A Shopping Guide To Worthing Court’s Most Asked About Items

The Things That I Get Asked About The Most And Where To Get Them || Worthing Court

I hope y’all know that inspiring you to turn your house into a home is the whole reason that I started this blog way back in 2011.  I try to do it all on the lowest possible budget and I’m a huge fan of reusing and repurposing what you already have!  

I continually get asked about where this item or that item was purchased and I’m more than happy to share.  That’s just one of the many ways that I try to inspire and help you!  So, for this week’s edition of the Best Of Worthing Court, let’s revisit the shopping guide to items that I get asked about the most.  I’ve updated the links to make them current to products that are actually available today.  Just click on the name of the item below each photo to be taken directly to the product.

Some affiliate links have been used.  There is NO additional cost to you.  See my full disclosure policy HERE.

First up is the large metal and wood piece above my fireplace.  It came from Kirklands and is called the Grand Entrance Wooden Plaque.  If the finishes that are available aren’t to your liking, you can repaint the plaque, which is what I did to mine.  I get asked about the wreath a lot too.  It’s a 24″ grapevine wreath that I simply wired three greenery garlands to.  See the before and after of the fireplace makeover HERE.

Fireplace Makeover - Before And After

Kirkland’s Grand Entrance Wooden Plaque || 24″ Grapevine Wreath – Hobby Lobby || Faux Boxwood Greenery Garland – Hobby Lobby (50% off this week!) –  I used a total of three garlands for my wreath.


Many of you are also interested in the budget window treatments that I shared from my family room.  Read how I created them HERE.

Budget friendly window treatments (5)

Blue and White Draperies – Wayfair, multiple lengths and colors available (similar) || Driftwood Bamboo Roman Shades – Home Depot, multiple sizes available 

There are several items that I received lots of questions about in my breakfast area.  See the full reveal HERE.

Rustic Farmhouse Breakfast Area Makeover - Before & After Table – World Market || Light Fixture – Parrot Uncle || Side Chairs – Walmart || Drapery Panels – Walmart (similar, multiple lengths and colors available) || Boxwood Wreath – Target || Pig Head  – Antique Farmhouse || Black & White Dinner Plates  – Dollar Tree || Black & White Mugs – Dollar Tree


Breakfast Area Makeover Reveal - Before & After

Bench – Walmart (similar) || Black and White Houndstooth Pillows – Amazon (similar) || Each Day Printable – Free from Worthing Court

Another item that I get asked about over and over is in my kitchen.  It’s the lidded container at my hot drink bar that I keep all of my drink pods in.  Mine came from my local Michael’s store.  I saw one in the same store the other day, but I don’t think they sell it online.  I’ve recommended a similar one from Amazon to several people, who have purchased it and tell me they’re very happy with it.  See the entire kitchen HERE

Farmhouse Christmas Kitchen

3-Sectioned Wooden Box With Lids – Wayfair (similar)

My laundry room is another room that has a few items in it that I get asked about a lot too.  See the full reveal HERE.

Laundry Room Remodel Reveal

Striped Canisters – Walmart (similar)  || W-A-S-H Letters – Hobby Lobby || Fabric Laundry Basket – Target (similar) || Baskets Above the Cabinets – Target

That pretty much covers what I get asked about the most.  Let me know if you’d like to know about something different.  I hope you found this resource list helpful!

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A convenient resource list for all of the things that I get asked about the most, including links for your convenience!

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  1. Veronica Rodriguez says:

    Love those pillows! I’m a sucker for houndstooth and herringbone patterns.

  2. Your home is lovely. Thanks for all the inspiration and sharing the info.

  3. I’m sorry for asking, since I KNOW you answered elsewhere. I just cannot find it. Where do you get the small boxwood wreaths????

    1. No problem, Lauren! You can purchase one wreath at this link: http://fave.co/2kLItyR OR a set of six wreaths at this link: http://fave.co/2kZcbf2 . Just fyi – the wreath on my lamp is a 6″ one and I used wire snips to remove the ribbon that came on them.

  4. It’s frustrating when you see something you really really like and want for yourself on a website or blog but have no idea where to get it. Thanks for sharing yours, I wish more people would do that.

  5. Thanks. I am most surprised by the dollar tree dishes.

  6. Jen Thompson says:

    Great ideas!!!! It all looks so beautiful and being able to stay on a budget while making my house look like a million bucks is great!

  7. Lovely, but I would love to know your shelfves, the boards what size are they? And the brackets were did you find them ?

    1. Thank you for all the info. You have done a beautiful job decorating.

  8. It just goes to show that decorating can be budget-friendly — it’s all about how it’s put together. Your home is a perfect reflection of that.

  9. Thanks for sharing!! I love the ideas!!

  10. Wow – who knew there are such great finds at all these places. Thanks for sharing. I have looked at your pictures and thought – if only I had the budget. Maybe I do! This is a great page to bookmark.

  11. Redecorating can get costly, so it was refreshing to see how many of your super cute decor items are from inexpensive sources.

  12. thank you for sharing! i get so much great info from you….like the warm gray paint color…
    your home is beautiful.

  13. You are so gracious to share your great finds with us! I LOVE that you are so practical in your shopping and not all about shopping at high end stores that are out of reach for so many of us who love to decorate.

  14. Thanks for all the sharing. I love that all these stores are affordable and places I frequent.

  15. Suzy, thanks so much for providing all of the links to the accessories and furnishings in your home.

  16. Thanks for all the links. So appreciated.

  17. Thanks for the resources. I’m surprised at some of your great finds at common stores! I have got to be more observant when I’m at them!!

  18. Just curious and maybe I missed this (if so I apologize in advance), but where did you get you LANTERN that you have on your dining room table? Love your style and way of decorating, btw!
    Thanks !

    1. Hi Constance. I found the lantern at At Home. I loved it so much that I bought a pair of them! πŸ˜€

  19. Kelley Woerther says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. I love posts like this! Have a wonderful Wednesday.

  20. Thanks for letting us know where you can purchase these lovely things. I love the gate above your mantel. Must get to kirklands.

  21. Love the cleanliness and freshness that your laundry room seems to promote. My laundry room is quite large and is also used for storage but it desperately needs a makeover. Hopefully, one of these days I will get it done! Thanks and God bless.

  22. Patty Soriano says:

    Love the wooden bin you pointed out next to the coffee maker. I hadn’t noticed it before. What a great idea to separate the different coffees for hubby and I!

  23. Carol Elkins says:

    Thank you so much for sharing where we can purchase some of the beautiful things in your home!

  24. Debbie DeMarco says:

    I noticed you don’t have an area rug under your kitchen table, but you do in your dining room. Why did you decide on that? Unbelievable that your curtain are from Walmart!! I’m looking for some for my dining room. I’ll check Walmart. Thanks.

    1. Hi Debbie. I didn’t place a rug under the kitchen table because it would have to be a large enough size that the chairs don’t come off the edge when they’re pulled out and I thought that a rug that large would interfere with the other pieces in there (the bench and the chest). Plus, I felt like it would fill the room up to much. Also, I like the continuity of the hardwood flooring from one side of the room to the other – my kitchen and breakfast room are one long room. I almost didn’t put one in the dining room for the same reasons, but I’m glad that I did. Just fyi – my curtains aren’t from Walmart – they’re from Target, but Target no longer has them. The ones that I linked to at Walmart are similar to what I have. πŸ˜€

  25. Thank you for all the resources Suzy. We also made a set of shelves for our kitchen after seeing yours and following the tutorial. Thanks again!! Can’t believe the dishes came from the dollar store.

  26. Great job! Great info !

  27. Beautiful home. Really like your curtains in laundry room. Did you buy or make them? Simple but so cute!

    1. Hi Sylvia. You may not believe this, but those aren’t curtains. They’re tea towels with the top folded over. I used curtain rings with clips to turn them into curtains. Super easy and super inexpensive!

  28. Thank you! Black and white canisters and pitchers, please? πŸ™‚

    1. Ooops, didn’t see you listed the canisters under the laundry room. πŸ™‚

  29. shirley cordell says:

    You have a beautiful chandelier in your dining room. Is it from World Market, I saw a similar one online

    1. Hi Shirley. You have a good eye! Yes, it’s from World Market and it’s the larger of the two sizes that they offered at the time that I purchased it a couple of years ago.

  30. Pam Ballard says:

    You make me want to run to Hobby Lobby. Its only 5 mins away. Thanks for the inspiration.

  31. Linda Owens says:

    I so admire your lovely home and have wondered where you got the beautiful piece over the fireplace. It is all so beautiful and so “put together”.
    Linda Owens

  32. Mary Chris says:

    it is amazing what a few ideas and a couple of gallons of paint can become. Great job

  33. Thanks for the links! My fav is definitely the Pig Head! I soooo want one!!

  34. Now, I just need to get out of my bed and head over to Hobby Lobby πŸ™‚ Thanks for compiling this great list of beautiful items!

  35. One of the many things I love about Worthing Court is that you are able to incorporate budget friendly items into your beautiful home. Thank you!

  36. What a transformation, I love wood but must admit painting the brick and wood made a world of difference. I thought that you making the wreath from garland was a clever idea. I am guessing you use a wire wreath with pipe cleaners, how many garlands did you use to make it look as full as it does?

    1. Hi Paula. I actually used a grapevine wreath as the base and floral wire to attach the garlands to it. I was afraid that using a wire wreath form would leave the wreath flatter looking that I wanted it. I used 3, 6′ long wreaths to cover it.

  37. Jennifer Cloud says:

    I love your home and your style! Thank you so much for sharing! The dishes from the dollar store were a surprise. I never go in that store but I might have to check it out!

  38. This is a great post! I need all the help I can get! Thanks.

  39. Your home is just so lovely! I love the way everything coordinates so beautifully! Your dining room is amazing! I love the cabinet with the shelves above it. All the accessories are just perfect for the room! Simply stunning!

  40. Suzy, thanks for all your decorating tips! Sometimes I already have the items, just needed that nudge on how to put them together ?

  41. Shirley p Whitley says:

    You just have a good eye for great deals. Your decorating tips always set me in motion.Just keep going!

  42. Heather Linz says:

    I have checked many Michaels but haven’t found that exact unit-I did find something kind of similar at At Home…

  43. Paula Scheib says:

    Love those blinds with draperies. Love all of your decorating ideas!

  44. Dishes with style from Dollar Tree – who would have thought!! Just love the great finds that are inexpensive and available just about everywhere! Thanks for the great ideas!

  45. I am falling in love with all the black and white plus green. I hope to add more to my apt!

  46. Julie Majercak says:

    LOVE it all but especially the fireplace decor!

  47. I love the mantle decor. Would you share where you purchased your fireplace doors please?