All The Tips You Need To Create A Vignette Anytime of Year

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Vignettes are decorating moments that you can put together in minutes to add seasonal touches throughout your home.  Let me show you how easy it is to create one!

Spring vignette in a woven tray.Pin

If you’re tired of dreary, gray winter days (like I am), adding an early spring vignette is a quick way to add a bright spot to your home and to celebrate the arrival of this most anxiously awaited season!

Spreading beautiful vignettes throughout the rooms of my home is one of my favorite ways to add seasonal decor because they can be put together relatively quickly and with minimal effort.  That’s certainly a bonus considering how busy all of our lives seem to be these days.

Think of a vignette as a still life.  While putting one together is super easy, there a few design principles you should adhere to for a design worthy display.

A woven tray with books, and a porcelain bird in it.Pin

My favorite places to display a vignette are:

  • coffee table
  • shelves
  • side table
  • as a table centerpiece
  • on a deep window ledge
  • a bedroom dresser
  • fireplace mantel
  • on an entry table
  • on a console or sofa table
  • on top of a buffet or sideboard


Since the theme of this vignette is spring, I’ve chosen objects that represent a fresh spring day to me.  Don’t lose sight of your surroundings though – you’ll also want to be sure that the objects you use support the style and design of the rest of the room.

A potted green plant in a woven tray with decor items.Pin


Use books, boxes or risers to vary the height of the objects within the vignette.  Nothing would be more boring and uninsteresting looking than having everything at the same level.

Be sure to use a variety of shapes in the vignette too.  Mix square or rectangular objects with round.

A stainless steel decorative ball in the tray.Pin


Create depth by placing the shortest items to the front, graduating to the tallest items in the back of the show stopping vignette.  When organizing items on a surface that will be seen from all sides, I make the “front” of the vignette face toward the side that will be seen most often as people enter the room.

For example, this spring vignette on my coffee table is positioned so that the front side faces the entry into the room from the kitchen and the back side faces the couch.

Antique looking books in the woven tray.Pin


Using odd numbers of objects in a vignette is much more interesting and pleasing to the eye.  Groups of three to five items seem to work best.  Any more than that can look too cluttered.

Odd numbers of decor items in the tray.Pin


Be sure to use a variety of textures within the vignette.  Mix hard and shiny accessories with rough and natural. Use weathered wood or iron architectural elements to introduce an unexpected texture.

Chippy bird in a diy bird's nest.Pin


Placing all of the objects included in your vignette on a tray like this woven one gives it importance and helps to draw the eye.

All the items gathered on a woven tray.Pin


It’s a good thing to have blank space within your vignette.  You don’t want to fill every available space or you’ll wind up with a cluttered looking jumble of stuff.

A large green leafy plant in the vignette.Pin

Do you enjoy creating seasonal vignettes for your home?

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