but there was never a line of people waiting to get in.  But the bakery?  That’s was a whole different story!  By the afternoon, the line wrapped around the building and down the block.  I did hear that there were over 30,000 people at the silos the week before during their spring festival though, so I’d check about any special events that might be going on if you want to plan a trip there and want to avoid crowds.

Home And Garden Decorating Ideas From My Trip To Magnolia Market #magnoliamarket #silos #fixerupper #gardeningideas #silos #decoratingideasPin

The store is broken up into two areas and the shelves are kept well stocked and neatly organized by all of the staff working there.  There are two areas to check out in the market, each one with several cash registers.  Checking out took me about 15 minutes, but it was standing in line waiting to have my purchases shipped that took the longest (about an hour, but I met some really nice people to chat with).  Magnolia Market offers free shipping via FexEx for purchases over $100 – all you have to pay for is the packaging.  My cost was $30 for the two large boxes of items that I had.  If you spend under $100, the shipping fee is only $7 + packaging materials.  Not bad when you consider that as of that day, I would have had to pay at least $25 for each suitcase that I checked with the airline.

Decorating and gardening ideas from Magnolia Market #fixerupper #magnoliamarket #decoratingideas #waco #gardeningideas #silosPin

The stylists at Magnolia Market have to be some of the most talented people ever!  Inside the store, there were beautiful displays filled with eye candy everywhere you looked.  I loved the idea of the moss covered cubbies with cute pots of flowers displayed in each opening.  I probably wouldn’t create a display of this magnitude, but I can easily envision a small cubbie organizer with sheet moss attached to the frame and with little mini flower pots inside.  I’m adding this to my spring decorating ideas board on Pinterest!

Moss covered cubbies in Magnolia Market. This would be easy to replicate with a small cubbie organizer. #decoratingideas #magnoliamarket #fixerupper #moss #springdecoratingideasPin

I would so love to be a little birdie to follow along with whoever does the “picking” for Chip and Joanna.  Where oh where do they find all the cool doors that I consistently see them use on Fixer Upper?!?  I’ve never seen a door with a shuttered window like this, but it has all the heart eyes from me.  You could recreate this look with a salvaged door by cutting out the window and adding a couple of small shutters to it.  By the way – they had ivy lattice displays like this on the wall in a few places in the store.  I looked closely and could tell that it’s just faux ivy garland attached to string that is tacked to the wall in a diamond pattern.  

Salvaged door used for wall decor #magnoliamarket #fixerupper #repurpose #upcycle #diy Pin

There were two different faux fireplaces set up and I loved the way both of them were styled.  The first display was filled with faded and worn vintage looking botanical prints and tags with dried flowers attached with paper tape just randomly attached to the wall.  I wouldn’t do this directly on my wall, but you could attach everything to a board or piece of foam core from the dollar store and hang it or lean it above your mantel. 

Spring fireplace decorating idea from Magnolia Market #fixerupper #magnoliamarket #springdecoratingideas #fireplacePin


Spring fireplace decorating idea from Magnolia Market #fixerupper #magnoliamarket #springdecoratingideas #fireplacePin

My favorite fireplace display though was this simple one.  These round baskets must be all the rage right now because it seemed that nearly everyone was buying at least one!

Fireplace and mantel decorating idea from Magnolia Market #magnoliamarket #fixerupper #silos #waco #decoratingideasPin

There was what looked like the skeleton of a greenhouse built in the largest area of the store.  I was really enamored with this flower filled family of metal orbs that were hanging from the “ceiling”.  You might just see me adding something like these to our screen porch!

Hanging metal baskets filled with flowers at Magnolia Market #fixerupper #magnoliamarket #flowers #springdecoratingideas #summerdecoratingideasPin

Outside the market is a whole ‘nother experience and it’s a wonderful one!  I couldn’t have asked for better weather the day that I was there.  I strolled around and when it came time for lunch, I bought a burger from one of the many food trucks that were parked there.  Guess what the truck with the longest line was – it was a truck selling sweet tea!  I was amazed to see so many people lining up and paying a premium price for a mason jar filled with sweet tea.  Is sweet tea a novelty in the south?  This is just one of the many shade-covered choices for places to sit to eat or rest.  Sharing a table and meeting new people is half the fun!

Home And Garden Decorating Ideas From My Trip To Magnolia Market #fixerupper #magnoliamarket #waco #silosPin

After lunch I headed off to check out the Magnolia Seed + Supply Company and the rest of the beautiful grounds.  This little shop is filled with all sorts of cute and unique gardening goodies.

Magnolia Seed Supply at Magnolia Market #fixerupper #magnoliamarket #silos #waco #gardeningideasPin

But what really attracted me were all of the gardening ideas in the large area in front of the shop.   No just plain raised beds in a wooden box at Magnolia – theirs were topped off with a simple, but great looking wood structure.

 Planting bed at Magnolia Market #fixerupper #magnoliamarket #garden #gardeningideas #raisedbed Pin

I especially loved the long branches/sticks that they used to create a trellis of sorts above some of the large planting beds.

Gardening bed at Magnolia Market #magnoliamarket #fixerupper #garden #gardenideas Pin

Some of the beds were surrounded with a little fence made from found wood tied together with rope.

Gardening idea at Magnolia Market #fixerupper #gardening #gardenideas #fence #fenceideasPin

Here’s an idea for a great way to dress up those storage sheds that many of us have outside of our homes.  I know for a fact that you can buy a wooden trellis, like the ones attached to either side of the door, at one of the big box home improvement stores for under $15.  I used one to add some definition to our screen porch.  And a cupola has been on my wish list for our little shed for a long, long time.  Maybe this year!

Outdoor storage shed at Magnolia Market #fixerupper #magnoliamarket #outdoor #storageshed #cupola Pin

Right beside the steps, going into the main store, was a pretty garden display too.  I could easily see a flower-filled garden bed with an old wheelbarrow or cart that’s filled with pots of flowers placed in the middle of the bed.

Gardening idea at Magnolia Market #fixerupper #gardening #gardenideas #flowersPin

Small trees were planted in large wooden planters that were filled with flowers too.

Gardening idea at Magnolia Market #fixerupper #gardening #gardenideas #flowersPin

Kudos to you if you’ve stuck with me to the end.  🙂  There’s soooo much more that I could show you about this wonderful place, but this has gone on long enough.  Just know that if you ever have the opportunity to go anywhere near Waco, Magnolia Market is a must see destination!  It’s a fun, magical and very family friendly place to wile away a day.  

And lastly, to answer what I just know is your most burning question – no I didn’t see Chip and Joanna. 🙁 🙁 🙁



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  1. Great post! Love seeing all of the photos chock full of ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing. A great post.

  3. Lucky you the blog conference was so close and you made it to Magnolia! Great ideas.

  4. Heather Linz says:

    Looks amazing, but overwhelming to me….

  5. Thank you for sharing your wonderful adventure–so many great ideas for inspiration!

  6. Lisa Marutz says:

    ❤️❤️❤️ your post!

  7. ann gardner says:

    Went to Waco last fall, enjoyed your post like being there all over again,but seeing new stuff.

  8. Nancy carroll says:

    I went last year! Wasn’t it just the best place!?! I loved the large outdoor play space so the kiddos and husbands that didn’t want to shop had things to do! They didn’t have the Garden store when I was there ?. My gosh look at all those tulips ??????. I LOVE those hanging metal orbs/planters!!! Did you go to Magnolia Table? BTW, my Steve was in Waco this week and saw Chip in Cabela’s!!!

    1. Yes, Magnolia is wonderful! No, I didn’t even try to go to Magnolia Table. It closes at 3pm, and I didn’t want to lose part of the day at the store and grounds. Someone told me they waited two hours for a table and didn’t think that was bad!

  9. Suzy,

    I’m so glad you posted your trip, just so happens i will be in San Antonio April 26-29th, currently hailing form chicago area, (before that Mooresville NC) I too will be taking the 2.5 hour trip just to see the market! Im so glad you posted!!! Now i definitely want to go. Thanks for the tips on checking for events that may be going on and the bakery. I’m dragging my 14 yr old son I’ll be sure to go there first and bribe him with sweets. Also great information on shipping packages.
    I also love photography and you have shown there are plenty of photo ops! Please post more photos!
    Thanks So Much!!!

  10. Susan Ronnfeldt says:

    Thank you for taking your time to share your wonderful side trip to The Silo’s! I want to go to Pawhuska, OK to see Ree Drummond’s The Mercantile and then go on down to Waco to visit The Silo’s! I told my husband to get himself prepared for a long weekend road trip from Iowa on south!! Your pictures are wonderful and your descriptions are fabulous!

  11. Just left Waco this morning and was excited to see your post! We stayed at The Morrow House (Fixer Upper, Season 5, Episode 1 — the $20,000 total fixer upper that was NOT chosen, but someone else fixed it up and it’s AMAZING!). First thing we did was take the Waco Tour; so glad we did. Met David Ridley. Silos and The Findery yesterday; Magnolia Table this morning (Good Friday). Had a 2-hour wait — wasn’t that bad — wonderful food and met Jo’s mom! Total Fixer Upper experience and trip of a lifetime!

  12. How exciting! I would love to go to Waco and see everything Magnolia! Thanks for taking us with you and sharing all great pictures!!!

  13. My hubby surprised me 2 weeks ago with trip from Middle TN to Silos and we had so much fun! It is nice to see so much in bloom as plants were starting to bud but there wasn’t as much color. Thanks for sharing. Blessings.

  14. Thanks for sharing your trip. Magnolia Market is on my bucket list! Loved the photos and your input.

  15. Melanie Elles says:

    Enjoyed your photos and text about Magnolia Silos …made me feel like I got the inside scoop about a much envied spot. Your enthusiasm came through loud n clear. I have followed your blog for quite some time and find it fun , informative and full of ideas . K

  16. Susan Malizia says:

    Thanks for sharing your trip, Suzy. I’d love to visit there myself someday. It’s such a wonderful place to get ideas…I especially like the outdoor pictures.

  17. Such a fun trip. Now you should do a post with your purchases! ?

  18. I love all the pics of Magnolia! I bet you had a great time. I really felt like I was there. This is definitely on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Thanks for the post. My husband and I made the road trip from Minnesota last year and we absolutely loved it! Your pictures are calling me back for another visit. It feels as though they change everything up enough that it would all be worth another trip back. Thanks for sharing!!