5 Unexpected Spring Centerpiece Ideas That Will Last All Season

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Is everyone as excited for spring as I am? Here I will share my enthusiasm with 5 beautiful spring centerpiece ideas!

Raise your hand if your favorite way to create a spring centerpiece is to flank a floral arrangement with a couple of candlesticks and call it done.  In case you can’t see, I’m standing over here furiously waving both of my hands in the air!  I get it – it’s simple and easy and with the improved look of faux florals, there’s no need to feel like you even have to use real cut flowers.

Unique Centerpieces

Now, there’s nothing in the world wrong with that, but I’m here to encourage you to try something a little different, a little unique.  Stretch those creative muscles in your mind and do the unexpected.  Raid your stash and pull out things you would never ever think belong in a centerpiece.  That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use flowers in your spring centerpiece.  What it does mean is that I hope you’ll try adding something unexpected along with the beautiful flowers.  Let’s take a look at a few ideas that you can copy.

Takeaway Ideas

This spring centerpiece certainly contains flowers, but oh, there’s so much more and what a grand statement it makes on my dining room table!  Take a look around – a wide mouth vase filled to overflowing with faux spring tulips, stacks of dishes and bowls, birds and bird nests and there’s even a rooster sporting a boxwood wreath around its neck.  When combining so many items into one pretty centerpiece, it’s a good idea to corral them all onto a tray or table runner to keep the gathering from looking like just a bunch of stuff sitting on your table.  😀

Spring centerpiece with tulips, bird nests and white dishes #centerpiece #spring #springdecorPin


White tulips, a mug with spoons and a small topiary.Pin

This spring centerpiece in my dining room has a simple green and white theme.  Yes, there are candlesticks, but look ma – no candles.  Instead of topping my candlesticks with what you expect to see there, I did the unexpected and topped them with faux potted plants.  A lidded urn (that is really meant for a bathroom), a white pineapple and a ceramic artichoke complete the centerpiece.  So easy and so different!

Simple green and white spring centerpiece #springdecor #spring #centerpiece #diningroomPin

Here’s another green and white themed spring centerpiece.  And yes, it has the typical candlesticks flanked by a floral/greenery centerpiece.  So, what’s unexpected about it then?  In my book, it’s the size of the candlesticks.  They are much chunkier than the daintier candlesticks that are often paired with a vase of flowers and that’s something that you don’t normally see.

Simple green and white spring centerpiece #springdecor #centerpiece #greenandwhitePin Here’s one that’s totally outside of the box – a large dough bowl filled with all things springy and not a candlestick in sight!  Notice that I have it placed on a piece of burlap to help give it a grounded look.  Not sure how to layer and fill a large doughbowl or basket?  Click HERE for my step-by-step directions.

Dough bowl spring centerpiece layered with texture and hydrangeas #springdecor #centerpiece #doughbowl #hydrangeasPin


Dough bowl spring centerpiece layered with texture and hydrangeas #springdecor #centerpiece #doughbowl #hydrangeasPin

And finally, here’s one last spring centerpiece that contains a bit of the unexpected.  Once again, I have everything corralled on a tray since there are so many different parts.  And yes there are the obligatory flowers present, but there’s also a mini terrarium filled with grass and wooden eggs, a mossy urn, birdhouses and more – lots of things you wouldn’t normally expect to see in a centerpiece.

Layering is for horizontal spots too. Put a tray under any grouping to give it importance. #springdecor #centerpiecePin


Spring centerpiece #springdecor #farmhouse #centerpiecePin

I hope these outside-of-the-box centerpieces have sparked your creative juices when it comes to freshening up your home this spring!


Unexpected Spring Centerpiece Ideas That Will Last All SeasonPin


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  1. I love all your tips and ideas! I’m on the hunt right now for an affordable dough bowl that I like. I really want something that looks like it came from by the sea since that’s my style. I also saw in your photo that you ha d a small lantern. I saw something similar in Home Goods and I think I have to go and get it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think we should call these “cen-gnettes!” Or should it be “vign-pieces?”
    Either way they are inspiring and beautiful!

  3. All of your centerpieces are amazing! You have a true talent for creating centerpieces. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. My favorite is the huge bunch of tulips along with the greenery’s in the galvanized tray! It just says spring to me!

  5. Great ideas and hard to choose a favorite! Thanks!

  6. Wow! I love all of your vignettes. Great inspiration!

  7. You always make/have the best centerpieces/vignettes! Love them all!!!

  8. Juliana Murphy says:

    I love your inspirations. Thank you so much.

  9. Sinden Harum says:

    Beautiful! Where do you get your tulips?

    1. The came from At Home. 😀

  10. Suzy,
    I love all your seasonal ideas! You inspire me, pick me up, and motivate me!

  11. Herbert M. Rolader says:

    Oh my such beautiful spring center displays

  12. Pretty, pretty, pretty—every one! I love that little bird sitting on the napkins in the top vignette. All of the centerpieces are creative and fun to look at.

    Thanks for the fresh new ideas! (I wonder if I have a bird like that somewhere in my house?)