One Fall Coffee Table – Two Ways

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I will show you how to style a coffee table two ways for fall.

One fall coffee table styled two ways || Worthing CourtPin

The last thing left to do, after I had done all of the fall decorating in my house, was the coffee table in my family room.  This one spot is always the hardest for me to figure out what to do with!  It’s a large coffee table, which is nice, but that presents its own set of challenges when it comes time to add decorative seasonal displays.

Coffee Table Styling

My number one goal was to keep whatever I did simple.  To be honest, by this point, I was a bit tired of all the decorating around the rest of the house and just wanted something quick, that wouldn’t require a lot of thought.  So I tried two different vignette looks to see which one I liked the best.  Scroll on down to the bottom to see which look I kept!

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Here’s look #1. An old wooden plant tray filled with fall pumpkin goodies and three candlesticks off to the side.  I mean, look how easy!

A fall coffee table vignette || Worthing CourtPin

I filled a wire cage thingy with rich rust colored pumpkins and brown paper filler.  To give it height, I placed it on top of an old lamp base and then placed two twig wreaths stacked together around it.

Fill a metal cage with pumpkins and brown paper filler for an easy fall displayPin

To fill the tray out, all I added were a few small pumpkins and a strand of decorative beads.  I made the bead strands a few years ago to use as a garland on one of my fall mantels at my previous home.  They’re easy to make – simply purchase a container of mixed beads at a craft store and string them onto fishing line.  Click HERE to see the mantel that I originally used the beads on, but overlook that I spelled m-a-n-t-e-l incorrectly!

Add strands of craft beads for fall texture to a vignette || Worthing CourtPin


Fall coffee table vignette in an old planter's tray || Worthing CourtPin

The candlesticks help to finish the fall vignette off and to keep the tray from looking lost on the coffee table.

Fall vignette using an old planter's tray and candlesticks on a coffee table || Worthing CourtPin

For look #2, I used a rather large glass terrarium and filled it with small pumpkins and cotton.

Fall vignette in a terrarium || Worthing CourtPin

Terrariums are so much fun to play with!  You can fill them with anything for any season.  Mine is on the big side, so it holds quite a bit.

Fall terrarium vignette || Worthing CourtPin

My wooden beads made an appearance again along with a couple of books and pumpkins.  Those beads are so versatile!  I can’t believe that I almost gave them away when we moved.

Fall coffee table with a terrarium, stacked books, bead strands and pumpkins || Worthing CourtPin


Fall terrarium on a coffee table || Worthing CourtPin

Alright.  Want to see which gorgeous look I kept on the coffee table?  Do you think it’s look #1 or look #2?  Drum roll…..

Coffee table style for fall || Worthing CourtPin

I love the look of BOTH vignettes, but in the end, this one won the day because the terrarium was just a little too tall for me to converse with who ever happens to be sitting on the opposite side of the room.  I’ll be sure to show where the terrarium wound up another day, but if you have sharp eyes, you just might spot it in one of these photos!

I hope you were inspired on  how to style a coffee table for fall!



Two different fall coffee table vignette ideas || Worthing CourtPin


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  1. Very nice! I like both and glad I didn’t have to choose! Glad to see the terrarium used elsewhere. Using the cotton is the unusual pop in a fall display. I’m a real fan of your candlesticks and autumn pillow. Is it a Craftberry Bush pillow and where did you purchase the candlesticks? Your home is so cozy.

    1. Hi Doreen. So glad you like it! The pillow is from Amazon. I didn’t provide the link because I’m a little disappointed in the quality of it and didn’t want to recommend something that I’m not completely satisfied with. :/ You should be able to find it though, if you do a search on Amazon for “pumpkin pillow cover”. The candlesticks came from Target.

  2. Lisa Cooper says:

    Looks so cozy! I, too, love the beads! I may have to run to Michael’s and make some for myself!

  3. andrea bayot says:

    Both looks were great! I think I would have picked the same one you picked. Love the autumn pillow in the background. Love to see some blue in the fall decorations!

  4. I would have picked the tray too! Thanks for the inspiration. I will try something similar on my coffee table.

  5. Beautiful both ways:) Sharing on my FB page today!

  6. I like the first one too! I really like the candlesticks. The temps are in the 90s where I live. We are ready for fall!

  7. Doris Wilson says:

    These are both superb, but I think I like #1best. Both great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love the first one with the tray, nothing like fall decorations!

  9. Sandra Ashley says:

    Both are great. Love the first one better though!

  10. I too love Number 1. I especially like the richer rust colored pumpkins. They really add a pop! Thanks so much for the inspiration. I think I will get started today with my fall decorating.

  11. Like both also!! Thank you for showing us different ways to decorate!!

  12. MariaElena says:

    I love both ways, Suzy. Beautiful inspiration. Your terrarium is so pretty! Take care, Maria

  13. Lovely look for your home…I agree with your choice and look forward to seeing how you incorporate the terrarium in your fall decor…Anne

  14. Darrel Handgraaf says:

    I like both of them, but I agree the terrarium might have been too tall. Either way, even to a guy like me with no decorating skills, I think it looks great. I’ll try to notice it when I go home tonight.

    Your loving husband, Pookie

  15. I like the first one also. I love the candlesticks with the tray and then the pumpkins. Nice reply by your husband and so thoughtful.

  16. Valerie Tingley says:

    I absolutely love the terrarium idea – and I have one! I think it will be perfect in my living room, which is not our everyday space . . . so it won’t be in the way! Thank you for the inspiration!

  17. LIke them both! Lovely.

  18. Suzy, I prefer your tray vignette but I plan to use your idea to combine cotton stems with pumpkins for my living room but in soft shades of pinks and creams. I wouldn’t have come up with the idea to mix these items but they totally rock. Thanks again for sharing your ideas.


  19. Paula Sullivan says:

    I prefer the first one as things are sitting lower. Thank you for the contest. Love the cotton balls.