How I’m Adding Spring To My Home Right Now

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There’s no reason why you need to wait for the calendar to tell you that it’s spring before you start decorating. Here are 6 easy ways that I’m adding spring to my home right now!

terra cotta pots and spring dishes on shelves

We usually start spotting robins, the first harbinger of spring, here at Worthing Court sometime in early February.  Those precious red breasted lovelies are always a welcome sight because it means that spring isn’t far away!

In my book though, once March 1st arrives, it’s officially spring and I’m not waiting for the calendar to tell me so – I’m adding spring to my home now!

Right around the middle of February, I started removing all of the winter decor from my home and began adding touches of spring. So, let’s talk about getting a jump on bringing spring into your home!  I’ve got 6 easy ideas to share with you today.


Forcing branches of early flowering and budding trees is one of the easiest and most budget friendly (aka free!) ways to organically add a touch of spring to your home.

If you have access to flowering trees to cut branches from, that’s great!  Simply bring them indoors, place them in water (change it frequently!) in a sunny location and sit back and wait. Before you know it, you’ll have a beautiful and free spring display!

decorate for spring with forced pussy willow branches

Don’t fret if you don’t have access to the real deal – faux branches are great too and have come a long way over the last few years.  The trick is to purchase the best ones your budget will allow for to get the most realistic looking blooms.  Some of my favorite branches to force indoors are:

  • forsythia
  • crab apple
  • lilac
  • Bradford pears
  • cherry
  • pussy willows
  • dogwood
  • witch hazel
  • wisteria
  • redbud
  • honeysuckle
  • tulip magnolia
  • dogwood


Anytime that I see terra cotta, whether it’s a plant container or something else made from terra cotta (or is the terra cotta color), I immediately think of the outdoors!

I think it’s a natural association for us since we’re so accustomed to seeing terra pots used for outdoor plants all our lives.  😀

When you’re decorating for spring, it’s all about celebrating the outdoors, so why not use some terra cotta in your home to bring the outdoors in?

spring decor using a variety of terra cotta pots


Another of my favorite, super easy and inexpensive ways to add spring to your home is by changing out your pillow covers!

gray chair with blue and white throw pillows

Of course, you can simply swap out entire pillows from season to season, but pillow covers are so affordable and take up much less storage room.

This year I added a collection of cheery blue and white pillow covers to my spring decor capsule. You can find these exact pillow covers (isn’t that embroidered bird too cute?!?) and so much more in my Favorite Spring & Easter Decor Amazon Shop, which you can access by clicking HERE.

blue and white throw pillow covers


Now here’s one you may not think of.  I love to tuck in a bird nest here in there in vignettes.  Talk about something that says instant spring!

You can find them at craft/hobby stores or you can create your own by “molding” some Spanish moss or grapevine into a nest shape with your hands, like the one in the vignette below. Of course, if you also have a little bird to plop into the nest, that helps too!  😀

spring coffee table vignette in a round woven tray


Don’t get all hung up on creating an elaborate centerpiece.  Simple is usually the best!

To create this centerpiece, I lined up three grocery store potted plants in a long tray. I placed a saucer under each plant, to protect the table from water, but I didn’t even bother to remove the plastic wrapping from the pots that they came in.  Done in less than 5 minutes!

3 blooming grocery store plants in a long tray


Now is the perfect time to bring out all those pretty and colorful dishes that have been hiding in your cabinet. And don’t be afraid to mix those patterns!

You can stack them to your heart’s content as part of a tablescape…

multiple colors of dishes stacked together for a spring tablescape

…or you can corral them together as part of a pretty spring centerpiece.

spring centerpiece with blue and white dishes

What are some of your favorite ways to decorate for spring?

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  1. Wonderful ideas! Thanks for posting Suzy. We’ve had some nice weather the last few days, I’m so ready for it to stay warm. My garden needs some serious work, maybe this weekend. Hope you have a great week 🙂

    1. Love, love, love your style.Where did you find your dining room chandelier?
      Thanks. Just signed up, looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Such great ideas, Suzy, thanks for posting this on my cloudy Monday. Cheered me up.


  3. Such cute and inspiring ideas! It’s supposed to be mostly nice all week, so I hope some of this inspiration encourages me to get busy around our house with a few spring touches!

    Have a wonderful Monday!

  4. Shirley@Housepitality Designs says:

    Love these ideas Suzy…!!…so many great ones!!

  5. These are some wonderful ideas, Suzy! The little origami flowers are super-cute!

  6. Awesome ideas, Suzy … love the pics you chose to share … so full of color, inspiration and SPRING! Thanks for sharing, kind friend!

  7. You know what brightens my day? Spending it with a friend. Had a great time today (and yesterday) hanging out with you and planning. I’m so excited about our upcoming event.

  8. The Rusty Heart says:

    We are waiting for spring to arrive here also.Thanks for sharing all these ideas makes me feel Spring is around the corner! Sooner or later it Has to come!

  9. Lisa @ Texas Decor says:

    I MUST get some washi tape! I love the idea of putting it on a glass vase. Great ideas!

  10. Beautiful inspiration pics, Suzy. I especially love the blooming branches in the boots and the bunny napkins. Hugs, Ginger

  11. Looking for spring down here in Southern Pines also….about an hour south of you! Just found your blog…love it… Great ideas I may just try….I’m a needleworker who loves prim/
    Shabby…… Blessings, Faye

  12. Your dishes are lovely! Could you please share what they are?

    1. Hi Carla. The floral salad plates came from TJ Maxx a few years ago. The other plates that have a yellow and green lattice design around the rim are Villeroy and Boch from their French Garden collection.

  13. nancy carroll says:

    Your post and today’s sunshine has inspired me to get my bunnies out! Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. Nancy Carroll says:

    Your post and today’s sunshine has inspired me to get my bunnies out of the attic! I’m so ready for Easter and warm weather!!