Sneak In Some Green : Room Decorating Ideas

All you have to do is look around my house to see that I’m a big fan of green!

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day and the eminent arrival of spring, I’m bringing you several room decorating ideas for adding bits of green to your home.

Green is such a fresh color – perfect for spring.  You don’t have to paint the walls in your room green, like I have in some of mine.  A little bit of green, even in small doses, can really add life to a room.

This room is a great example of that very thing.  Even though I would call it a white/neutral room, the pops of green that are nicely spread throughout the room bring it to life!

Room decorating ideas - sneak in some green:: WorthingCourtBlog.comPin

My Home Ideas, photo credit Tom McWilliam


A darker shade of green mixed with warm browns gives a totally different feel to a room.

Room decorating ideas - sneak in some green:: WorthingCourtBlog.comPin

New England Home


Even though I love green, I never thought that I could embrace emerald green {in home decor} when Pantone announced it as the color of the year in 2013.  And while I can’t imagine myself using it, I’m in love with the look when used properly.

And by the way, if you thought that green wouldn’t mix with gray, well…think again!  Take notice of the gray couch in this room.

Millinneum Painters


Even though the white trim and shutters on this porch are bright and clean, it’s the green accents that make it pop!

Sneak in some green - room decorating ideas:: WorthingCourtBlog.comPin

Southern Living


A fabulous green island takes center stage in this mostly white kitchen.

 House Beautiful


Green plays nicely with many colors, pink being just one of them.

House Beautiful


And black too.

Traditional Home


Green and gold.

 Caitlin Creer Interior Design via Houzz


Blue and green.  Who wouldn’t want to greet the morning in such a cheery breakfast nook?



A toned down shade of green might be more appropriate in a bedroom.

House Beautiful


A soft, toned down green is appropriate for master bath too.

 Benjamin Moore


And lastly, painting a room green can even take some of the drudgery out of every day chores.

Who wouldn’t love to do laundry in this room?



So how about you – are you a fan of green?


My whole house isn’t painted green, but here a few rooms where I’ve used it.

My Laundry Room remains one of my top pinned images.

Laundry Room :: WorthingCourtBlog.comPin


My dining room received some Fresh, Green, Simple Decorations for spring.

Simple and Easy Spring Decor in the Dining Room :: WorthingCourtBlog.comPin


And my kitchen that I’ve been giving a Farmhouse Facelift to.

Ideas to add farmhouse style to a kitchen without a complete remodel :: WorthingCourtBlog.comPin



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  1. kirby carespodi says:

    Green is my go-to color, Suzy! I think it goes with anything, and is appropriate for any season. In this house, I have touches of lime in the living room, a mossier green in the dining room, a fresh green in the kitchen, and a pale green in the bedroom. The master bath is a neon green, but it got seriously water damaged when the roof leaked, so we’re getting ready to change it out, and it will be a little less neon. LOVE your green!

    1. I love green too, Kirby! I’m sooo drawn to it lately – maybe because of the never ending winter we’ve been having. Hate to hear about the water damage in your bath, but I guess any old excuse will do for re-decorating a room! 😀

  2. Great inspiration pics Suzy and I love the green paint color and accents you have in your home. I added new green chair cushions to our breakfast nook and am loving the pop of color.

    1. Thank you, Lauren. Spring can’t arrive fast enough for me this year!

  3. I love green too and I really enjoy mixing my favorite dried lavender with it, the combination is perfect together. T hanks for all the inspiration.


  4. Shirley@Housepitality Designs says:

    I love green….and love your laundry room!

  5. Great inspiration….love the varying shades of green you showed us. I love green because it always makes purple pop….LOL

    1. Oooh, you’re right Christine – purple looks great with green!

  6. I know that this is a past posting but do you have any resource for the gorgeous blue/white round wall plate with floral center that is shown on your opening picture? I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to get a hold of one! PS: The bible quote in your laundry room (that I think you have redone, right?) is our life verse: Gal.2:20!! Halleluah!