An Easter Tablescape That Isn’t So Over The Top

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An organic and neutral Easter tablescape that has just the right amount of special touches for a memorable Easter holiday meal.

Easter tablescape using neutral colors.Pin

Today’s question is, “Can I create a tablescape that isn’t filled with pastels and bright colors that still says Easter”?  My answer?  Why, yes – yes, you absolutely can!

My days of using everything pastel or brightly colored when creating a special Easter tablescape have gone by the wayside.  Instead, I set a beautiful table using soft organic elements and neutral colors.  Even though there isn’t a pastel in sight, the table still says “Easter” because of carefully curating what I added to the table.

The Easter table setting with white plates and mini potted plants on the plates.Pin

I was inspired by this cute polka dotted brown wrapping paper that I had been saving to use for just such a tablescape.  It makes a great base to build the whole holiday tablescape upon.  It’s simply centered on the table and secured with masking tape up under each end of the table.  That was followed by layering a black and cream colored runner down the middle of the table.

The tablescape with small sheep on the neutral table runner.Pin

Next came the beautiful centerpiece where I used these fabulous open lanterns.  I purchased these a few months ago and shared the link to them in my newsletter.  Hopefully you’re one of the fortunate ones who scored a pair as y’all bought them all!

I contacted the company though and they informed me that there are more coming, but that they probably won’t arrive until July.  Keep an eye on my Instagram stories because that’s where I’ll be letting you know that they’re back in stock along with a link for where to purchase.

Large open lantern centerpiece decorated for Easter with small sheep and a bunny.Pin

The lanterns are filled with a variety of organic and neutral elements.  The secret to filling large lanterns like these is to use an odd number of pieces of varying heights and making sure there’s lots of texture.

Large open lantern decorated for Easter with a white cake stand in it and a green potted plant on the stand.Pin

Since the length of the table was accentuated with the addition of a the wrapping paper and layered runner, the pair of lanterns alone weren’t quite enough for the centerpiece.  Adding just a couple of cute accessories to each side of the lanterns extended the visual look of the centerpiece and helped it to fit the table better.  One of those items is this little black and white bunny on wheels, that I scored at a vintage market several years ago.  He’s one of my favorite finds ever!  I’ve never seen another one quite like him.

black and white Easter decorations with coloured eggs in a white egg holder.Pin

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Now that the centerpiece was taken care of, it was time to put together the place settings.  Each setting consists of a round, ruffled burlap placemat, topped with one of my everyday white dishes, then an adorable black and white gingham bunny napkin, topped with a burlap colored salad plate.

Easter place setting with a round burlap placemat and a bunny napkin.Pin

I have an affinity for bunnies, so each place setting was given a cute little bunny emphasis by wedging a adorable black and white gingham bunny napkin down into the faux greenery of tiny little pots, that are actually meant to be place card holders.

Easter place setting using all neutral colors.Pin

I hope you enjoyed my take on an Easter tablescape today and that your table is filled with those you love on this most special day!  Happy Easter, my friends!


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  1. The tablescape is lovely if you like the natural farm house look. However, I still love the traditional Easter pastel decor. I still love my pastel decor throughout my home, which I have enjoyed for the past 40 years. Of course I have updated things to keep them current and fresh, but, I never tire of it.

    However, I do enjoy seeing other options in color and style, but have never been swayed. So much goes in and out of style, but I find sticking to traditional style and colors is lasting.

    1. So glad you like the tablescape! Pastels are beautiful and are always perfect for Easter. Guess I was just ready for a change. 😀

  2. Where did you get the sweet lamb inside one of your lanterns?

    1. Isn’t it cute? I picked it up at a local home decor store a couple of years ago. I’m sorry that I don’t have a link. 🙁

  3. Love your Easter tablescape with all the cute lambs and bunnies, the little flower pots and the greenery.! Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter!

  4. Happy Easter Suzy! I like your neutral table scape, especially your burlap place mats and gingham bunnies. Great job and thanks for sharing!

  5. I love your colours Suzy and the artistry that you have created. I live in Australia and our Easter is in Autumn. This year I decided I was doing an Autumn Easter with a brown, doorstop bunny, velvet pumpkins, acorns, pine cones, dried grasses, mushrooms and apples ! I love it ! Happy Easter.

  6. Tammie N. says:

    So perfect! I’m not a huge fan of pastels, either. Where did the adorable sheep (one is lying down) that are wearing green bows come from? I’m obsessed with sheep things!

    1. Aren’t they adorable? I found them at a local home decor shop a couple of years ago. I’m sorry that I don’t have a link!

  7. I just love the burlap placemats and the sheep are so cute. I was looking for an idea for an Easter table that wasn’t all just eggs and this is my inspiration. I hope I can still get the placemats. Can you wash them?

    I just love all of your rooms. I can always spot your content on Pinterest because everything seems so well thought out.

  8. Hi Suzy!
    Thanks for the beautiful spring decor ideas! They are a bright and uplifting post in an otherwise dark time. I loved the lanterns so much that I found them online. Here is the link for your readers.

    Again, LOVE the blog!

  9. Just found your blog from Southern Hospitality! Love the lanterns, and am now following you on Instagram – can’t wait until they are back in stock!
    I also like that you added a small wreath on your lampshade – I’m going to rummage through my Christmas stuff and find my small boxwood wreaths! Thanks for the ideas!

    1. So glad you found some inspiration!

  10. Super cute and very springy! I love the greens and whimsical animals. I need to get some of those lanterns. They are the perfect size for a table and still see your guests. Love it all. 😉

  11. Love your tables cape Suzy! I thought I would share — I found those lanterns at Walmart’s website (I googled ‘decorative wooden lanterns’ and they popped up. There are in stock as of March 31, 2020. Not super cheap but available!

    1. That’s awesome! I get so many requests for a link to them. Thank you!

  12. Beautiful table Suzy! Love your choice of colours.
    The lambs are delightful & I wonder where you got the wire egg holder?
    Enjoy your blog very much. Stay safe & healthy……..”E”

    1. Thank you! I found that little egg holder at a local shop a couple of years ago. You stay safe and well too!

  13. Your tablescape is pretty. I totally love those lanterns!😍I want them! Ahh, Pier 1 was a fabulous store. Your room reminds me of them. Those lanterns,lanterns, lanterns!! ❤️

  14. I love your neutral Easter decorating ! It is Easter in the Autumn for me and I stopped using bright ,spring colours years ago . I have 2 stone bunnies , glass pumpkins , cotton stems and a little basket with , raffia and neutral eggs . I love neutrals .