Worthing Court Christmas Home Tour

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Come see my Christmas home tour for some holiday inspiration that won’t break the bank!

The first word that came to mind when I started thinking about decorating my home for Christmas was “Simplify’.  The other four words were ‘Don’t spend a lot’.   😀

Almost all of the Christmas decorations in my home this year were put together using holiday items that I already had.  I changed things up a bit to give it all a different look – some slightly different and some drastically different from last year.

My front porch is one of the places that looks drastically different.  This year, I opted to use more natural elements.  I still love all the glitter, but you won’t find any on my porch this year.

 Christmas front porch decorations with a wreath on the door.

 I brought back my sled and ice skates from last year’s winter porch, but added a lighted wreath (picked up on clearance after Christmas last year) and added a burlap bow to it.  Simple.

Christmas wreath attached to a vintage sled with a ribbon made from upholstery strapping attached.

The basket from my fall home tour remained on the front door.  I filled it with cotton stems and greenery for Christmas.  I brought my olive bucket from the hearth out to the porch and added a pretty little shrub and some lights to it.

 Door basket filled with cotton stems and greenery and an olive bucket filled with a pretty shrub and some lights for Christmas.

 The other end of the porch is a real bear to photograph.  Not only is it long and narrow, but the railing makes it pretty impossible to photograph from the front.

Two wrought iron chairs with green pillows and a tartan blanket. There are small wreaths on the outdoor windows.

 And wouldn’t you know, that I didn’t notice the crooked ribbon on the pillow until it was too late.  Oops.

Up close look at the porch decorations.

I’m kind of in love with the vignette on the table between the chairs.

There is holly and a wire basket filled with holiday items.

 I’m also kind of in love with the $1 spot in Target where I found the cutey-patootey burlap snowflake pillow.

A brown and white snowflake pillow on the chair.

The decorations in my foyer are very simple.  Even though there isn’t any glitter on the front porch, I knew there would be in other areas of the house so I started introducing a bit of it by mixing rustic and refined elements in my dough bowl and in one of the zinc planters from my fall mantel.

A wooden chest of drawers with holiday items on top.

 Christmas vignette - rustic and refined mixed together.

 The dining room is located right off of the my foyer and this is where I pulled together elements that I already had to create a Pottery Barn inspired centerpiece.  More simplicity.

Christmas centerpiece with mini flocked Christmas trees and evergreen and lights.

Mini flocked trees, rustic metal deer, vintage snowball candles, mini candles and candles in tin buckets are intermingled among a pine garland that I snaked along the table.

Lit candles on the table.

Lit candles beside the Christmas centerpiece.

A small wooden reindeer in the centerpiece.

The nativity scene is located on the sideboard again this year, but I changed it up a bit by adding a rustic garland and wreath with some glittered pinecones and snowflakes to the mirror.

Nativity scene and Christmas decorations on the sideboard.

A large mirror with a nativity scene underneath it.

  Here’s where my Christmas decorations develop a split personality.  Kind of like me.   😉

The front of my house is a little bit of natural, a little bit of rustic and a little bit of glitter all mixed together.  But I like to keep things more on the fun side in the back of the house where my family room and kitchen are located.

Christmas tree and mantel with stockings hanging from the fireplace.

 Nothing pleases me more than to see the twinkle in the eyes of my grands as they take in the sparkly and fun Christmas tree.  I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

A fireplace mantel decorated for the holidays.

I guess Princess Zoey was ashamed that we don’t have any gifts under the tree yet, so she left one of her squeaky toys for us to play with.

A large Christmas tree in the corner of the living room.

 The snowman head is actually meant to be a tree topper, but I think he’s perfect on the mantel with some puffy faux snow tucked into the lighted garland.

There is a cute snowman on the mantel.

 The island in my kitchen contains a kitchen tree that I started collecting ornaments for last year.  I changed it up a bit from last year by placing it on a wicker tray and by wrapping the base with a Christmas napkin.

 Kitchen Christmas tree.

 My reproduction vintage toolbox got all Christmasfied with the addition of a favorite plate and Christmas cookbook.

 Christmas vignette in my kitchen with a wooden toolbox, cooking Santa and a chalkboard.

 And lastly is a fun Christmas tablescape on my breakfast table.

 Christmas breakfast tablescape.

 The red HoHoHo burlap that I ran across works perfectly with all of the Christmas dishes that I’ve collected over time.  I wish I had bought more of it!

Red and green table setting.

 The snowmen usually reside on the windowsill in my kitchen.  But placed on a glass cake stand with some ornaments and faux snow, they make a great centerpiece for the table.

 Snowman centerpiece for Christmas.

The snowflake placemats that my mom made, dishes that I’ve been collecting and candy canes all work together to create a fun and whimsical table.

There are candy canes in a cup on the table.

A place setting attached to a Christmas ornament.

A fun Christmas table setting.

Christmas figurines on the table.

A place setting that says Suzy.

The holiday decor in the kitchen.

Thank you for coming to visit my Christmas house!

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  1. It is definitely looking like Christmas in your home, Suzy. I love it all!

  2. Suzy, your Christmas home is stunning! I LOVE all of the holiday colors … inviting front porch …. beautiful nativity in your dining room … whimsical and colorful tree in your great room (Princess Zoe’s idea was great) … and fun Christmas kitchen! Your tables cape is fabulous! Can’t wait to get closer looks!

  3. Pat@Back Porch Musings says:

    It all looks absolutely wonderful, Suzy!

    If you had not said anything, I would not have noticed the crooked ribbon;-).

    Merry Christmas!

  4. kirby carespodi says:

    It looks great!

  5. Your home is so beautifully decorated for Christmas. I love the big tree and the fun theme in that room and also, your kitchen table etc. is just sweet. Have a wonderful Christmas season. I’m visiting from Back Porch Musings. Blessings, Pamela

  6. It’s all so cute, Suzy! Love your front porch, kitchen table, mantel & the “Merry Christmas Ya’ll” plate! I wish I were as far along as you are! ;o)

  7. Just beautiful, Suzy! Love all your touches and it all looks so festive. I had the same thoughts this year…simplify and use what I already have.
    Love being on this tour with you!

  8. Your home is beautiful. Merry Christmas. 🙂

  9. Suzy- Happy Holidays! You have created such a warm and festive home for the holidays. Can I tell you, I would love to be sitting at that fun kitchen table having coffee right now!

  10. Tammi Mitchell says:

    Simply has been my motto the past two yrs. vintage, recycle are good in my vocabulary. Love the little things that make a change. The skates, little bulbs in the mugs….

  11. Soo pretty Suzy!!! Adore your pinecone garland and sweet table setting. Happy to be joining you for the tour!!

  12. Everything looks so pretty and festive Suzy…I’m a red girl too!!

  13. This is simply gorgeous. Every detail. I’m studying all the photos. I think the porch is my favorite – the sled is too cute and the whole area is so cozy.

  14. Suzy you outdid yourself everything is so cheery and festive, I am in love with the centerpiece down your dining table. I had to pin that! The little buckets add just the right texture to your arrangement. Merry Christmas!

  15. Suzy, your house is fabulous! I can’t pick a favorite space, but I love how each reflects your personality and the things you love. Like those grands. And I’m happy that you’re simplifying this year because that meant I got to borrow some fabulous pieces from you!

    I’m loving this tour (but boy am I glad I’m finished with the photos!)

  16. Suzy, you’ve done such a perfect job decorating your home! Way to kickoff the tour 🙂

    I love the porch especially, and the colors on the table. It works together so well! Hope you have a lovely holiday season!

  17. Suzy, your porch is so inviting! I adore the sled and skates. The striped burlap ribbon is perfect! Your simple touches are so lovely. Beautifully done!! Blessings, Janis

  18. First let me say Thank You for sharing your home with us. It’s beautiful. Now let me confess that I love love love Christmas Home Tours! Seriously I love them, mostly because I love Christmas, the decorations, the smells, the cheer, and the joy associated with the season. So I really enjoy being able to look at other peoples houses and get ideas for next years decorations. That being said, please allow me to go through the long list of things I loved on your Christmas Home Tour.
    – The wreaths on the outside of the windows. OK I’m kind of a wreath girl, and really love the look of them in windows, but I’m curious as to how you attached them. I have vinyl windows and try hard not to put holes in the casting (is that what it’s called? ) but I really really love the crisp edge on the the ribbon hanging the wreaths, please tell me how you got them up there if you didn’t use nails or a staple gun, as I would really love to do something like this next year.
    – The crooked ribbon on the pillow. I actually really love it, if you hadn’t mentioned that it wasn’t supposed to be crooked I would have thought that was they way it was meant to be. Really like it.
    – Oh the Vignette on the table. You have every right to be a little in love with it. I’m a little in love with it myself. Really great. I especially love the twig ball and the woven two tone ball. LOVE
    – The top hat on the tree. Hello!!! Can we say LOVE. OK so my appreciation of this could stem from the fact that I grew up with a boring Angle on the top of our Christmas tree (that looked like everyone else’s Christmas tree) that I never really liked, so I absolutely love it when people go with something a little less traditional.
    – The Snowman Head on the mantel. I love how you did your mantel, it really looks great, and I can understand why your grand kids would love that area.
    – The Snowflake Placemats. I seriously love those, which is interesting to me as I’m not a doily kind of person, but use them as placemats and I’m suddenly all over it.
    Over all, I really love the tour and I’m looking forward to checking out the others.
    Thanks again.

    1. Hi Ricki. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the tour! My windows are vinyl too, so staples, etc. were a no-no. To get the crisp edge at the top of the ribbon, I folded it over toward the back and then hot-glued it in place. Then I used 3M Command velcro hanging strips to attach them to the windows. Hope this helps!

  19. Thanks so much for sharing! Your home is beautiful.

  20. Suzy, your home truly looks amazing. I love everything. What you did on the front porch is gorgeous, love the touch of burlap and next year I am getting myself a pair of skates to decorate with for sure. Love the trees on the dining room table too. Gorgeous, girl!!


  21. Suzy! Your home looks beautiful! You did a fantastic job I LOVE that table set up so inviting!!

  22. Your home looks absolutely ready for the holidays. Everything is lovely. I like how you mix the natural with the traditional green and red decorations. Happy Holidays!
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  23. Looks wonderful! Tell me about the wreaths on the outdoor windows? Love them!

    1. Hi Laura. What would you like to know about the wreaths?

  24. Nan, Odessa DE says:

    Where can I find the HO HO Burlap? Love it!
    and the Santas?

    1. Hi Nan. I found the HoHoHo burlap at JoAnn’s fabric store a few weeks ago. Are the Santa’s that you’re asking about the ones on the kitchen table? If so, they’re a set of Fitz & Floyd salt and pepper shakers.

  25. Your home looks absolutely stunning, Suzy! I love the cheerful colors! Happy Holidays!

  26. Nancy Carroll says:

    Love everything GF, especially the Ho Ho Ho fabric, place setting name tags and the holly you added to your boxwood wreaths. Since you are finished decorating, how bout coming over and helping me finish mine LOL!

  27. looks so festive and fun!! i love the dining table trees so much!

  28. Hi Suzy, I thought that ribbon was supposed to be wavy on your pillow! LOL! Love it all but my favorite has to be your tablesetting on your breakfast table. That HOHOHO fabric really makes it look so festive. If I ever see some of it, I will grab some!

  29. What a beautiful tour Suzy…so many wonderful details, so indicative of the love you put into it…xo

  30. I love your decorations. I just bought some of the burlap ribbon with the red stripe-I think I am going to use it on brown paper wrapped packages.

  31. Mandy Lloyd says:

    Your house is lovely and your decorations are beautiful!

  32. Everything looks wonderful Suzy – love the snowmen and your brilliant tablescape!

  33. Hi Suzy, just love your tree topper and both of your tables have inspired me. Thanks for the giveaway too.

  34. Beautiful Christmas decor! love it gives me great Ideas. Thanks for the givaway.

  35. Elizabeth @ BlueClearSky says:

    Your home is lovely and so pretty decorated for Christmas. Thanks for sharing a tour.

  36. Everything looks so cute Suzy, I especially love your breakfast table!

  37. Joanne Richardson says:

    Oh my, I’m so inspired! Thank you for sharing your homes!!

  38. Suzy – your home is lovely! Thanks so much for all the work you put into this tour! It’s been so much fun seeing everyone’s homes all ready for Christmas!

  39. Total perfetion Suzy!! You really knocked it out of the park with your holiday home tour!! I’d love to come over and see it in person and share a cup of hot chocolate with you!! I love every single festive detail you used! So fun to party with you again!! Hugs ~Heather

  40. I am FINALLY getting by to leave a comment! Sorry I’m so late! I love your sled to pieces, to start things off! I love all the details and the way you bring things that are different together and make them all somehow work. I love the pinecone/rustic garland and would totally steal that idea if I had time! (So I’ll just pin it instead!) My most favorite is your tablescape and the place cards. Cheerful, fun, delightful and perfect come to mind. Great job, my friend!

  41. Suzy, everything looks wonderful! Your house always looks lovely, but you’ve really outdone yourself this Christmas! Thanks so much for opening your home and sharing all your beautiful Christmas decor with us. 🙂

  42. Suzy I love how you decorated your house! I love that you chose to make your family room more whimsical! Who says the back has to match the front? With that said it really isn’t “clashy” either. Where did you find the wonderful ho ho ho red burlap ? where did you find that wire basket on your front porch? It’s wonderful!

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  44. Beautiful! Love the rustic with elegance in your dining room. Merry Christmas!

  45. I’m looking around for ideas, and will be using the wreath and the dining table design for my upcoming Christmas party at home.. Nice and cozy home (: