Another Large Area In My Master Bedroom Makeover Journey Completed!

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Bedroom bay window sitting area with chairs and blue draperies.Pin

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Whelp, the completion of my beutiful master bedroom makeover is almost done! After completing the decor and window treatments in our sitting area, I only have one more project to do.

The most recently completed update in the room is to our serene sitting area, which is located in a large bay window in our bedroom.

Let me remind you of what this area looked like before, when we first looked at the house.

Master bedroom with red walls and a four poster bed.Pin

Unfortunately, I was a terrible blogger and didn’t take any photos of what the room looked like after we moved in, before I started the makeover.

But – here’s how the sitting area looked just a few weeks ago. At this point the walls had been painted a neutral white, the carpet was replaced and we brought in a couple of swivel rockers that we found at HomeGoods. So comfy! Unfortunately, I don’t have a link for them, but the brand is Tommy Bahama.

A neutral room with two armchairs and pillows.Pin

And here’s how this exact angle of the room is looking today. The curtains added instant softness, coziness and brought some much needed personality to the room.

Bedroom bay window sitting area with chairs and blue draperies.Pin

Their color is kind of a chambray grayish blue color and really works to bring out the background of the fabric on the comforter that we keep folded at the bottom of our bed.

There is a small neutral bench at the foot of the bed.Pin

Large areas like this can be hard to turn into a cozy spot, but with the addition of the draperies and a few accessories, I think it’s just right!

A neutral carpet is in the bedroom.Pin

If you’ve ever priced true bay window hardware, you know how expensive it can be! To save a ton of money, we used the same bay window drapery hardware hack that we used in our breakfast room, which you can read more about HERE.  So easy and so budget friendly! I estimate that we spent under $30 for all of the drapery hardware on this window.

You can use this same method on any window really – it isn’t just for bay windows.

Master bedroom chest of drawers with blue draperies and framed wallpaper.Pin

Here’s my updated to-do list for this room:

  • Purchase new dresser and chest of drawers and change hardware.
  • Purchase new chairs.
  • Purchase new bed and bedding.
  • Purchase new bench for foot of the bed.
  • Hang wallpaper. Use wallpaper somewhere other than on a wall.
  • Replace and hang mirror above dresser.
  • Paint nightstands and change hardware.
  • Makeover or replace lamps on nightstands.
  • Add artwork above bed and above chest of drawers.
  • Add window treatments in bay window.
  • Replace ceiling fan.
  • Replace lamp in bay window area.
  • Purchase accent pillows.
  • Add sconces to either side of mirror above dresser.
  • Make faux Roman shades for windows beside bed.
  • Address problem with extension cords and other wire. (I think I have a solution!)

Up next is the last project to be done in here, which is to make faux Roman shades for each of the windows that flank our bed. I’ll be making a video tutorial for that, so stay tuned!

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  1. Peggy Wilson says:

    I ave watched you decorate and love it so much. I have a small house hence small rooms filled with family heirlooms, no, as my husband calls it, house glam money and a no-frills husband. Can you please give me a few ideas as to what I can do to make my home a little more feminine?

    1. Hi Peggy. Look for a blog post on the subject of combining masculine and feminine decor styles soon!

  2. Calming and beautiful. A real sleep sanctuary which is what we all need right now.

    1. Boy – don’t we ever! 😀

  3. Sharon Pace says:

    What was your budget for this room? You had “purchase” many times on your plan.

    1. I honestly didn’t really set a budget. 😀 I just knew that there were things that we needed (such as the chest of drawers and dresser because our old ones had issues) and new chairs (because I moved the old chairs to another room where I needed them) and then there were things that I wanted, such as an upholstered bed, new bedding, window treatments and some accessories. So….I saved my pennies and bargain shopped as much as I could. That’s one of the reasons that this makeover has taken so long from the start to finish (almost!).

  4. So beautiful and peaceful! I love the way you framed the beautiful wallpaper! I haven’t thought about doing that. I always enjoy your blog and thanks for sharing all the great ideas!

  5. Beautiful bedroom. Do you have a link for the curtains?

  6. Love your newly redesigned master bedroom. Would you be able to tell me the name , color, and style of the carpet in this room?

    1. Thank you! I only know that we purchased the carpet at Lowes and I believe the brand is Stain Master. I’m sorry, but I don’t have the exact details.

      1. Thank you for your reply. I will check out Lowes.

  7. It is amazing how the drapes made the room look finished and cozy. And I love the color! Great job Suzy!

    1. Thank you! I always say that window treatments are the earrings of any room. 🙂

  8. Beautiful Room, can I ask where you purchased your draperies?

  9. Beautiful room. Can you tell me the paint color you used and where you bought the pillows? Thank you

  10. Kristine Janssen says:

    Love, love, love the bedspread. Where did you get it??????

    1. I’m sorry for taking so long to reply – I just found out that there was a technical issue on the backend of my blog that was preventing me from seeing comments. It came from Steinmart, which unfortunately has gone out of business.

  11. I too am interested in the source for the comforter/coverlet at the bottom of the bed. Many thanks.

    1. It came from Steinmart, which has unfortunately gone out of business.

  12. Kay donbrock says:

    May ask what color is your comforte foldsd at the end of the bed. Is it blue a.d gray or blue and toupe.