House Tour – Come On In!

Shouldn’t every house tour begin at the front door?
My granddaughters, Miss M and Miss K say, “Hey!  So glad you’re here!  Come on in!”.



I really like and enjoy the spaciousness of this foyer.


The chest is a perfect spot for creating seasonal vignettes.


I like that I have some wall space for a little something else.

This oil painting was done by my Auntie Syl from a photograph that she took of a Tuscan villa on a trip to Italy.
She was one talented lady and all of her paintings are highly prized by my family!  We totally fight over embrace them.  We’ll even will them to our kids.
I’m kidding.  Not!



I like the way the sun streams through the window above the front door in the morning.



Kind of blinding, eh?


I don’t like the way that all that lovely sunlight highlights the dust that I the maid (ha!) left behind or the quality of the cheapo hardwood floors that the builder installed.




Gotta have a little talk with that maid….


And last, but not least – no home would be complete without a guard dog named, Opie!  Doesn’t he look ferocious????



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  1. Beautiful children AND foyer! Our foyer is way too tiny for me:( But, I live with it, LOL! XO, Pinky

  2. Your entry is really pretty. You and I have similar taste. Come by and see the chest that we have in our entry. The maid leaves dust there too!

  3. What an adorable little dog! I really love the bird’s eye view of your foyer. The vignette by the stairs is especially pretty.

    Thanks so much for joining the party!

  4. Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) says:

    You have a lovely entry. And cute kids too.

  5. What a great foyer — to me it’s just the perfect size!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations on those wonderful views, not to mention the lovely way you have made your home. I live in UK and have long admired the American attitude of using large items – we Brits. are a bit slow on that!
    Well done you!

  7. says:

    Es un recorrido muy encantador.