Elegant Christmas Decorations For A Dining Room

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Let’s get ready for an elegant Christmas Eve dinner in the dining room!

Christmas dining room decor with flocked trees, garland and green and silver ornaments and ribbon.Pin

Hello there, my friend!  We are on the steep downhill slope, headed toward Christmas, but I have one more decorated holiday room in my home that I want to share with you.

That room would be my dining room, that I’ve filled with simple, elegant decorations for Christmas!  While the Christmas decorations in the rest of my home are decidedly more fun and festive, I always want my dining room to be more on the elegant side.

Christmas place setting with ivory plates with holly leaves and a gold rim.Pin

My dining room is the place where I love to host an intimate, special dinner, with my family, prior to attending our church service on Christmas Eve.

My flocked Christmas tree is the very first thing I decorated in here and is the star of the show!

Flocked Christmas tree with green and silver ornaments and ribbon.Pin

It’s filled with large and medium sized apple-green and silver Christmas ornaments and the most luscious ribbon!

Up close picture of the green and silver ornaments on the tree.Pin

A soft green ornament with a wooden top beside green ribbon on the tree.Pin

I made sure to add even more of the ribbon to the packages below the tree.  Do you like to wrap your gifts to match your tree?

Wrapped presents are underneath the tree.Pin

The decorations in the rest of the room were inspired by what I did on my tree, starting with the sideboard. You can see that I added a flocked garland around the mirror, with more of that luscious ribbon at each corner.

Sideboard with mirror above with flocked garland, flocked mini trees and green ribbon.Pin

The decor on the top of the sideboard is simply put together with a couple of very inexpensive flocked trees in urns, with a few sprigs of faux greenery, accented with green ornaments, tucked around them.  So easy!

There is a garland on the mirror on the wall above the sideboard.Pin

Two lamps are on the sideboard.Pin

I haven’t added napkins and glassware yet, but my dining table is elegantly set with some of my gold rimmed china atop scalloped edge chargers, which ties in with the scalloped edge flatware that I inherited from my mom.  I’ve loved setting my table ahead and being able to enjoy it for a few weeks since I only get to use this special china once each year!

Christmas table centerpiece with a faux fur runner and bottlebrush trees.Pin

A piece of faux fur, from the fabric store, acts as a snowy base to a forest of these amazing bottle brush Christmas trees!  They have just a little bit of sparkle to them, which makes them perfect for the elegant feel that I crave in this room.

Bottlebrush trees on the table as a centerpiece.Pin

I scattered smaller versions of the same ornaments that I used on the tree all along the faux snow runner.

Ornaments on the white faux fur runner.Pin

Thank you for stopping by for a visit today.  I’ve decorated this room many times for Christmas, but this year just might be my favorite!

Christmas dining room decor with flocked trees, garland and green and silver ornaments and ribbonPin

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  1. Very pretty! I love the color combination. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Christiane Lavoie says:

    Love your choice of color. Thanks for sharing,!

  3. So pretty Suzy! I love the colors that you used. Everything looks amazing.

  4. Kathy Menold says:

    Suzy, This dining room is just incredible. Love the color choices,the simple yet elegant feel to the room and just everything about it. Makes me wish I had a formal dining room but will just have to enjoy yours. Thankyou

    1. Thank you so much! We usually only use the dining room twice each year, so we really don’t need it. It’s fun to have another space to decorate though!