Remodeled Beach Condo Tour – Part II

Earlier this month, I took you on a tour of part of our beach condo.  Now, for the rest of the story (as Paul Harvey used to say.  Anybody old enough to remember him?)

 In Part I of the tour we looked at the entry hall, bunkbeds, living room and kitchen.  Today I’m going to show you the bedroom and bathroom.  Remember how tiny I said it was – just over 500 sq. ft.  But don’t forget – it is on.the.beach.  Here’s the floor plan again to refresh your memory.

The bedroom and bathroom were just as disgustingly gross as the rest of the place.  Dirty gross walls, nasty, icky, sticky, smelly carpet, old corroded door knobs.  Ew, Ew,  and more Ew!!!

These rooms are so small that I couldn’t get a shot of more than one corner of the room at a time, so as you look at the pics just pretend that you’re standing in the middle of room looking around.


Pookie had the idea that even though we were getting rid of all the furniture, we could keep the mattress temporarily and lay it on the floor to sleep on while we were renovating.

Same corner after.

The before pics may just look like a case of bad decorating.  You’re just going to have to trust me here.  It was just as smelly and dirty as the rest of the place.  I didn’t get too close to the bed in case I might brush up against it.  EW.


Same side of the room after.

I’ll never forget the first night that I spent here.  All of the furniture had been hauled out, including the mattress.  We brought blow up mattresses to sleep on, thank you very much!  Anyway, I don’t think I slept a wink that night.  Not from excitement – but from being so afraid that my hand would slide off the mattress while I was sleeping and touch that nasty carpet!!!!

Before.  These doors were nastier than I can describe.

I’m going to re-purpose them, so I brought them home to clean them up.  Thought I was going to have to pull out a chisel to get all of the gunk off.


I made the boxpleated bedskirt out of the same fabric that the headboard is upholstered with.

The decorative cording on the headboard is repeated…

…on the bolster pillow…

…and on the boxpleated valance.

You can see that all of the fabrics are repeated in the pillow shams, the bolster pillow (don’t miss the cute little covered button!), the valance and the blackout lined roman shade tucked up under the valance.  Everything was made by me in my basement workroom.

In the bedroom we:
ripped up the nasty carpet and replaced with laminate hardwood
replaced the closet doors
obviously, we painted
redid the inside of the closet
replaced the door hardware
added a ceiling fan and an a/c unit
replaced the baseboard heater

Now you get to see the bathroom.  More grody EWness.  Another room so small that you’ll just have to virtually turn your head to look around.

Before.  Look closely at the tub color – hint – it is NOT white.  Sorry about the blurriness – these photos were all taken pre-blogging days.

Just lovely.  As much as I hated sleeping on the floor, imagine how I felt knowing I had to shower in here.  Not good I tell you.

Another before


I found a ready-made shower curtain at HomeGoods and had a sweet friend add the giant “H” monogram.

The reason that I wanted you to notice the color of the tub is because this is what it looks like now.

Ahhh – now it’s nice and shiny and clean and white!  Even though the tub/shower surround were filthy and a terrible dark off white color, they were structurally in good shape.  So to save money we had a company called PermaCoat come in to resurface it.  They did a great job and the resurfacing is holding up just fine.

I’ll pull the view back and show you that we also installed a washer/dryer stack where a closet used to be.

It isn’t as “in your face” as it appears to be in the picture.  You might wonder why I would get rid of a closet in a place so small.  There are two reasons:

  • the closet was so gross and musty that I would not put anything in it
  • I wanted to have a washer/dryer here at the condo so I wasn’t hauling dirty linens home to wash.

Before sink and mirror.  You should have seen this mirror in person.  I can’t even describe it.

Not pretty – it was a diy craft gone horribly wrong.

You can’t tell it in the photos, but in addition to the lovely cough cough dark aqua color that the room was painted, someone had tried their hand at a faux raised swirly pattern treatment on the walls.  It was too much to sand off so we had to just replace all of the sheetrock in here.
I didn’t have a convenient place to hang the hand towels, so I found this little magnetic curtain rod at Lowes and stuck it the side of the dryer.
In the bathroom we:
replaced the sheetrock
tore out a closet and added the washer/dryer
replaced the sink and vanity
replaced the faucet in the sink
replaced the faucet and shower head in the tub
replaced the vinyl flooring with new vinyl
replaced the light fixture
replaced the mirror with a mirrored cabinet
replaced the toilet
replaced the door hardware
replaced the shower curtain rod
refinished the tub/shower
Update:  Here is what the bathroom looks like today after installing a board and baton treatment on the wall and switching out the shower curtain and some of the linens.
Beachy bathroom via Worthing Court blog-004 (1) Beachy bathroom via Worthing Court blog-014
That finishes the tour folks.  I hope you enjoyed it.  It took us about four months to complete all of the renovations.  We concentrated on getting it liveable during the renovation.  It still looks a little plain to me, but I have plans y’all!
Let me share this picture that I took from our deck when we were there a couple of weeks ago.  Just by chance I captured the moon during the “blue hour”.  This makes all of the work that it took to turn this condo into our dream home away from home worth it!

Right now we are praying that Hurricane Irene takes a more eastward path, moving out to sea and not striking our beautiful beaches.


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  1. I love your condo ON THE BEACH!!!!! You hhve done a great job! I would have been freaked out about the “ewwwwness” too!!!:):) It looks beautiful now. I would have wanted the W and D too. Here’s praying the hurricane just GOES OUT TO SEA and leaves us all alone! XO, Pinky

  2. You did such a wonderful job in each of the rooms.. and I love the color theme blue and green…perfect for a beach condo. And those pillows and headboard and bed skirt.. are absolutely gorgeous… you are incredibly talented!Love the butter cream wall color… what an amazing transformation~ Thanks for sharing with us. Hugs~Poppy

  3. ~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ says:

    Hi, I am your newest follower and so happy to meet you. Lovely condo. Hope you were spared by Irene. We lost a tree branch off our flowering pear tree and have lots of clean up to do today.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  4. What a beautiful beach home! I’m officially jealous! Love all the gorgeous fabrics you used. Nice job 🙂

  5. Your condo looks amazing, you did a great job transforming it.

  6. Wow! What a wonderful transformation! The headboard is very plush and chic, but I’m in love with the fabric! I want all your scraps to make a some little purses!

  7. Really awesome updates. The fabrics are just wonderful. So glad you came to the party. And yes…I remember Paul Harvey. :o)

  8. Looks beautiful! If you get a chance I would love you to link your beach house up to More the Merrier Monday. It starts tonight and lasts through Wednesday. See you there.

  9. ritajoy @harbourbreeze says:

    Thank you for sharing your beach house renos with us. You did such a beautiful job. I love it and especially love the colors and fabrics you used in the bedroom.

  10. Love your renovation,I too have a low threshold for EWW.Every thing looks so fresh and inviting.Now i’m off to learn from you how to make me a pillow sham(not much for sewing)oh and I must follow you on twtr.

  11. I love the fabrics used in this bedroom. Would you share the mfg. and patterns of these fabrics?

  12. Trish – Sadly, I don’t know the mfg. and pattern nos. of the fabrics. The fabric on the headboard was a closeout fabric purchased from Greenhouse Fabrics and is no longer available. The seashell print and green/blue mingled weave were purchased from a fabric store here in Greensboro called Printers Alley (they won’t share the mfg of the fabrics they sell). I do know that those two fabrics are still available as I saw them just the other day. They ship so here’s their phone no. if you’re interested: 336-272-4227. I would be happy to take a swatch of my fabrics there for you if they are unable to identify what you’re looking for over the phone. Just let me know if you need me to do that. Take care.

  13. Found your condo makeover over at BNOTP. You did a fabulous job, I love the color palette you chose and all of the detailing. Bedroom is my favorite I think, so classic with a touch of soothing whimsy.

    Lucky 7 Design
    Mama J and Her Fashionistas

  14. Wonderful reno! Can you tell me where you had the headboard made or if you did it yourself and if so, is there a tutorial for that particular design with the cording? Love it!

  15. Found your blog through BNOTP..what a tranformation of a beach cottage..what beach town is it in? I can’t imagine a beach cottage that small..Hey, that’s one way not to have a lot of moochers! Do you plan to rent it out when you are not there? How far are you from the ocean front?

  16. Betty – You’re right – it is a tiny little place, but it comfortably sleeps six and we pack a lot of memories into it. Our condo is ocean front and sits just a few feet from the beach. It’s located on one of the small family beaches between Wilmington and Jacksonville, NC. We’re down there so often that we don’t rent it out, but we do share it with family. Great questions!

  17. Wowza!! such a gorgeous condo! I love your beachy decor!

  18. Beautiful photos! I love the bedrooms. The wall colors and the side table seems so cozy. I have my new beach condo in Philippines and now I know exactly how I’d decorate it.

  19. Kelly @ JAX does design says:

    Love the fabrics you used in the bedroom. The whole condo looks so much better now!

  20. Darius Cartmell says:

    It’s wonderful! You did a very nice job with the renovation. Good choice on the yellow paint, it made the room brighter and cozier. And what a beautiful view! That’s the best part of living in a beach house.

  21. claudia b says:

    I just saw this on Remodelaholic and I have to tell you the transformation is just amazing, you have done such a great job!

  22. this transformation is just fabulous!! i have just moved into a new house and looking for inspiration as my house is very bland right now, but i do hope that as time goes by it will improve so thank you very much for the inspiration, i have problems with color and love what you did with adding all the color to this beach house.
    smiles from across the miles in Africa

  23. Let me try this again. I wrote one post and it went *POOF!* into cyberspace, lost forever. Here goes, from memory. I found you through a linky party today and have spent the past 1 1/2 hrs. looking at your wonderful home, which is absolutely lovely and very inviting. I have loved going from room to room to see “what’s next?” and finding another great idea you have come up with. Your beach house is perfect in my eyes. You have such a talent for envisioning what will work AND look good….and then you make it or make it happen! I am so very impressed. It’s been a dream of mine as far back as grade school to someday live on the beach. Your beachhouse is so pretty (I’m running out of adjectives so I better finish this up soon! ha!) and warm that it is now my DREAM beach house. I could go on and on but I will be following your blog and posting comments along the way. Better not use up everything in my first visit! Have a wonderful day and enjoy that beautiful beach view for me. Hugs from Texas! ~Joy

    1. Hi Joy. Wow – you certainly made my day today with all of your sweet comments. I’m so glad to have you as a new bloggy friend! Hugs back to you from NC. Suzy

  24. Brendan Amorose says:

    OH MY! I just love how your new bathroom looks! On the other hand, I’m a bit sad that you have to repaint the whole room… Aquamarine’s my fave color. Well, it’s good that there’s a new look. It’s quite bothersome to see the same look every time, right?

  25. Anonymous says:

    Hi Suzy! I love your blog! I’m a follower and now that we’re considering purchasing our own tiny beach condo (720 sf) I had to search and find the condo pictures I remembered seeing on your blog. Beautiful! So much inspiration. I will search and see if you’ve posted any more recent pictures. Thanks so much! Deb

  26. An Eye for Detail says:

    Suzy: Wow!!! What a complete and total transformation. I love your comment about being afraid your hand would touch the carpet as you lay on the air mattress! Isn’t it just amazing how people can live? I’ll never understand that…. Anyway, it’s gorgeous, and so inviting. Those lucky granddaughters.. and lucky you!
    Have a wonderful 4th..

  27. Great makeovers in the beach condo. I too love the beach.

  28. Anonymous says:


    You are so adorable! So glad that I subscribe to your blog. Just looking at your beautiful face makes me smile. Your description of the renovation was priceless. I especially loved the part where you were not able to sleep for fear that your hand would come off the air mattress and touch the floor. That sounds like something that would put me over the edge as well. LOL

    Your condo is beautiful. Thanks for making me laugh.

    God be with you,


  29. love, love, LOVE the yellow paint you used in the bedroom and bathroom. Are they the same?? It is the perfect shade of a creamy and softly muted buttery color without looking too tan, ochre or mustardy. I so hope you remember what make and color it is… I’ve been looking for ‘that’ color for my bedroom for at least 2 years now!

    Looking forward to seeing lots more great stuff on your blog!!

    Best regards,
    Philyburbs, PA

    1. Hi Susan. The paint is Lowes Valspar, 3004-10B, Holmes Cream.

  30. Sorry to see that you are selling your condo. It is still beautiful down here.

    1. Hi Jonsie. I know what you mean – it’s kind of sad. But – the hubs will be retiring before too long and we’re ready to do a little traveling. I’ll always love Topsail though!

  31. I wish a very merry Christmas. We remodeled our bedroom years ago and finished on December 23rd. I remember the excitement and stress associated with that time of year. Everyone will have a wonderful time even if every little detail isn’t quite finished! 🙂

  32. Hi Suzy. What a great transformation for your beach condo! Great job!!! Wondering if you can tell me where you purchased the white fish cookie jar. I’m on a frantic search for my mom for Christmas and can’t find it anywhere.