Tour of My Daughter’s New House – Part II

Hey!  Hey!  Hey!  I sure do hope all of you are having a fantabulous week!  I can’t believe it’s Thursday already!
On Tuesday, I showed you the living areas of Ms. JB’s new house.
We’ll tour the rest of the house and a little bit of the outside today.
As a refresher, here’s the basic, very roughly drawn floorplan.
Miss M’s room is the most “done” of the three bedrooms.

All of the furniture from Miss M’s room in their previous house has been passed down to her little sister, Miss K.  The furniture that is in Miss M’s room now used to be mine when I was a teen.  Let me tell how much that just blows my mind!

Miss M is the second granddaughter to use it.  My sweet Miss N, whom you
haven’t met yet, used it for a number of years.  It’s very well made French Provencal style furniture and was originally a soft green color.

All you have to do is take a look at what’s standing in the corner to know that this room belongs to a pre-preteen young lady!  Aaah, Justin – you heartthrob you.  😉
There is a headboard, but it’s hidden behind the pillows.  Ms. JB is thinking about doing a large stick-on monogram above the bed.
The chandelier is one of those very basic brass chandeliers that was purchased at a thrift store and then painted to go with everything else in the room.
Mr. J, who is Ms. JB’s beau, did an awesome job of painting all of the furniture.  It turned out great!  The desk was originally the changing table that I used for Ms. JB when she was a baby.  Wasn’t it just yesterday that she was a wee little thing???
Ms. JB and Miss M are still trying to decide how to paint the room.  They’re considering a light shade of blue or all white with a few damask’ish stencils scattered around or all white walls with a blue and white striped ceiling.  Any of you have any suggestions?

The pinboard is made from a mirror that I picked up at Goodwill a couple of years ago.  It was one of those things that you run across and buy without really knowing where you’ll use it.

It was originally white.  Ms. JB simply removed the mirror, painted the frame a glossy black, purchased an inexpensive cork pinboard, cut it to fit in the frame and covered it with a cute fabric.

You can tell that Miss K’s room was a nursery once upon a time.  She is only 3 years old, so she’s quite enthralled with the Winnie the Pooh mural.  It’s actually very well done so it will be a shame to paint over it one day.
It worked out well that the colors in all of the hand-me-downs from her sister’s previous room work well with all of the colors in the mural.
The mural completely surrounds the entire room.  My pictures just don’t do it justice.
Ms. JB’s room is the least “done” of the bedrooms, but has actually seen the most work.
Remember the post that I dedicated to her on “How to Make the Most Out of Your Small Closet”? Well, the master bedroom only had one, tiny closet that couldn’t begin to hold all of the clothes, shoes and everything else that needs to go in a closet.  I was a bad blogger and forgot to take a picture of it, but it is located directly to the left of where I was standing when I took the above picture.
Now there’s a new closet with mirrored doors and new built in cabinetry.  Mr. J built it and did a superb job of making it look like it’s always been there.  It won’t get painted until the paint color for the entire room is decided upon.  The room isn’t large at all, but giving up the few feet of floor space was so worth the added closet space.  And of course the mirrored doors give the illusion of more space.

The dresser was a part of Ms. JB’s teenage bedroom furniture and will be replaced one day.  Are any of you old enough to remember pickled pine?  Oh, how I loved that stuff once upon at time!

The only piece of furniture that will remain in here is the upholstered headboard that was purchased at Tuesday Morning.  It’s very affordable and appears to be of very good quality.

She’ll be tweaking it, but I really love the way Ms. JB has accessorized the top of the new cabinetry.  It’s filled with new items, vintage, heirloom treasures and thrifted finds.
I forgot to take my wide angle lens with me the day that I took these pictures, so I wasn’t able to get any pics of the master bathroom.
But I did get some pics of the cute hall bath.


The vanity and mirror will eventually be replaced or painted.
A friend of Ms. JB’s made these cute printouts which were placed in painted frames.  I think they are just adorable and I love the gray and yellow mixed together.
Well, that pretty much completes the tour of the inside of the house.
Before you go though, I want to give you a peek of the spacious backyard.  There are lots of plans for this space!
Mr. J was thrilled with this garage!
It may look like just a normal two car garage, but there is a large workshop in the back with steps leading up to a storage area on the upper level.
I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my sweet Ms. JB’s house.  It pleases this mama’s heart no end that she is seeking my help pulling everything together.  I’m having more fun with her than I can say and look forward to sharing things with you as time goes by!

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  1. I vote for a light grey for Miss M’s walls, just enough to contrast with the white trim & furniture. That newly painted vintage furniture would just be lost against white walls. It needs some color behind it to make it stand out. Grey is neutral but looks great with white & basically any other color she may want down the road. This friend has another surprise for Miss JB that I found at Goodwill last week, I just have to get it painted. Shhhh! 🙂

  2. carolyn marshall says:

    Your daughter’s home is absolutely adorable!!

    {my simple messterpiece}

  3. Shirley@Housepitality Designs says:

    Suzy….she has done such a wonderful job on her home…it is gorgeous…and I am sure that “mom” was there to help her along the way!!!

  4. I love your daughter’s new home! That is one cool backyard and garage, too. The grandgirls’ rooms are so adorable. xo

  5. Maria Elena says:

    I just love your daughter’s new home! The girls rooms are gorgeous! The blue chandelier just stole my heart! Lol. Very very pretty!

  6. I love this house. It has so much quality to it. The girl’s rooms are adorable and I love what they have done in the master. Miss M’s room is looking very sophisticated. I vote for white walls and blue and striped ceiling. Love the chandy. Miss K’s room is every toddler’s dream. To have Pooh and Tigger tuck you in at night is so cool.
    Enjoy yourselves and keep us posted.
    Love ya girl, Ginger

  7. Sonya Sosa says:

    What a fun room. Looks great! visiting from the Meet Me Monday Linky Party. Looking forward to seeing the rest:)

  8. Thank you for that house tour, all I need is a glass of wine and sit back to take it all in! I really like your teenagers room, I bet she makes an effort to keep it clean when its looking as good as that. That cardboard cutout did scare me though – wonder if she practises her kisses on him – hang on I dont think you want to know that!

  9. Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes says:

    Your daughter’s home is lovely. Thanks for showing this cute bedroom at Your Cozy Home Party.

  10. cheapcraftymama says:

    Wow that looks fabulous! I especially love the kids rooms! I would love for you to share this (and any other creations) at Pin It and Win It Wednesday @!

  11. Tammy Partin Spangler says:

    Beautiful home! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Nancy | The Turner Five says:

    What a beautiful home. I love the black and turquoise blue bedroom. The chandelier is awesome!! New follower from The Turner Five.

  13. Such fun to see the rest of the house, too! Thanks for sharing the tour.

    LOVE that back yard–what a great space!

  14. Armandina Skerl says:

    Your daughter got herself a wonderful house! I especially like Miss K’s room! It’s blue and white color interior is very soothing and relaxing. Do something with the outdoor space like setting up a little garden or something like that. It’ll surely add appeal to the overall look of your property.

    -Armandina Skerl

  15. Erick Bush says:

    Well, as a mother, isn’t it great that your daughter is living happily in such a beautiful home? It’s gorgeous indeed! I love the mural. My daughter would love to have the same room for sure. It’s very vibrant and colorful!

  16. Drew Andrews says:

    Well, with the spacious yard you have, there are indeed a lot of things you can do with it! That sounds really exciting to me! 😉 The last time we purchased a house, my wife and I really made sure to get one that has a large backyard. We wanted that because our family loves organizing parties. We just love spending time with our families and close friends. When you have a spacious area like this one, you can definitely party all night long! 😀