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This is the time of year that I begin to wonder if winter will ever end and if spring will ever arrive!  In my neck of the woods, we usually get a few warmer sunny days mixed in with gray days of freezing cold in February.  It’s those warmer days that make it so hard for me to be patient and feel contented right here in the waning days of winter. 

I know in my heart that spring is just over the horizon, so even though it isn’t here quite yet, there are some small things that I can do in my own home to help me “survive” the remaining days of winter that seem to drag on forever.


Tip #1: Bring the outside in.

Whether real, artificial or dried, adding just a few touches of flowers or greenery to your home will say instant spring!  I love to sprinkle a little something that’s green or blooming around all of the rooms in my house.  Fresh flowers from the grocery store, real or artificial boxwood anything and dried hydrangeas are a few of my favorites.


Tip #2: Bring in natural light.

With all of the gray skies of winter, what I crave the most is the bright sunshine.  So throw open those curtains and blinds and let the sun pour in!  Better yet, go actually sit in front of that warm and sunny window for an instant mood lifter!

Allowing as much natural light into your home during the dreary days of winter is an instant mood lifter! || Worthing Court


Tip #3: Use light colors in your home.

Adding white touches in your home will create the feeling of lightness that we all associate with spring.  Try adding white pillows, accessories, throws or even a add white accent wall.  You might be surprised at what just a little bit of white in a room can do!

Adding white to a room will give off the feeling of brightness that we all associate with spring || Worthing Court

Thankfully, for those of us who crave the warmer weather, winter doesn’t last forever!  I hope these simple tips will help to get you through til spring is officially here..



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