How To Have A Simple But Stunning Front Porch For Fall

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First impressions are everything.  Here’s how to decorate a stunning fall front porch without going to a lot of expense or effort.

Front porch decorated for fall Fall front porch #FallDecor #Mums #FallPlanters #PorchDecor Pin
My mantra for the fall decorating in my home is twofold this year.  One is “keep it simple” and the other is “use what you already have”.   I held onto those two guidelines as much as I could when decorating the inside as well as the outside of my home.

Fall front porch decorating ideas #FallDecor #FallPorch #Mums || Worthing CourtPin

I did break down and spend a few dollars to make a new wreath for the door though, because – well…new fall wreath, right?  Click RIGHT HERE to see how super easy it is to make a wreath just like this one.  I am in total love with how it looks on my front door!  It’s so different than anything I’ve ever had before.

DIY fall embroidery hoop wreath #FallDecor #FallWreath #DIY #FallCraft || Worthing CourtPin


Easy diy fall embroidery hoop wreath #FallDecor #FallWreath #FallCraft #DIY || Worthing CourtPin

For those of you who are long time readers, you may notice that the exterior of our home is a different color.  We painted our entire house, brick, siding and doors, in Sherwin Williams Network Gray.  On the brick and siding, the Network Gray is mixed at 85% intensity, but it’s full strength on the doors.  I’ll give a full blown look at the exterior as soon as we get a little farther along with some of the other updates that we want to do.

Take a look at last year’s fall porch by clicking HERE and my porch from the year before by clicking HERE, to see what a difference the painted siding makes!

But, back to this year’s porch.  I had no choice but to purchase mums, but I did keep the cost down by pulling out the summer flowers that were in these baskets and simply placing the potted mums on top of the dirt.  #LazyDecorator  I left the ivy that I planted there for the summer because I like the texture and color, plus it helps to hide the bare underside of the mums.

Easy and simple fall front porch decorations #FallDecor #PorchDecor || Worthing CourtPin

I purchased these large baskets on clearance several months ago and inserted a large pot down inside each one to turn it into a planter.  They originally had a whitewash finish on them, but a few coats of black spray paint gave me the look that I was after.

Fall mums and English ivy in baskets #FallDecor #PorchDecor #Mums || Worthing CourtPin

And finally, to help draw your eye up the steps and to the door, I placed a burgundy mum in an old brown metal pumpkin planter that I spray painted copper.  I’d have my front porch filled with mums of every color if I could!

Front porch decorated for fall Fall front porch #FallDecor #Mums #FallPlanters #PorchDecorPin

Want to see what’s behind that door?  Click HERE to explore my fall foyer decor and get ideas that you can use in your own home.



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  1. Lisa Kissner Cooper says:

    Beautiful! You’ve done it again, Suzy!

  2. What a beautiful change with the new house colors. Love the copper pot. I have gone copper crazy this year. It’s such a fun metallic.

  3. Nancy carroll says:

    Love how the copper pot turned out and how it coordinates with that cute wreath. Perfect for fall!!!

  4. Jan Fusco says:

    Lovely. I love to decorate for fall.

  5. Mary Johnston says:

    I love the textured outside of the copper pot your painted, You can never have too many MUMS. they speak fall to me too.
    Love the wreath, is it on an embroidery hoop? I love the idea, I might even have one/
    thanks so much for the new inspiration!

    1. You have a sharp eye, Mary. 😀 Yes, that’s an embroidery hoop. I’ll be sharing the tutorial next week!

  6. Your front porch looks great. Love the new wreath.

  7. Beautiful front porch! Your wreath is very pretty! I bought the same Welcome to our Home sign and hung it over my stove using a clear 3-M hook. Fun to see it used in different ways.

  8. Anne Marie says:

    Such an inviting entry – well done!

  9. Not just simple – simply stunning!

  10. Norma Rolader says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I am the same way about mums if I could I would have every color! The wreath is great not overpowering the door but elegant Thank you and God bless

  11. Love the new wreath, the new color of the house and of course always love mums! Can’t wait for the tutorial on the wreath.

  12. Susan Cecere says:

    Your front porch is so lovely. I would love to pur chase some pots of mums, S they look so pretty.
    Here in Northwest NJ it is warm, the mums don’ t seem to last no more than a week to 10 dsys.
    It is not just me but a lot of l the homes I pass.
    I don’t know what to do to keep them lasting longer?

  13. I love your front door wreath! I am a quilter, but have not used my quilting hoops in years. I’m thinking it may be time to repurpose at least one into a wreath! I had to laugh about your use of spray paint to get the colors and finishes you want. I consider spray paint one of my best tools in my decorating arsenal. It is such an easy way to turn something not so pretty, or not quite right, into something that is stunning. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Your porch looks great! I love that’s is not cluttered. I love the mums, but will have to wait a few weeks here in Florida to put them out.

  15. I love the mums and your new wreath! The copper pot looks great too!!

  16. I love the front porch lights… been looking for new ones for our front porch…can you share the source…Love Love Love the wreath!!! Thanks

  17. I love everything you do.I guess that means “I just love you too”!.
    I save your emails till last for my inspiration for the week.It just makes me happy?
    to know I can see your home and ideas. What I am trying to say is thanks for making my life and
    home so much better??.
    Love you girlfriend.
    Sharon R. In NC

  18. Love how you used the embroidery hoop for the wreath! I’m excited to see the tutorial!!! Your porch is beautiful.

  19. It looks quite lovely! 🙂 Like the new house colors!