Using Spring Flowers To Create Centerpieces and Vignettes

I will show you how to use pretty spring flowers to create centerpieces and vignettes.

Spring flowers represent the end of a long and dreary winter weather!

Even if it’s a bit early to be finding these blooms in your garden, many of them are readily available in grocery stores and garden centers making it easy for you to add bright spring cheer to your home right now.

A roundup of vignettes and centerpieces using spring flowers.Pin

Don’t hide your lovely teacups in the cabinet.  Pull them out and fill them with beautiful tulips!  If you don’t already have any pretty teacups, check local thrift stores.

Use a grouping of teacups for to display spring flowers.Pin

Slim Paley

Wrap tin cans or containers from the dollar store with pretty wrapping paper and fill with bright spring flowers.  Group them together for high impact!

Wrap tin cans or containers from the dollar store with colorful wrapping paper and fill with spring flowers. Group them together for high impact!Pin

Hostess With The Mostess

Make a lovely neutral display with white tulips displayed in a white fluted bowl with twigs, a bird’s nest and bits of reindeer moss added.

A white fluted bowl filled with spring flowers, twigs, a bird nest and bits of reindeer moss makes a lovely neutral centerpiece.Pin


A wooden serving tray makes a great container for corralling mini clay pots filled with individual tulips and bits of deer moss.  Add a few dyed eggs and this will carry you straight through to Easter.

Spring flowers look great in mini clay pots that are gathered together in a wooden tray with bits of reindeer moss tucked into each pot.Pin

 Good Housekeeping

Place mini clay pots filled with yellow daffodils and bits of grass on a tiered cupcake stand.  This is another idea where you can replace some of the flowers with dyed eggs to turn it into an Easter vignette.

Mini pots displayed on a tiered cupcake stand are a great way to display spring flowers.Pin

Good Housekeeping

Flowering branches qualify as spring flowers too!

Group several glass jars filled with crabapple blossoms together for a pretty vignette.

Blooming crabapple branches qualify as spring flowers too. Fill a grouping of jars with flowering branches to create a pretty spring vignette.Pin

 Midwest Living

The simplicity of a single glass vase filled with faux cherry tree blossoms is beautiful and serene in a room.

A single glass vase filled with cherry tree blossoms makes a lovely display of spring flowers.Pin

Veronika’s Blushing

What better way to complete this roundup than with an urn filled with a stunning display of a variety of spring flowers, greenery and birdhouses!

A stunning urn filled with a variety of spring flowers, greenery and birdhouses.Pin

Serendipity Refined

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  1. Kirby Carespodi says:

    These are some great choices, Suzy. Love those flowerpots!

  2. I love the teacups. It is such a sweet idea. There are so many mismatched but beautiful teacups that it makes a good decoration. Great ideas put together in one spot. Thank you Suzy

  3. Hi Suzy,
    WOW, what beautiful ideas. My favorite is the urn filled with flowers, greenery, and birdhouses… elegant!!!
    Thanks for sharing, it got me in a Spring – decorating mood! 😉 ~Liz

  4. Hi Suzy,
    I HAVE to have flowers in my home and I try to keep at least one bouquet whenever possible. Right now I have some daffodils and they are happy, sunny little faces to me!! Love flowers and you posted some great examples, especially the blue and white tea cups with purple tulips. I pinned away!
    Happy Friday,

  5. I bought a bouquet of flowers this week at the grocery store. And I was very tempted by some tulips in glass on sale for $4 at Food Lion. But I figured they wouldn’t last long.

    I love all the inspiration you found, and I love spring blooms. Isn’t it about time for the camellias to start blooming here?

  6. Beautiful flowers and ideas! Those little pots with the eggs and tulips in them at too cute! The one from Serendipity Refined is gorgeous! I’m in the spring mood- it’s just old man winter that isn’t!

  7. Oh Suzy now you have me all excited for spring. These are beautiful thank you so much!

  8. Beautiful ideas….I WISH my local stores sold those gorgeous purple tulips…I started having weekly begging sessions with them to “upgrade” their flower selections….LOL