Worthing Court’s Most Popular DIY Projects Of 2016

Worthing Court's Most Popular DIY Projects For 2016Pin

The last two years have been such eventful ones for us!  If you’re new to Worthing Court, you may not know that we bought a very outdated twenty year old home and have spent the last two years making it ours.

The first year we owned the house was spent mainly on the major remodeling projects – complete gut jobs in the kitchen, laundry room and master bath, new/refinished floors throughout the entire house, wallpaper removal, painting the entire interior, a new deck, new lighting and on and on and on.

This past year was a bit more fun even though it contained un-fun things such as a new roof, replacement of two hvac systems and replacement of many of the plumbing lines that run beneath the house.  We’ve also spent a good portion of the year struggling to get a good stand of grass going – we’re still battling that war.  lol

Talking about all that work makes me just plain tired, so it does myself good to take a look at some of the fun projects that we finished in 2016!  Take a look at our top five most popular diy projects that we completed last year.  Just click on the post title to be taken directly to the post.  I hope you’ll find some inspiration!



How To Build A Rustic Ladder For Under $20 || Worthing CourtPin



How To Build A Rustic Farmhouse Sofa Table || Worthing CourtPin



Several diy projects - cheater bay window drapery rods, easy open rustic shelves, spray painted furniture, diy large art and two drapery panels for the price of one || Worthing CourtPin



Farmhouse style office makeover - turning traditional cherry bookcases in farmhouse fabulous || Worthing CourtPin



How To Redecorate A Dining Room - if you have a piece of furniture that is too large to carry outside a paint store can color match spray paint for you || Worthing CourtPin

These are just a few of the many diy projects that we worked on in 2016.  I already have a whole calendar of projects planned for 2017 that I can’t wait to tackle!  Click HERE if you’d like to see more of the diy projects that we’ve completed in this house.

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  1. Anne Marie says:

    You honme is beautiful!

  2. Awesome projects. Looking forward to 2017. Happy New Year!

  3. What an accomplishment in just two years! Your home is gorgeous! I especially love your cozy warm family room, and your breakfast area. It certainly screams farmhouse! I go back to those rooms quite often for inspiration. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2017! Have a happy and prosperous New Year! xo

  4. Love the bookcase idea.

  5. Oh gosh Suzy I love so much about your house. The barn door on the bookcase is so original and gorgeous. I just love the gray furniture. Your kitchen and family rooms are also favorites. Anxious for all your new ideas in 2017! Think you better rest up over the New Year’s weekend. Happy New Year

  6. Love all your projects but believe those rattan chairs and the rustic shelves in your kitchen makeover are my favorite!

  7. I like the ladder project. Must pin this post for inspiration. Happy new year and looking forward to the projects of 2017.

  8. Beautiful projects. I wish we were as handy in the DIY department. Oh well, it will just take longer for us to complete our projects with more money needed in the budget to complete the wish list. Enjoy your posts and your home is beautiful!

  9. Linda Owens says:

    You provide so much inspiration. Thank you. I love the bookcase and marvel at your creativity.

  10. Your house looks amazing, and you should be proud of all your hard work!

  11. Nancy Carroll says:

    it”s all breathtaking!!!

  12. Brenda Radliff says:

    What a beautiful home you have. I love all your projects especially the book case. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful ideas. And Happy New Year!

  13. Carol Elkins says:

    The bookcase makeover is my favorite!

  14. What great fun little projects!

  15. Heather Anne says:

    Love the round up – we are knee deep in a tummy virus right now, but when I’ve got a spare moment I’ll be back! Thank you for making it easy!

  16. You’ve accomplished a lot in just 2 years! We’ve been here for 33 years…and still not done! All of your projects add not only value…but warmth and personality to your home! Looking forward to 2017! 😉

  17. Thanks for the ladder tutorial. I’m gonna try this!

  18. I love your decorating style! I am trying to make over my 23 year old home as well! I’m ready for some new changes! Happy New 2017!!

  19. I just love the textures you incorporated from rustic ladders, woven baskets to shutters. I’m also glad to see you have a creamy colored walls, while most people keep things white. It makes me think of sterilized instead of a warmer feeling. I really love the grey furniture and your bookcase makeover…cute! You are such an inspiration, thanks for sharing!

  20. Kelly Middleton says:

    Your dining room table and chairs are stunning!