An Easy And Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gift Idea

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Here’s a super easy and inexpensive gift idea for the woman in your life!  A gift that’s great for Mother’s Day, birthdays or just because.  This would make a great teacher appreciation gift too!

Mason jars filled with flowers.Pin

If you’re looking for a thoughtful, yet inexpensive and long lasting gift for the mom in your life, a teacher gift or maybe even a gift for yourself, I have a great idea for you!

Mason jars planted with lavender viotets.Pin

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Fresh flowers have always been a favorite Mother’s Day gift of mine, but sadly they fade quickly and the vase or container is often stashed away in a closet, never to be used again.  I came up with a solution for that challenge though, plus I’ll get double duty out of the glass container!

I found an adorable set of mason jars, that comes nestled in a metal tray, to serve as a ‘planter’ for a trio of pretty violets.  Click HERE for the link to a set with a tray very similar to this one. The tray is narrow enough that it could be tucked anywhere – on a window sill, on a side table, desk or shelf or even as part of a centerpiece.

Fresh flowers have always been a favorite Mother's Day gift of mine, but sadly they fade quickly and the containers are often stashed away in a closet, never to be used again. I came up with a solution for those challenges though. A set of mason jars, that come nestled in a galvanized metal tray, make the perfect planters for some pretty violets.Pin

I was able to purchase the violets for less than $3 each at my local big box home improvement store.  The jars in this set have a nice wide mouth, so they’re easy to use as a planter.

All I needed to do was to add some potting soil to each jar.  Then I simply removed the purple violets from their little pots and pushed them down into the soil filled jars, added a little more soil to the top of the roots, tied a bit of raffia around the jars for a finishing touch and gave them a good watering.

Three mason jars plants with purple and pink violets.Pin

A trio of purple, pink and lavender violets mixed together makes more of a statement than one lone pot would and the pink and purple look so pretty mixed together!

A pretty vignette of mason jars filled with purple and pink violets.Pin

Now for the double duty part.  When the mason set is no longer being used as a planter, it will serve me well as a utensil holder during cookouts this summer.

There are plates cups and mason jars filled with utensils.Pin

This is what the jar set is actually intended for, but I’m a sucker for anything that can pull double duty around my house.  😀  They even come with the three chalkboard tags that hang around the neck of the jars.  Of course, the labels are blank so that you can write whatever you want to on them.

I paired the mason jar utensil holder with these cute mini mason jar salt and pepper shakers that come in their own galvanized tray too.  You can purchase the salt and pepper shakers HERE and a similar the mason jar set HERE.

Up close picture of the mason jars holding utensils, napkins and straws.Pin

So how about you – what other uses could you think of for this versatile set of containers?

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  1. Thank you, Jennifer. I’m giving them to my daughter for Mother’s Day, so I hope she’ll have better luck with them than me!

  2. Thank you, Christy. I”m going to pass this one on to my daughter, but I think that I just might gift myself with another one! 😀

  3. Thank you, ladybug! I have so many memories of different women putting violets in their kitchen window.

  4. That would look great, Donnamae!

  5. Thank you, Christine – so glad you like it!

  6. Thank you, Debbie! How about I buy you a set and you buy me a set? 😀

  7. Thank you, GF! Happy Mother’s Day!

  8. Hi Fabby. I never cease to be amazed at how many creative ways people come up with to use mason jars! Your plate rack is wonderfully done and I love all of the platters that you have on display in it. Thank you for subscribing!

  9. Hi Suzy (another Suzy that spells it like me!) So glad you like the mason jar arrangement!

  10. Curious if these violets need to be transplanted after Mothers Day since the jars have no drainage.Might be cute to add instructions and some pots to be used for this future activity. African violets can last for years if cared for and would be another lasting memory of this gift.
    Happy Mother’s Day.

    1. Hi Kathy. Love your idea for adding that info! You should be able to tell when they are becoming root-bound, so at that point, I’d probably transplant them. In reality, I should have added some small pebbles to the bottom of each jar to help with drainage. I just have to be really careful not to over water them!