How To Keep Your Fireplace Decor Simple For The Summer

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I will show you how to keep your fireplace decor fresh, simple and organic for the summer!

When decorating my family room for the summer months, I was on a mission to keep the fireplace decor simple.  Hopefully,  I’ve managed to pull that off by using a few simple, natural and organic elements.

How To Keep Your Fireplace Decor Simple For The Summer || Worthing Court poster.Pin

With the arrival of summer and the temperature and humidity on the rise, I wanted the decor inside my home to stay on the simple organic side.  The feeling I wanted in my home was for it to feel light, fresh and welcoming, so no heavy or bulky decorations for me this time of year.

Farmhouse style painted brick fireplace decorated with simple and organic elements for the summer || Worthing CourtPin

I added a small amount of blue and green, to tie in with the summer decor in my dining room and breakfast nook, but I mainly focused on natural organic elements for my summer fireplace.

A fireplace mantel with a basket filled with daisies hanging above.Pin

A hanging basket, overflowing with daisies, is a sure sign that summer has arrived at Worthing Court!  A crockery vase is filled with unexpected spindles, instead of stick filler of some kind.  A flat basket filled with draping greenery vine and a grapewood branch dressed with wooden beads and jute tassels fills out the rest of the mantel.

The mantel with a piece of driftwood on top flanked by a basket and a pitcher.Pin

Down on the hearth, I’ve continued the simple and organic theme by using a woven basket to contain a large fern and my spikey wood orb.  A tiny wall basket, attached to the brick with a removable hook helps to fill a spot that looked a little too empty.

There is a grey armchair with pillows beside the fireplace.Pin

This is just a little peek at one side of my summer family room.  I hope you’ll come back on Monday for the full summer tour of my home!

A potted plant in a basket is beside the fireplace.Pin

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  1. Love the pitcher on the mantle with the (?) spindles!

  2. Really loving your simple but elegant mantles. So peaceful and inspiring!

  3. Love the touches of blue. That pitcher with the spindles is gorgeous!

  4. I will be waiting for the full tour. Love your home. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy this super Saturday.

  5. Love the crockery vase and the touches of blue. Your mantle looks ready for summer.

  6. Jacki Salinas says:

    Looks great! I like the three pictures by the cabinet, behind the gray chair – don’t recall seeing those before.

  7. So lovely and relaxing! Can’t wait to see the full tour.

  8. Carol Elkins says:

    I love the basket of daises over your fireplace. Perfect!

  9. Clean, crisp, and welcoming! I love it!

  10. nancy dempsey says:

    So sweet and simple. I love the daisies!

  11. I love the spindles and the blue pitcher!

  12. Minnie mccoy says:

    Simple is something I have never been able to do…for anything. I drive ME crazy!

  13. So pretty! I wish I had a fireplace.

  14. Simple and oh so pretty!!

  15. Julie Briones says:

    LOVE! Did you make the beaded string/garland? Where did you get the beads? I *need* to make one. 😉

    Love the basket ‘wreath’ with the daisies. I just picked up a summery straw purse at a yard sale on Saturday… $1! I’m gonna fill it with flowers and put it on my door. 🙂

    1. Hi Julie. No, I didn’t make the beaded garland. I just walked into Target a couple of weeks ago and there it was! It was in a display with several of their new items for spring/summer. Love your idea for the door basket!

  16. The moment I saw the basket with daisies, I knew my fireplace décor needed the same thing! We usually have an antique mirror over the mantle, but the basket is so light and fresh…going to add this tomorrow! Thanks!

  17. So beautiful!! I love the ideas you shared. Could you tell me where you found the large wood and metal piece on your mantel?

  18. So simple and so elegant! I really like this a lot. It’s just beautiful!

  19. What a beautiful home! Love the fireplace, so pretty. Sharing on FB. Thank you for sharing on Merry Monday! Have a great week!

  20. Wow! I’m loving every element of this mantel and your living room! The touches of blue and wood are perfect and very inspiring. Simple and beautiful and an amazing share for the #HomeMattersParty