Summer 2013 Showcase of Homes: It’s My Turn!

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Have you been enjoying all of the gorgeous homes on the
2013 Summer Showcase of Homes?
Oh my goodness, it reminds me of my House Snoopers series that takes place here every Friday.  Except it’s twenty-six homes all in one week instead of just one!
I’m honored to be included in this incredible group of bloggers who are showcasing their homes.
Settle back ’cause this is the a picture heavy tour!
We moved into our home seven years ago.  I love our neighborhood – great neighbors, lots of kiddos playing outside and a really convenient location.

It’s two stories tall with a full basement, so there’s lots of room to spread out in.  We’re empty nesters, but I take care of two of my granddaughters during the day so we actually wind up using nearly every square inch of the house.

As you tour my home, you’ll quickly see that I love color, pattern, texture and different styles all combined together.
In my foyer I’ve mixed a combination of the traditional furnishings that I already own with a few vintage pieces and a few new pieces.  It gives me an eclectic look that I love.
You can see that my dining room is located just off of the foyer.  I applied my same method of mixing existing furnishings with vintage and new accessories.
Part of the process was transforming my boring brown chandelier with paint and replacing the traditional shades with fun round bulbs.  dining room update (23)Pin
A popular project that I completed for my gallery wall was making my own convex mirrors.  They’re pretty pricey to purchase ready-made, but my version is easy and cheap and you can make them any color that you want.
The dining room is one of my fave places to decorate for the different seasons and holidays.  I recently put together a vintage Americana vignette for July 4th, but one of my favorites seasonal decorations was the centerpiece that I put together this past Easter.
The living room is located on the opposite side of the foyer and I would say is the least used room in the whole house.  We just aren’t living room people, y’all.
The living room is another space where I put my existing+vintage+new formula to work.  There were several projects in this room.  I made several pillows in a mix of patterns to try to distract the eye from my less-than-desirable-and-dated furniture.
I revamped the bookcases by stenciling foam core for the back and getting rid of a lot of the heavy look.
To lighten and freshen up my powder room, I painted the dark vanity, changed out the artwork and replaced the drapery window treatment with an upholstered cornice that I made.
This bright and happy fabric was my inspiration for the entire color palette in this room.  I operate a custom drapery workroom out of my basement, so it’s only natural that my decorating process usually starts with fabric of some kind.
The most hardworking space in our home is the family room and kitchen.
These two rooms are open to one another and function perfectly for us.
I recently did a makeover on our entertainment center and am so happy with the lighter and more colorful look.
All of my colors carry into the kitchen, where a generous amount of counter space makes it an easy space to work in. I will say though, that I do get tired of walking around the island all of the time.  I kind of have a love/hate relationship with it.  🙂
My laundry room is yet another colorful space and is located right off of the kitchen.  Boy, do I wish this was located upstairs where all of the bedrooms are!
I get lots of questions about our laundry room sink.
The last room on the main floor is the office – the room that is screaming for a do-over.  Hopefully, I’ll get to that sometime in 2014, but here’s how it looks for now.
We’ve already switched out the original massive desk, but you’ll get a better feel for the room.
All of the bedrooms in our house are located upstairs.  There are four bedrooms and three bathrooms.
Remember I mentioned that I keep my granddaughters during the day?
I took one of the bedrooms and turned it into a playroom for them.
It’s rarely this straightened up.  Even as I’m writing this, you can hardly find an open bit of carpet on the floor to step on.
It’s a fun, bright and cheery space that was inspired by yet another fabric that I fell in love with.  There are several diy projects in here.
Our master bedroom was the very first project that I used to kick off Worthing Court a little over two years ago.
One of the first rooms to come together after we moved in was this guest room.  It was quick and easy because I used bedding, lamps, art and accessories that I already had.  All I had to do was paint!
I’m right smack in the middle of updating the last bedroom.  I’ve completed the bedding and draperies.  I’ve added some artwork and even found the perfect nightstand after soliciting advice from all of you.
I have a couple of more projects to do before the final reveal.
When we bought our house, the basement wasn’t finished.  Pookie (that would be my hubby) spent weeks and weeks turning it into a finished space.  I think he did an awesome job and I’m so proud of him!
I have my drapery workroom down there in a partially finished space.  It’s a space that was put together exclusively for me!  It isn’t meant to be pretty, but it’s one of my favorite places to spend time in.  Maybe those of you who are seamstresses or crafters can relate.
Other than my workroom, the rest of the basement contains a kitchenette, a pool table room, a workout room, a full bathroom and a media/family room.
Once the basement was fully finished, it kind of became a dumping ground for all of the leftover furniture and other stuff.  You know how that goes.
Well…I got tired of that and decided to start working on the rooms one at a time.
I started in the media/family room and love how it is turning out.
I’m going for a rustic/vintage/industrial vibe.  It’s sooo much better than it was.  I have one more side of the room to complete and then I’ll be doing the full reveal.
So far, there have been quite a few diy projects.  Like, how to make new wood look like old barnwood, repurposing a vintage mantle, turning a wicker cloche into a lamp and repurposing bifold doors/shutters.
The rest of the basement is far from photo-worthy, so I won’t bore you with any of that.
We also have a teensy-tiny home away from home condo on one of the beaches here in North Carolina.
It gives me yet one more place to play and try to satisfy my insane inability to settle on just one look.  😉
I really enjoyed sharing my home with you.  Thank you for coming by!

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  1. You home is wonderful, I love all of your color and wow, I am so impressed with your workroom downstairs. That is a sewers dream. I can tell from all of your window treatments that you do exquisite work. Hugs, Marty

  2. Suzy, I enjoyed seeing your home in its entirety today. It is so warm and welcoming and filled with beautiful colors! I had forgotten about that playroom that you created but it is simply amazing. I’m going to steal your idea about stenciling foam board to solve a little problem in our media cabinet. It’s time to hide the wires!

  3. Anonymous says:

    i have been following your blog for a while but since i read a few, i have a hard time seeing what goes with who! this was so nice to see all of “you” at one time in one space. NOW i have a true picture of you and your home. how did i miss that you watch your two littles during the day? or that you operate a professional drapery center? (which i am lusting over being a seamstress) your home is gorgeous!!! i never realized the media area was in the baesment…thought it was the family room so you’ve done a super job with it. suzi

  4. What a home!!!! Suzy, you home is the epitome of warmth and southern charm. I have always wanted my home to look “done”. Your’s does and that is the highest compliment I can give. Every room is perfection… and you have a BIG house!!! What a joy to visit your home! Now it’s time to meet you! See you in one week!!!

  5. Laura @ Top This Top That says:

    It’s all fabulous!! Everything! Love that green that you’ve got going on in your laundry room and that sweet playroom!! I had no idea that you had such an extensive workroom. you are quite the talented seamstress.

  6. Oh Susie…now I am so excited about coming to stay with you next week. I can’t wait to see your stunning home in person, because it is a knock-out in these pictures. You are absolutely incredibly talented when it comes to putting together fabrics and creating masterpieces from them. That is something that sets your home apart. I love all the spaces, but I think I am in love with the play room because that is something that I am working towards for my own babies. So many ideas in that one space. Thanks for opening up your home to us. I can’t wait to see you next week. Luv ya’! xxoo

  7. Your home is beautiful! Loved this tour so much.

  8. Your home tour is fabulous! I love your choices of color! What a marvelous playroom and workroom- fun places! Thank you for sharing your warm and inviting home your with us!

  9. Penny @ The Comforts of Home/From Harvest To Table says:

    I love all of the colors in your home. Warm and welcoming. Thank you for sharing your home today!

  10. Kelly Rinzema says:

    Beautiful home Suzy! I love all the warm colors, so inviting and cozy feeling 🙂

  11. Christy Our Southern Home says:

    I love, love, love your home! You had me at green….my favorite color! You are so creative. I am a bit jealous of your sewing skills. Looking forward to finally meeting next week at Haven! ~Christy

  12. Angela Ryder says:

    Your home is beautiful, Suzy! I love all the use of color and I absolutely love your laundry room color!! What a wonderful workroom space. I can see why you love it so much! Finally, we have the same kitchen table, chairs and bar stools! I love the fabric you have on yours…..I think it’s time for a change on mine! Again, a beautiful home and tour! Thank you!~~Angela

  13. I always love seeing your home Suzy. That workspace of yours is amazing. It must be so wonderful to be able to sew and have the talent that you have. I can’t sew a thing. I always love seeing that cornice that you made in the powder room.


  14. Peggy Thal says:

    Thanks for the tour of your beautiful home. Love your colors.

  15. Suzy, I have to say I was smiling all the way throughout your tour! You use of bright colors makes your home a warm and happy place, I can tell you have put a great deal of thought into the whole process of decorating and I felt I got to know you a little better by being in your home,(virtually) You do an amazing job styling all of your bookshelves in your rooms. Very impressed!! Such a fun day being in the tour with you today!!
    xo Kathysue

  16. Marty Walden says:

    Your home is stunning, Suzy! I love the colors everywhere and the way you mix and match accessories. Your space is enormous but it still feels like home. Totally envious of all the space you have! Next time I visit I’m taking the whole tour, clean or not! You did a standout job on this post. Kudos!

  17. Debra @ Homespun says:

    I like your use of color and found it very interesting. I rarely buy decorating magazines any more or any magazine for that matter, due to the high cost of them, but I was looking over the few that I got in the last months and realized all of them were due to looking at rooms / homes using alot of color, one being green, in shades such as yours. I was not going to run out and paint but keep thinking about it…change the window trim paint? Make colorful curtains? Make a bunch of pillows ? All of the home tours thus far are lovely but yours is the first one that had the look that I found myself attracted to in the magazines.

    And my grandkids are here alot…so I KNEW that lovely playroom wasn’t always that straightened up! 🙂 Wonderful room, though! 🙂 It seems that by the time I get everything back to normal here they are again ! 🙂

  18. Delores Arabian says:

    I love your beautiful, colorful home Suzy! It looks like we share a love of bright cheerful color, especial apple green!
    Thank you for the tour! I enjoyed every inch of your lovely home! ~Delores

  19. Desires of the Heart says:

    I love all the greens, my favorite color and the way you have combined the different colors in the rooms is so pleasing to the eye! The playroom is so very cute for your grands and I’m sure they just love it. Love the foamcore in the back of the bookcases and your diningroom is sooo lovely and inviting!! Your workroom looks wonderful and so much good table space to spread out…what a treasure and I can see why it is a favorite place. Thanks for the beautiful tour, love it all! Blessings, Linda